Feeling Hormonal? Here’s How to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

No need to concoct a potion to get hormones back on track! All this is going to take is a couple of minor lifestyle changes.

When your hormones are out of whack, your whole life is out of whack. Things that have never bothered you before suddenly drive you crazy and even sappy commercials have the ability to make you cry.

You may also get sick more often when your hormones that are out of balance because it can weaken your immune system, leaving you susceptible to whatever bug happens to be going around. For these reasons (and more), the sooner you can get your hormones back into place, the better you’ll feel – both inside and out.

The nice thing is that you can balance your hormones naturally. So, put your test tubes down, take off your safety goggles and step away from your chemistry set. Here’s how to balance your hormones naturally:

#1: Maintain a healthy weight

woman with measuring tape on her stomach

Being overweight or obese carries with it a lot of negative side consequences, one of which is out of balance hormones. Either you get too much of a particular hormone because it tries to overproduce it, or you don’t get enough because it can’t keep up with your body’s increased demands due to your size.

You won’t have to deal with either of these issues if you maintain a healthy weight. If you’re not there just yet, don’t worry because you can be. Start slow, take it one step at a time and remember that this is not a journey you are going to take overnight.

One of the easiest ways to do this without completely overhauling your lifestyle is to simply get more active. Do small things like pace while you are on the phone, do leg lifts when you’re watching television or start walking your dog every night versus just releasing him in the yard to do his business. The more you do throughout the day, the more calories you’ll burn without exerting much effort.

Of course, it helps to watch what you eat as well, so let’s go into that, shall we?

#2: Watch your diet


While you probably are more than aware of the fact that healthy eating is good for your weight, did you realize that it is also good for your hormone levels? That’s right; certain foods can help naturally regulate the levels of the hormones in your body which will make you feel better without having to take any pills with nasty side effects.

Some of these foods include:

  • Sunflower and flax seeds
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Peas
  • Bean sprouts

It helps to have a diet that contains a lot of vitamin packed fruits and vegetables as well. Aim for 5-9 servings a day (mainly veggies, with 2-3 of the servings for fruit) and try to eat a variety of them as they each have their own benefits.

You’ll also want to limit or eliminate processed foods entirely as they are generally devoid of nutrients and aren’t good for your body. Stick to natural foods like lean meat that is as fresh as possible and select complex carbohydrates (think wheat, oats and barley) over simple sugars (desserts, candy, chips, etc).

#3: Breathe

Of course you should be breathing reading this right now, but that isn’t the type of breathing that helps regulate your hormones. For that, you will want to engage in mindful breathing, also known as mediation.

When you take long, deep breaths and let the world just slip away for the moment, it is like you are restoring a peace within your body. You’re repairing the spots of inflammation and letting your cells and organs just kind of be. You exhale negativity and imbalance and inhale contentment and stability.

Take a few moments and find a quiet place where you can sit without being distracted. Turn off the television and find something to occupy the children. The more you can focus on your breathing, the better you will feel, inside and out.

Close your eyes and pay attention to the air as it leaves your body. Feel it go past your lips and into the room around you. Imagine that all of your stress and tension is going out with it. Your chest starts fall as your lungs become deflated.

Take a slow deep breath in through your nostrils, feeling the air as it enters your naval cavity and goes down into your lungs. Your chest expands with the breath, which is full of positivity and peace. You hold the breath for a moment, taking in all of its nutrients, before exhaling the air filled with negativity into the room around you.

Continue this cycle for a few moments and you will notice an immediate difference as well as positive long term effects. You’ll feel more stable and ready to handle things that come your way, getting you back to the same old fun loving you that everyone adores.

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