How To Eat Out As A Vegetarian

It’s no secret that it is hard to eat out when you are a vegetarian. Yes, many restaurants are aware of the rising number of meatless eaters, but there is still a lack of options at many places. What to do?

You’ve made the conscious and healthy decision to become a vegetarian. Good for you! So, why does it feel like a burden when you are out to dinner with friends or your significant other, and you can’t find anything remotely vegetarian for your meal choice?

You, of course, don’t want to be that annoying customer who has to take half the food off your plate and try to replace it with something completely different that isn’t even offered on the menu.

I have broken down six different chain restaurants that the majority of cities and towns have and what you can order as a vegetarian customer that not only fits your eating habits, but is also filling and delicious!

Fast food

vegan burger

If this isn’t Americana, then I don’t know what is. Fast food has long been the quickest and easiest way to eat on the go. However, it’s no secret that fast food also offers zero vegetarian options. Are you really going to order a Big Mac without the meat?

Thankfully, Taco Bell has picked up on the meatless cravings and now offers the Catina Power Veggie Burrito. You can also ask for the Catina Power Veggie Burrito in a bowl-Like Chipotle! There are also bean burritos of choice.

Sub sandwich shops

Sub sandwiches are also a quick meal on the go for many. It’s easy to eat, quick and filling. The downfall to ordering a sub sandwich minus the meat is it can be either taste plain, or there is not enough on the sandwich to make it a filling meal.

Subway now offers vegetarian options from Veggie Delight to Malibu Greek and Italian Black Bean.

Soups, salads and sandwiches

vegan salad

There is a handful of restaurants that offer the three Ss: soup, salad and sandwich. Panera is a favorite in this category. Their menu is getting better as they do recognize the growing number of vegetarians out there. A favorite to keep in mind is The Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich.

Also, with any salad that they offer (the majority have meat on them), you can always ask to sub the meat for avocado! They don’t advertise avocado that much—at least, not where I’m from—but they do have it, and it is an option!

Middle Eastern food

Middle Eastern food is a great option for vegetarians. Sure, they offer plenty of meat options for the carnivores, but because a lot of Middle Eastern food consists of hummus, tabbouleh, cheese, nuts and fruit, you have plenty of delicious and filling meal options!

There are not any chain Middle Eastern restaurants. Most of them are small and quaint family-owned restaurants, which makes them the perfect place for a date. So, check out your local options, and try it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Italian food

Italian food is not only delicious, but there are so many choices if you choose not to eat meat. There are plenty of pastas, soups and pizzas that you can choose from that taste delicious and are filling.

Olive Garden has really jumped on the vegetarian train, and offers a large menu for vegetarians to choose from. You can start off with an Artichoke Fritti, then move to a Mediterranean Flatbread or Eggplant Parmigiana and a yummy garden vegetable soup—and let’s not forget about their salad and bread sticks!

Asian food

vegan sushi

Asian food is delicious! No wonder it is a food choice for a Friday movie night or a restaurant dinner. If you are in search of a great Asian restaurant, PF Chang’s has one of the longest vegetarian menus out there!

There is literally an entire section for vegetarians to choose from. If you have been to a PF Chang’s, you already know that they do not skimp on their portions! A few yummy options to try next time your there are: Ma Po Tofu, Stir-Fried Eggplant, Buddha Feast and Coconut Curry Vegetables. Yum!

I hope this help you when you’re out and about or trying to choose a place to eat but have no clue what to order or if they even have anything for you! Restaurants are becoming more and more aware that there is a large demand for vegetarian options, and it will continue to grow. Until then, try one of the restaurant or categories listed above!

If you don’t live near an Olive Garden or Subway, that doesn’t mean that you are out of luck: check out your local Italian restaurants or a popular sub shop. They most likely will have similar veggie options for you!

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