21 Ways to Screw Up Your Health

We all want to live a healthy balanced life and our lifestyle choices have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. The following tips will show you what not to do to maintain good health.

The greatest wealth is our health, after all without taking care of our body, where are we going to live? It is imperative in this modern age that we not only look after ourselves but recognize where health dangers lie. The following article highlights some of the things we should avoid.

1. Smoke

Everyone bangs on about smoking but they forget that smoking makes you look cool, even though your breath and clothes smell like an ashtray. Everyone used to do it back in the 1950’s and it didn’t seem to do them any harm. Cigarettes are safer than they used to be due to the advances made in manufacturing processes, and as long as you stick to a couple a day and a binge at the weekend it’s no biggy.

2. Drink excessively

drunked woman with wine

Alcohol is great for helping you cope with life and acts as an excellent stress reliever. Who doesn’t want a drink after a hard day? It’s been medically proven that following a Mediterranean diet is good for you and in the Med all they do is drink copious amounts of wine all day. Alcohol can also be an effective gateway drug, so you always have the choice to move on to something better.

3. Over exercise

You know what they say, no pain no gain, so even if you have ‘hit the wall’ and are tired it’s actually better for your body to continue. If something is giving you cause for concern in your exercise regime then it is time for you to step up a gear and double the amount of reps in your routine or take up an extra activity. There is no such thing as too much exercise.

4. Sunbathe like a diva

No one wants to look like the last chicken on the freezer shelf, so make sure you sunbathe like a diva. At every available opportunity soak yourself in the heat of the sun, or better still, book yourself into a solarium at least once a day. It’s not true that sunlight ages the skin, just look at Sophia Loren; she is brown and has great skin for her age. Vitamin D is good for you.

5. Don’t engage in any form of physical activity

If exercise isn’t your thing, then it’s better if you don’t exercise at all. Some of us are not made to engage in physical activity and doing so can actually be harmful. For those of you who don’t like exercising then don’t do it; preserve your body and protect it from injury instead.

6. Don’t get enough sleep

woman waking up

Lazing around in bed when you have 101 things to do is no good. If you are feeling tired then don’t listen to your body, it’s a trick, push on through and try to sleep as little as possible. You only get one life and there is plenty of time to sleep when you are dead. If you feel that a lack of sleep is affecting your day to day activities then perhaps you should do some more exercise to wake yourself up. See point 3.

7. Try not to take in too much fresh air

Who needs fresh air anyway? It’s totally overrated and surely it’s better to work out in a gym than to go for a jog in the fresh air where there are bugs and things that could get in your mouth or eyes. As for going for a walk to get some fresh air and connect with nature, nobody has time for that, apart from work shy hippy types.

8. Avoid natural sunlight

Unless you are practicing extreme sunbathing, then try to avoid natural daylight. Fluorescent lighting inside buildings is better for your eyesight. Furthermore air conditioning is actually good for your health because it has been ‘conditioned’, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be used in cars and buildings would it.

9. Consume diet sodas

Consume these by the truck load. They all have either zero or nil calories and we all know that calories make you fat. These wonderful beverages are better than water and quench your thirst so much that once you have consumed one, you feel like another. If you drink diet sodas with fast foods then it lessens the overall calorie intake so it means you can eat more burgers.

10. Eat GMO foods

If your food is not genetically modified then you are not getting the best taste and flavor possible. Don’t go for the fresh vegetable craze where the fruit and veg go off after a certain period of time, with GMO foods you can keep foodstuffs for ages before they hit their sell by date. If you cannot get hold of any GMO foods then just go for anything processed instead

11. Keep your stress levels up

woman stressed out

Without the adrenaline caused by stress we would not be able to do anything. Stress is good for us and keeps us aware and on our toes. All the successful and clever people are stressed to the max. It’s just life, it can’t be helped, and if you want to get ahead in the world and earn decent money then stress is part of the package. Those people who are not stressed are just lazy.

12. Overwork

In tandem with point 11 above, over working pushes you out of your comfort zone where your true warrior spirit lies. Over working actually keeps your body in tip top shape by always keeping it powered up and using all your faculties to the max.

13. Engage in plenty of casual sex with strangers

We are not in the dark ages and sex is no longer a taboo subject. If you see something you like, go for it girl. We are in the age of the liberated women who asks for what she wants and gets it. So if you want to have casual sex with as many people as you like them it’s up to you. STDs can easily be cleared up with a course of anti-biotics and constant sex with complete strangers is also great for your mental and emotional health.

14. Get hooked on pharmaceutical drugs

If pharmaceutical drugs were bad for you then they would not be prescribed in the first place. It’s okay to rely on pain relievers and anti-depressants, if you didn’t have them to prop you up you would be in constant pain and depressed. Any long term side effects are outweighed by the short term benefits.

15. Do recreational drugs

Recreational means that it’s something you do in your leisure time and it therefore follows that recreational drug use is not harmful. The majority of artistes and musicians use recreational drugs to access their inner creativity so the more you do, the more in touch you will be with your inner self.

16. Take up a dangerous sport/leisure activity

free climbing woman

There is nothing like the adrenalin rush you get from being close to death, it’s when you are closest to death that you feel the most alive. With this in mind, one should engage in as many dangerous activities as possible. This high can be increased if you do not take any safety precautions. Taking up a dangerous sport or activity does not need to be expensive; in fact you can exercise your creativity after taking some recreational drugs as mentioned point 15 and invent some yourself.

17. Live in an unhygienic environment

Did you know that people are more susceptible to germs and diseases nowadays because their environments are too sterile? For this reason it is important that you do not clean your house often, especially the kitchen. You should also have as many pets as possible in your home. Pets are known stress relievers, so it’s okay to have at least 20 cats living with you in a small apartment. Cats have the added advantage of being able to catch mice which means you can leave food out on kitchen surfaces for extended amounts of time.

18. Don’t take any precautions before going abroad

If you are going to a country where malaria or other tropical diseases are an issue then there is no point in having vaccinations or taking malaria tablets. The natives who work and live in the holiday resort have no problem so why should you? Vaccinations and tablets are just another way of giving money to the pharmaceutical industry and they have enough from you already following your addiction to their products at point 14.

19. Consult with unlicensed or unqualified health ‘professionals’

Once you start being licensed or have letters after your name, the more expensive your service. So if you have a bad back that just needs a bit if a tweak, or any health ailment which doesn’t require that you undergo surgery immediately, then you are better off seeking the help of an unlicensed or unqualified practitioner who has little or no overheads.

20. Follow an extreme weight loss diet

If you are thin you are fit, right? The only way to get the ‘heroin chic’ look is to either take heroin (see point 15), or go on an extreme diet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with extreme dieting and many celebrities do this to get their beach fit bodies. Carrying around excess fat is bad for you, which means that being thin and underweight must actually be good for you. So say goodbye to those sexy curves and delicious meals.

21. Abuse technology

To ensure you do not miss any important texts, news or gossip it’s okay to sleep with your smart phone next to your head. If you find this uncomfortable, just keep it on preferably charging on the bedside table as you sleep. Likewise try to play your music loud when listening on headphones. No one can hear (that’s why you have headphones) and your ears will benefit by getting used to loud noises.

So that’s it, folks. Do not follow any of the points on the list to limit your chance of an early grave or debilitating illness. Although some of the points above may seem obvious, we can all fall off the healthy living wagon now and again. The trick is to recognize when we do, so we can maintain a healthy lifestyle and live the best life possible.

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Eleanor Goold

As well as being an avid reader, Eleanor is also a big time animal lover; especially of dogs. If you have a tail, four legs and you bark…. you’re in! In her spare time she enjoys swimming, and vegetable gardening… but not at the same time (it can get a bit messy).


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  • I have extremely hard times eliminating all of the above from my life it seems like the minute I drop one habit I get ultraconsumed in another one! I love this article still a struggle but I am now with a good list of what not to do and will write myself notes everywhere I am sure you have covered all negative unhealthy vices of mine lol on the road to positive healthy living now! :)

  • Hi Elise,

    I am glad you enjoyed the article and are on the road to positive healthy living.