Health Benefits of Stevia

Apart from its pleasant, sweet flavor, Stevia has numerous health benefits you certainly should discover.

Just to start with, this fabulous plant has been used for centuries by the native people of South America to sweeten their beverages, as well as to treat different health and skin problems. But, have a look below to find out a lot more about health benefits of stevia and different ways to use its amazing leaves.

Stevia is a Natural No-calorie Sweetener That Curbs Emotional Appetite

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Stevia is an extremely helpful aid in weight loss programs – it is a natural no-fat and no-calorie sweetener that does not have any of the unhealthy disadvantages of refined sugar.

Stevia’s sweetening properties are determined by the presence of glycosides (steviosides and rebaudiosides), which the body does not metabolize, meaning that you do not assimilate any of the calories that this plant contains.

It contains many useful nutrients, such as proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, rutin, vitamin A and C as well as a particular type of oil, which contains 53 other elements.

Stevia has a pleasant licorice-like taste that can easily satisfy our need for sweet and calm the emotional and nervous hunger. It is a perfect alternative to unhealthy and fattening snacks, and has many beneficial effects. It also aids digestion and improves gastrointestinal functions.

Just 15 to 20 drops of stevia liquid concentrate, taken 30 minutes before meals, can greatly reduce psychological appetite and prolong the feeling of fullness and satiety.

This amazing sweet plant can be used in 3 different forms to suit everybody’s necessities:

  • Fresh leaves
  • Leaf powder (20 to 30 times sweeter than sugar)
  • Powdered extract (250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar)

Stevia Maintains Proper Blood Sugar Levels

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Contrary to sugar, stevia has many health benefits, the most important being diabetes and hypoglycemia control and management. Stevia does not affect blood sugar levels like fructose or refined sugar, and this greatly helps the body to naturally maintain proper glucose levels.

It is also high in chromium that increases the release of insulin into the bloodstream, which in turn lowers sugar levels.

There have been many case reports of people who have reduced their blood sugar levels by ingesting 20 to 30 drops of stevia liquid concentrate with each meal.

Stevia also has some efficient tonifying properties and may help increase energy levels and improve mental activity of people who suffer from hypoglycemia.

Protect Your Teeth, Skin and Hair With Stevia

fresh stevia leaves

Scientific research has shown that stevia is fluoride compatible and may reduce dental plaque formation, and consequently decrease caries.

Its antibacterial properties can also inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis, and mouth sores problems. For this reason stevia has become one of the main ingredients of many dental products, such as toothpastes and mouthwashes.

One of the benefits of stevia liquid concentrate, which has not been well studied yet, is also its skin healing property. The native Gurani Indians of Paraguay, as well as other people familiar with this plant, have used it for hundreds of years to heal skin blemishes, dermatitis, seborrhea, eczemas, and rashes.

It seems that when applied directly to wounds and cuts, it has the ability to prevent scars and marks. It is also said to reduce wrinkles and soften and sooth skin, hair and scalp.

Fresh leaves may be used as face packs, while liquid concentrate can be applied directly over the face or diluted in masks, soaps and shampoos.

In conclusion and all of its benefits considered, stevia is a plant that should be regularly used as a healthy and integral ingredient of your everyday sweet meals and beverages.

Have you personally ever used stevia to punch up flavor of your baked goods and smoothies? If yes, share it with us in the comments and tell us about some other benefits of stevia that haven’t mentioned.

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