Health Benefits of the Greek Yogurt

Tasty, creamy, thick and rich, Greek yogurt provides numerous health benefits, and is an excellent addition to your everyday diet. Compared to regular yogurt, which is strained twice, Greek yogurt is strained three times. Removing more whey gives Greek yogurt a thicker consistency, and a high protein and low sugar content.

But let’s take a closer look at some of the most important health benefits of the Greek yogurt.

Probiotics Contained in Greek Yogurt

Just like other yogurts, Greek yogurt also contains plenty of beneficial bacteria, i.e. probiotics, which have many positive effects on your health. They help to restore and maintain a healthy intestinal flora, by promoting the growth of friendly bacteria, and by reducing the number of harmful bacteria, which are some of the main causes of many diseases.

Probiotics contained in Greek yogurt can help to improve the function of the immune system, aid digestion, relieve diarrhea and constipation, and help to prevent many vaginal yeast infections.

Greek yogurt contains as much as 5 different types of strains of probiotics, which are of fundamental importance to human health:

  • S. Thermophilus
  • L. Bulgaricus
  • L. Acidophilus
  • L. Casei
  • Bifidobacerium

High Protein Content

Health Benefits of the Greek Yogurt

Another great health benefit of Greek yogurt lies in its high protein content. A regular 6 ounce serving contains 15-20 grams of protein, while regular yogurt provides only 9 grams. This makes it one of the favorite ingredients of a vegetarian diet, for the amount of protein it contains is equivalent to the amount contained in 2 to 3 ounces of meat!

Proteins are essential elements for the growth, maintenance and repair of all cells in the human body. They build the muscle tissue and help our body to function properly.

They also promote weight loss, because they greatly contribute to feelings of fullness and satiety, while they are keeping hunger pangs at bay.

Low Carb Content

The particular straining process makes Greek yogurt a very low carb food. It contains half the amount of carbohydrates compared to regular yogurt, i.e. it provides 5 to 8 grams of carbs per 6-ounce serving.

For this reason, Greek yogurt is an excellent choice for diabetics, as well as for those who are trying to lose weight.

The whey straining process also removes quite a bit of lactose (milk sugar) from the Greek yogurt, thus making it more digestible for lactose-intolerant people.

Low Sodium Content

Benefits of the Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has also half the amount of sodium compared to regular yogurt. A typical 6 oz. serving averages 50 milligrams of sodium, instead of 100 milligrams contained in normal yogurts.

A low salt diet can help to lower the blood pressure, ease hypertension and reduce the risk of strokes and heart diseases.

Considerable Amounts of Calcium

Although it contains slightly lower amounts of calcium than regular yogurts (3 times less), Greek yogurt still provides about 20% of the recommended daily intake of this important mineral.

It is therefore an excellent source of calcium, and this is another great health benefit of the Greek yogurt.

As we all know, calcium helps us to build strong bones, and maintain healthy teeth and gums. It is also required for proper brain and nervous system functions, as well as for normal blood pressure levels

The Versatility of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt can be enjoyed sweet or savory, and pairs well with just about anything that you can come up with. So, add Greek yogurt to everything!

It tastes similar to sour cream, but has the added benefit of live cultures that aid digestion.

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Add Greek yogurt to everything for a healthy meal.

Add Greek Yogurt To Your Beauty Routine

Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can help reduce acne-related inflammation and redness while also increasing moisture levels in your skin.  It can also exfoliate dead skin cells, soothes an itchy sculp and helps you build strong nails and hair.

All in all, Greek yogurt will  be very helpful in your beauty routine.

It is an exceptionally healthy beverage that should be consumed on a regular basis. Are you a Greek yogurt lover? If yes, please share your yogurt tips with us in the comment section below!

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  • Greek yogurt is my Favorite, after a day of rigorous Martial Arts training. Now I wish I had a woman to share some with :-)

  • Turkish yogurt is a great delicacy but sadly due to Turkey not being a EU member restricts her dairy products to Europe Union countries which has allowed the so called Greek yogurt company Fage to mislead and turn Turkish yogurt into Greek yogurt and the end result is the entire world has been pluffed, even the word yogurt is derived from Turkish and is related to the verb yogurmak ” to be curled or coagulated or to thicken”, yogurt means nothing in Greek. This so called Greek yogurt has become the biggest daylight robbery in the history of food. Sadly when politics gets involved with food the public are mislead.