8 Ways You’re Totally Failing Your Vagina

Here are 8 torturous habits that you do time and time again to your vagina that really need to stop—Now!

As we grow up, our mother’s teach us to take pride in our beauty and hygiene but often fail to have the conversation about how to take care of our vaginas (an in-depth one that is).

No one ever really discusses how part of taking care of ourselves includes looking after our vaginas—home to Aunt Flow, our future babies and a lot of other anatomical stuff. The truth is that many of us are doing it all wrong and we don’t even know it. Hell, some of us know it and keep doing many of the things on this list (guilty) because we like to believe it won’t be us that the mistreatment impacts.

Perhaps this is why our mothers never thought to tell us these things (ignorance) or maybe it’s just a few of the lessons it’s best to learn on our own. (You know, to spare us one more awkward discussion during puberty.)

There’s never a bad time to learn and change our bad habits, so read on to make things right with your vagina after years of vaginal mistreatment. I promise you that this is going to be good for everyone involved!

Not Peeing After Sex


I had to make this number one because although we’re hurting our delicate flower, in this moment, she’s the biggest cuddle-block ever. Nonetheless this is the quickest way to land yourself a UTI, which is significantly more inconvenient than just going to the bathroom. (Trust me, peeing your pants is not fun.)

Wearing Panties ALL the Time

How would you like it if someone smothered your face with a blanket all day? You wouldn’t. Frankly, I’m irritated by scarves that are wrapped too tightly, so let your girl breath.

Doctors say that constantly wearing panties can lead to an excessive buildup of moisture (i.e. a cozy home for bacteria), which can lead to vaginal illnesses, such as yeast and bladder infections.

If you just don’t feel right going commando, wear cotton panties or try these awesome liners that you can put in your pants (Go Commandos).



This is like the ultimate death sentence. Modern products are filled with chemicals that are now all up in your lovely lady bits doing who knows what.

I don’t know about you, but I’m like a person with lung cancer who keeps smoking a pack a day when it comes to tampons and I have to quit, but the convenience and the lack of diaper butt makes it so hard.

While myths of the chemicals being harmful have been debunked, I still believe that we owe it to our vaginas to stop using them as human wasteland.

Unprotected Sex

I won’t hold you up, it feels downright ahhhmazing but many STIs are undetectable—not to mention, it can be super stressful trying to guess whether or not those are razor bumps or an early case of herpes.

Even trying to calculate the last time you had a period and how much diapers will be for the next two plus years (assuming your fetus is smitten with the potty.)

Lack of Physical Activity

Just like your heart, your vagina needs a good workout if you want it to maintain its lovely figure, and just like cardio, it’s really easy to get your daily dose of Kegels in.

You can do them anywhere and no one will know. Although Cosmo got fancy with a whole list of variations of Kegel exercises, you can keep it simple (if you’re lazy like me) and follow this guide.

No Scheduled Play Dates!

I mean really you have to do better. Your vagina deserves time with her anatomically opposite peers. If there isn’t a guy in your life right now, then a little one-on-one time will do just fine (if not better). I’m not just saying this because I’m a sex-crazed loon, but because it’s legitimately good for you.

Completely Disregarding Her

Everyone deserves a little TLC, including your va-jay-jay. Just as you get your hair and nails done, get your vagina done. I’m not pushing preferences on anyone: you can wax or comb her hair, vajazzle or fry and dye—just show her that you care about her appearance.

Eating a Healthy Diet


I don’t have to go into detail because a healthy diet has the same benefits on your skin as your vagina. Does drinking water decrease dry skin? Yes? Well, it also decreases dry vag. 

Do you have more tips on how to make your vagina a happy, healthy place? Drop us a line and let us in on the secret.

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