10 Minute Meditation: 10 Ways It Can Make Your Life Better

On the surface, meditation looks boring, but when you experience the benefits of it, you’ll adopt it as a part of your life. Here’s what a 10 minute meditation can do for you.
10 Minute Meditation: 10 Ways It Can Make Your Life Better

Recent studies have shown that meditation has many positive real effects on the body, not to mention it helps you deal with stress. Let’s look at some of the ways doing a 10 minute meditation each day could drastically make your life easier and better. They say attitude is everything, and one of the best ways to improve your attitude is through mediation.

It’s no secret that people naturally pick up on a person’s energy when they enter a room. The more you meditate, the more your energy will improve. As you become calm, people will feel that calm when they are around you too.

girl meditating on the rock

After all, what are we: a body having an experience or a soul having a body? Perhaps we will never know for sure, but if you can observe your own body, maybe YOU are not it.

1. It can improve your relationships

meditation improves relationships

Meditation can improve your relationships because it allows you to connect to your feelings, and also to focus on the feelings of others. Meditation puts you in tune with feelings and not logic things your brain struggles with. You will find yourself being more understanding with others and with yourself. You may start to treat your body better and get healthier, which will provide you with more energy to bring to relationships.

When you have enough energy to give, people will enjoy your company. However, if you aren’t listening to your body and not taking care of it, you will probably have the tendency to drain other people.

You will find that your interest in people begins to shift. You will attract more positive people and relationships to you and you will begin to see the true colors in them. Also, you will start to protect your personal time and make time for people that are also on the path to self-discovery.

It will become easier not to associate with people who aren’t a good influence on you or who don’t respect you. For that matter, you will find your own intentions becoming more pure and you will be able to treat people better.

2. Improves decision making

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Meditation can get rid of the cobwebs, so to speak, in our brains. It can help us get in touch with what is truly most important. It can help us find that place of love and compassion within us that connects us to others in healthy ways. Also, to let go of negative emotions that are clouding our vision. Often we don’t take enough time to make decisions and we let our environment make decisions for us unconsciously.

We often join groups, go to many parties, and never take time to get in touch with ourselves. We don’t usually realize why we make the decisions we do, but meditation allows us to go to the root cause of our decisions, and see how they are affecting our happiness.

3. Lower heart rate


Seeing that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, meditation is a great way to counteract it. When you meditate, you breathe deeply and slowly, which takes pressure off of your heart and brings lots of oxygen to the blood to purify it. The deep breathing helps remove toxins from your body through expiration, and believe it or not, 70% of the body’s waste is eliminated through our exhales. That’s a lot!

Training your mind to stop going a million miles per hour, jumping from one through to the next, allows our body to get into a relaxed brainwave state, which takes our body out of fight or flight mode. The body can stop being as tense, and it will be easier for your heart to get blood to the rest of your body.

4. Reduces anger


We can have good intentions, but still have trouble keeping our cool. It’s often hard to deal with anger when your mind constantly revisits the things you believe are making you angry. If you have trouble guarding the words you say and have trouble getting over things, a 10 minute meditation every day could be just the thing to save you from that negative way of thinking and acting.

Anger can have a definite impact on the body. It can make your stomach hurt and doesn’t feel good at all. When you work with your body to bring it into a state of calm, you are able to overcome anger by training your brain to let it go. You may be able to feel the onset of anger and then just take a moment to let it pass instead of having a big blowout.

Meditation allows us to be conscious of our own thoughts and feelings so we can treat others better.

5. Improves patience


How often do you hear people say that they are kind of ADD? It seems that our social media, cell phone obsessed culture has lost interest in reading books, having long conversations or doing things for long periods of time. Unfortunately, that affects more important things in our lives, like solving problems, finishing projects, and figuring out the steps we need to take to learn new things.

When it comes to studying, we seem to just browse the titles of articles and not read them; we seem to just get tidbits of information, which truly scrambles our brains. Finding the ability to focus and plan is on the brink of going extinct and that is where a 10 minute meditation can greatly improve your life.

6. Calms nervousness

girl meditating on the beach relaxing

Growing up, I had no tools to help my anxiety. It would hit me at random times throughout the day and I would retreat into my shell. I couldn’t help it because I didn’t know I could choose to direct my thoughts positively.

Meditation gives you the ability to have just one simple point of focus, so whatever you brain was focusing on that was giving you anxiety, will no longer be on your mind. When you focus on something simple like noticing your breath in and your breath out, your body will start to calm down right away.

Meditation can help calm hypertension which people that put a lot of pressure on themselves often get. If your nervousness seems to get in the way of letting you accomplish things and it keeps you from trying new things, a daily 10 minute meditation can be very empowering to help you put things into perspective. It connects us to things that are greater than ourselves. It offers us bigger reasons to act out of love, compassion and humility.

7. Improves mental clarity


If you tend to think about too many things at once, meditation is definitely for you. Your brain will learn, over time, how to think more clearly. You will be able to think through problems more rationally without letting the opinions of others influence your decisions. Decision making is such an important part of life, and giving ourselves the opportunity to naturally make better decisions is a priceless opportunity.

Meditation has been studied scientifically, and they now have proven that there is some sort of group consciousness that does, in fact, make things pop into your mind.

When you add a clean diet and strengthen your body with yoga, your pineal gland will begin to decalcify. This allows you to be more in touch with the mental realm of life. You will feel more creative and begin to think of things before they happen.

As a yoga teacher, I study the history of meditation and the people who have taught it, so I know that the body is capable of doing much more with the mind than most people are aware of. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of meditation check out this free book Autobiography of a Yogi.

8. Brings a sense of optimism

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When your body is able to regulate its emotions from meditation, you will be able to hold a sense of optimism much easier. When you’re always looking up and thinking about what could go right, you open yourself to the possibilities of what great things might happen. Optimism is directly linked with meditation because we begin to realize that what we think, actually greatly affects our reality.

If we tell ourselves stories about ourselves that paint us in a negative light, we will attract negative situations to us. But if we are able to focus on our positive traits which have a real physical effect on the body, our vibration will begin to radiate and change our experiences

This sounds quite left field, I know, but when I was meditating for a few hours each day, I can honestly say, I had very magical experiences and found I was smiling all the time and the people around me were much happier than usual. I found life was easier, lighter and more fun.

Meditation is a big reason behind why I became a yoga teacher and they say the entire point of yoga is to make the body strong enough to meditate.

9. Can help you sleep better


Raise your hand if you have trouble sleeping. Well, although I can’t see if you raised your hand, I bet you did. Meditation can help your body relax so that you can get into deeper states of sleep. This is where you may begin to be aware that you are dreaming and experience what is called ‘lucid dreaming.’

When you are in a state of lucid dreaming, you can direct your dream like a movie and make choices. It’s like being in a live show and you will be very excited to see the feature presentation each night when you fall asleep.

10. Can help you find true happiness


The reason why people like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle have worldwide fame is because they teach people how to find happiness. While there are many different types of mediation, they all help you find happiness from within, instead of outside of yourself.

How many times have you been let down when someone you loved didn’t love you back? How many times have you been disappointed because you didn’t have enough money or someone said something that made you feel bad? When you get really into motivation, you will cultivate an inner happiness that no one can take from you and that no situation can ruin.

Meditation is the most empowering thing you can ever do for yourself and you should start today. Maybe pick up some books about it such as A New Earth or The Power of Now. You also may want to check out some of Deepak Chopra’s books such as The Happiness Prescription or The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.

You can also start by doing guided meditations which you can find on Deepak’s website or you could join a class in person. Don’t be surprised if you find it hard to sit still for the first few weeks and you may fall asleep when you’re first getting used to it too. Be patient and just keep practicing, and eventually you will reach different states of consciousness.

You may want to subscribe to Eckhart Tolle’s YouTube channel to learn about the philosophy of meditation and Deepak Chopra’s channel to find free meditations as well.

You can begin mediation at any age and benefit from it

It does not go against religion but it is also not linked to religion. It is developing a connection with your true nature, which is love. Meditation helps guide you to find your life calling, to find a deeper reason for living and to manifest positive relationships into your life. If you’re interested in making some positive changes, meditation can give you the tools to do that.

Remember that meditation is a practice, and it can take time to get used to it. Be patient with yourself and try to make it a regular habit. Even just a few minutes of meditation each day can have significant benefits for your mental and physical health.

Imagine if you were able to find happiness from your inner spirit and not from your job, your family, your partner, your friends or anything outside of yourself. Imagine if you were always happy and you had every reason to be.

It’s not fake, it’s real happiness that wells from deep within and anyone can tap into it through mediation. You will find that you have so much happiness; you’ll want to share meditation with others so they too can find peace.

Here’s a simple 10-minute meditation you can try:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit down in a comfortable cross-legged position on a cushion or chair, with your back straight and your hands resting on your thighs.
  2. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Let go of any tension or stress you may be feeling.
  3. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Focus on the sensation of your breath moving in and out of your body. Notice the rise and fall of your chest or the feeling of the air passing through your nostrils.
  4. If your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back to your breath. Don’t judge or criticize yourself for getting distracted – this is natural.
  5. As you continue to focus on your breath, allow your body to relax. Release any tension in your shoulders, neck, and jaw. Let your muscles become loose and relaxed.
  6. After a few minutes, bring your attention to any sensations in your body. Notice any areas of tension or discomfort, and try to let them go as you continue to breathe deeply.
  7. If you feel comfortable, you can also repeat a simple mantra or affirmation to yourself, such as “peace” or “calm”. Repeat it silently to yourself with each inhale and exhale.
  8. When you’re ready to end your meditation, take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes. Take a moment to notice how you feel – hopefully, more relaxed and centered.

Thank you for expanding your mind by reading this article and congratulations on beginning your journey to true sustainable happiness… Check out our other articles on meditation here on YouQueen.

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