The Coolest Form of Therapy You’ve Never Heard Of

How many times has a particular color affected your mood, making you feel either great or completely out of sorts? Discover the power of color therapy.

Well, all colors cause different emotional, psychological, and physical reactions and each color has different healing powers. This is called color therapy and the best thing about it is that you can practice it anytime and anywhere alone!

Now, read on to discover more about color therapy, and find out exactly what it is and how it works. Believe me, you’ll find it amazing and incredibly effective just as I did!

What is Color Therapy?

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First of all, it is not one of the many new age theories that have just been invented, but one of the most ancient therapies ever used by man.

It is one of the most effective holistic healing methods, which uses colors to influence our mood, emotions, and sometimes even health. This can be achieved either through color therapy sessions carried out by professional practitioners, or simply by learning to use colors in your everyday life.

According to the principles of color therapy, each color has a particular vibrational energy that stimulates specific energy fields in your body. In other words, color therapy affects different nerve centers and networks, which are responsible for different emotions and sensations.

To put it in even simpler terms, colors have the amazing ability to affect our mood either positively or negatively. And I am sure you will all agree that this is absolutely true! Even scientists, who have studied colors and light, recognize that different colors can evoke different emotional reactions in human beings.

A Few Words about Color Therapy Sessions

Color therapy sessions are usually carried out in a dark room, where a trained therapist applies light and color to different parts of the recipient’s body or to his entire body. The therapist may use different methods and tools, including colored optical slides, color essences on the skin, chromotherapy lamps, pulsed light and low level laser therapy (LLLT). In this way, he works to improve physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental wellbeing.

Self Help Color Therapy and the use of Colors at Home

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Understanding why certain colors affect you favorably and others negatively, as well as knowing each color’s specific properties, can help you use colors in your daily life to enhance mood, activate energy, calm nerves, sleep better, and even reduce food cravings and promote weight loss.

There are different ways to use colors for therapeutic purposes and there are different ways to incorporate color therapy into your everyday life.

For example:

  • Yellow strengthens the nerves and stimulates the mind;
  • Blue relaxes, promotes restful sleep and reduces appetite;
  • Red is stimulating and energizing;
  • Green is soothing and calming;
  • White is positive for the spirit and mind;
  • Orange lifts up the spirit;
  • Violet reduces stress and tension, and is a natural appetite suppressant;

Our attraction to specific colors may instead indicate a particular energy imbalance within our body, and explain why we feel in certain way. Each color is associated with different emotions and body parts, and each color has a very specific vibration. Sometimes our body needs that particular color’s vibration in order to feel better.

Using color as a tool to feel better is therefore a very effective way to improve your overall wellbeing. Listed below are some of the ways to apply color therapy to your daily life.

  • Choosing foods for their colors;
  • Wearing certain colored clothes and jewelry (wearing a wrong color can make you feel terrible!)
  • Filtered lamps that emit different colored lights;
  • Color therapy glasses (you can see the world through any color you want!)
  • Color therapy bath oils;
  • Sleeping sheets in particular colors;
  • Furniture and wall colors;
  • Interior decorating colors (blue is relaxing, while white cleanses the mind and purifies the spirit – excellent colors for the bedroom);

These are just some of the examples on how you can use colors. Follow our next posts and you will learn more about each color’s specific properties – what is it good for, why you are attracted to it, how and why it makes you feel in a certain way, and how and where to use it.

Useful tip – Solarized Water

Solarized water is a wonderful and incredibly easy way to apply color to the body and achieve benefits from color therapy.

In fact, when put in a colored bottle or glass jar, and exposed to sun light for several hours, water becomes solarized and absorbs some vibrational energy of that particular color. It can be used treat different problems, and you can either drink a few spoons of this water a day, or apply it directly on your skin. Try it, it works great!

If you don’t have a colored bottle, you may also wrap some colored cellophane around any glass container.

A Few more Beneficial Effects of Color Therapy

1. Colors can also help encourage our body’s own healing process!

2. Color therapy is used as a complementary treatment of numerous illnesses and diseases including asthma, digestive problems, rheumatism, circulation, fevers, and many others.

3. Color therapy has no contraindications and it can safely be used on infants, children, older people, as well as on people suffering from serious illnesses or patients recovering from post-surgical trauma.

If you are a color lover, please share your experiences and tips in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your favorite colors and how they affect you!

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