The Benefits of Paleo Dieting: Why It’s Good to Eat Like a Caveman

What exactly makes Paleo diet a good idea and what sets it apart from fads? Keep reading to find out.

In the world of real and fad diets, you may have come across the Paleo diet. Also known as the caveman or cavewoman diet, it focuses on eating similarly to how our ancestors ate tens of thousands of years ago.

The Paleo diet consists of real and whole foods, except for the occasional bottled or packaged (but still natural) sauces and other ingredients.

Why so? This is because of the premise that our bodies were – and still are – genetically wired to eat the way our Paleolithic ancestors did.

Proponents of the diet claim that this diet suits us biologically, providing the body with the balance of nutrients that it needs to be healthy and fight of diseases.

So what exactly makes Paleo diet a good idea? Here are some of the best benefits that you can get from making the switch:

Benefit #1: You won’t be having processed foods

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The Paleo diet turns its nose against processed foods or anything with preservatives, additives, colouring, artificial flavoring and hidden sugars.

These are very common additives in everyday food, which are mainly the reasons why we take in so many unnecessary toxins. Paleo foods are all natural and whole, so all you get is real taste, real texture and real nutrients.

Benefit #2: It’s rich in nutrients

Paleo diets eliminate processed carbs, which are fattening in nature and void of important nutrients. Instead, people who follow the diet focus on getting good protein, good fat and lots of healthy vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients only mean this: better health and better immune system.

Benefit #3: You’ll have better stomach health

The diet improves stomach health by providing plenty of fiber, reducing sodium and increasing water intake. It also improves gut flora, which reduces your risk of stomach problems and digestive tract infections.

You can also say goodbye to bloating and gas as well!

Benefit #4: You will never feel hangry again

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Many people usually feel hangry, which is not a typographical error, but is a combination of feeling angry and hungry. This is a symptom of hyperglycemia, which is caused by a quick drop of blood sugar, usually happening after a meal that’s high in sugar.

This sugar drop is characterized by fatigue, irritability and disorientation and it triggers people to binge eat or load up on more fattening carbs and junk.

Paelo meals however, are not high in sugar and consist of protein and fat, stavilizing blood sugar levels, providing you with more energy and preventing energy drops that cause hunger and anger at the same time.

Benefit #5: You will lose weight

The diet is low carb in design and zero in processed goodies. Coupled with regular exercise and activity, this plan provides a great equation for weight loss.

Still not convinced? Apart from these benefits mentioned above, here are some great things reported by followers of the Paleo diet:

  • Stable energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood and mental clarity
  • Sustained weight loss
  • Better health and well being
  • Reduced occurrences of food allergies
  • Stronger immune system

Taking a look at the list, the Paleo diet is really worth checking out. It’s healthy and it’s feasible – you do not have to starve yourself at all! The best thing is that you can follow it without the need to break the bank.

All you need are some modifications to your diet and your lifestyles, which are really like nothing compared to the wide range of benefits you, can get from doing so.

Have you tried Paleo diet before? Come and share your experience with us!

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