10 Tips on How to Stop Your Hands From Shaking

Uncontrollable hand shaking can be the result of many different causes. It can be a symptom of different medical conditions, as well as of aging and anxiety.

Certain medications may also cause hand tremor, while some people may even be genetically predisposed to it. However, in most cases hand tremor can be easily treatable, and thereby reduced, or even stopped. Below you will find some useful tips on how to stop your hands from shaking and regain control over them.

1. Eliminate Caffeine

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First of all, cut your caffeine intake to minimum, or end it completely. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, and excessive caffeine consumption may be one of the main causes of shaky hands. In more severe cases, caffeine may also lead to headaches, dizziness, anxiety and serious heart palpitations.

You should therefore avoid coffee and all caffeine containing drinks and foods.

2. Quit Smoking


Too much nicotine can cause shaky hands, or worsen and increase even more the existing hand tremor. So, if you want to stop your hands from shaking, you should definitely quit smoking.

3. Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can affect your nervous system and cause serious tremors. If you feel that you are drinking a lot, you should immediately seek professional help.

4. Check Your Medications

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Certain medications may cause a wide range of unwanted effects, including hand tremor. Talk to your doctor and ask him whether some of the pills you are currently taking may cause shaky hands. He may lower the dosage or prescribe another medication.

5. Check Your Blood Sugar Levels

When you have low blood sugar levels, your body is deprived of energy, and this may also cause tremor and shaky hands.

  • Eating a lot sugary foods causes a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels, but than they also drop back down again very quickly. This can result in shaky hands, and cause other symptoms such as weakness and irritability.
  • To stop your hands from shaking, you should consume more slowly digested carbohydrates such as sweet cereals and fruits.

6. Reduce Stress, Practice Relaxation Techniques and Get Enough Sleep

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Stress, anxiety and nervousness are a common cause of shaky hands. You should therefore try to relax and reduce stress and tension in your life, as much as you can.

There are many forms of relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and breathing, which can greatly benefit your nervous system and induce relaxation.

But getting enough sleep is also very important! Sleepless nights and fatigue can also contribute to hand tremor and trembling.

7. Consult Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor about eventual prescription treatments that can stop your hands from shaking. There are many medicines for hand tremors that can be very useful. If you take them regularly, they will reduce, or completely stop shakiness.

8. Stop Your Hands from Shaking with Vitamins and Minerals

Listed below are some of the most important vitamins and minerals whose deficiency may cause serious health problems, including hand tremor. Make sure to include them in your diet and consume foods or dietary supplements that contain them. However, always talk to your doctor first, before taking any vitamin supplement.


  • Vitamin B 12 is essential to maintain healthy nerves, and it can help prevent and treat hand tremor.
    A vitamin B 12 deficiency can instead cause tremors in arms and legs, muscle weakness, loss of balance, memory loss and other.
  • Vitamin B1 nourishes nerves and protects them from damage, and it can also help prevent hand shaking.
    Extremely low levels of vitamin B 1 can cause tremors, nerve damage, confusion, loss of coordination, muscle weakness, dementia, etc.
  • Vitamin B 6 supports many nervous system activities, and its deficiency may also result in hand tremor.
  • Vitamin E deficiency can be another cause of shakiness. This vitamin is important for the general health of our nervous system, and its lack may lead to loss of coordination and balance, numbness in the limbs, loss of reflexes, and muscle weakness.

9. Minerals

Electrolytes transmit electrical impulses from nerves to muscles. When our body is depleted of electrolytes, we may experience serious health problems, including tremors and shaky hands.

  • Magnesium deficiency can result in muscle spasms and convulsion, which in turn may cause hand tremors.
  • Potassium controls the activity of our muscle and nerve cells, and over time its deficiency may also cause shaky hands and tremors.
  • Calcium is a very important mineral. 99% of calcium is found in bones and teeth, while the remaining 1% circulates in the blood. This 1% of calcium makes our muscles contract correctly, promotes blood clotting and helps our nerves carry messages throughout the body.
    Extremely low calcium levels can cause frequent tremors, shakiness, muscle weakness, and many other health problems.

10. Medications

Medication may be recommended to control hand tremors if they are caused by a medical condition. Beta-blockers and anti-seizure drugs, for example, are frequently prescribed for hand tremors.

All in all, there are many ways to discover the cause of your hand tremors, as well as many different methods to stop your hands from shaking. If you have any other useful information, please share it in the comment section below. It will certainly help many other readers in solving the embarrassing and annoying shaky hand problem!

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Jessica is a translator who has lived for many years in Asia and South America. She now lives and works in Europe, while preparing her new journeys. She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, exploring different cultures and foods, and being in love.


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  • thanks the caffeine intake one is me i’m gonna cut down on the caffeine thanks for the help

  • thank u very much .i have been pleased with your tips.but i have a doubt,consuming viminta capsule for 60 days is acceptablefor my age ?(19)are thare any side effects from that capsule.please let me know more about that

    • vitamins are something everyone should be taking no mater their age. There are no side effects or risks to taking vitamins and minerals unless you take too much of the fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K) which is very hard to do. Taking too much magnesium can cause diarrhea if you take too much, but I take 500 mg a day and that is not too much. In the hospital we give newborns magnesium for neuro protection if there is a risk that their nervous system is at risk for something, so there is something to be said about magnesium and the nervous system.

      • i discourage taking multivitamins. and be aware of the bioavailability, how the mineral/vitamin is pharmaceutically prepared to get the most out of the supplements you take, aside from what you naturally ingest via diet.
        also there is transdermal magnesium, it is an oil you can apply to your skin to bypass the laxative effect it has on the digestive system.

      • You can improve the shakiness of your hands while writing by using heavier writing utensils. Try using a heavier silverware, dishware, cups. The weight improves muscle strength and the weight itself will provide more stability than something that has feather-like weight.

        I will discourage anyone from taking multivitamins. The best way to improve your health is to implement a natural, fresh diet full of fruits and vegetables and avoid buying foods that have unnecessary additives, dyes, preservatives, sugars, chemicals. It is really an eye opener when you start reading the ingredients instead of the numerical nutritional information and see all the poison that is in the food on the shelves, mostly in the U.S. I’m speaking of.
        I also believe cutting out or reducing the intake of meat is important to your health. Especially mass produced meat, where the raising of the animal is cruel and overcrowded. They eat their own feces and you essentially are what you eat. If the animal you eat had a poor diet, it is a poor source of nutrition and bad diets call for sick animals and sick people too.
        Getting back on topic, be aware of the different pharmaceutical preparations of your vitamins and minerals. The bioavailability. Also different forms of the minerals/vitamins so the ones who has sensitivities to one form of the vit/mineral can still consume it by other means. For example, there is a transdermal form of magnesium so you can bypass the laxative effect it can cause, it’s an oil that is rubbed on the skin for absorption.
        Taking vitamins and minerals is not as simple as scoopin’ up whatever bottle you see on the shelf or grabbing a big bottle of multivitamins.
        It also requires a healthy diet inclusive to taking the vit/min you choose, to obtain good health. Not one or the other.

  • u have written good tips to overcome shaky hands………i m going to use it………thanks

    • Your reply is found very nice. I am also having hand tremble while writing. I tried my level best to control it. But, it could not do.

  • Since several years my hands shake. Specialy on official parties. Friends take my glass of bubbles from the ‘plateau’. I can’t.
    I drink and I smoke. But lately I noticed it has to do with sex as well. When I just even think too much about sex I have the problem the next days.
    This is no joke. It’s a small problem though.
    Thanks anyway for the tips!

    • This can be due to severe B 12 deficiency. It took me many doctors, procedures and testing. Thousands of dollars and a long time later I found my own answers with B 12

  • Why is no mention about hunger being a cause because my hands start shaking whenever i get hungry.

    • Hi. I find that if I have just a good healthy meal and take a shot of B12 and take a multi vitamin high in all B vitamins and lots of fluids it helps not to mention sleep. And thats my issue

  • my hands are always shaking,,,can anyone give me the correct solution,,,iam very much dipression,,i dont work properly because of this problem,,,please please plz plz plz plz ,,,reply my question,,what i ahve to do,,,,

    • Mazhar,

      Are you on meds for depression? Do you drink alcohol ? These things are contributers to this

    • Take magnesium malate or magnesium taurate(400mg) and B-50 every morning & just magnesium(400mg) in the evening. for a month & record any improvements in shaking-magnesium may cause loose stool, but those forms are not as bad as some others. It helped me. Also stopped migraines.

  • Can u please help me which type of fruits and vitamins to take for reduce essential hand shake.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone can suggest food that is recomended for this hand shaking problem .Or should i just buy the vitamins stated above .Anyone have tried the above tips and got result ?pls share .tq

  • Thank you. This article is very informative. Now I can understand why this is happening. Wow

  • My hands are shaky when im really stressed, I have BPD so anxiety and depression come with, it sucks nothing is helping i feel like im going to jump off a bridge….

    • Erin. Everybody feels like they’re going to jump off a bridge. Don’t worry too much about it and don’t get the two things mixed up: your hands and body tend to tremor because anxiousness is itself analogous to facing the precipice of a bridge. But that can be exciting. No one needs to know nor will they know, that you’re full of adrenaline spontaneity and energy. Run with it. Don’t lead yourself to believe you feel like jumping off of a bridge because your hands are shaking though. I promise, it’s just part of the same situation, and it’s easy to get mixed up. Habit always helps. Make a habit of remembering the order, your body shakes because you feel like your free falling. That’s just human. Best.

    • Don’t do that, just breath and tell your self that you will be okay. I’m having some of the hand stuff to the doctor said the same as the article take the vitiams, and reduce caffeine and all the other stuff that the article says. Don’t worry it will be okay, talk to a doctor or someone you trust mom, dad or family members. And worst thing to do is jump of a bridge :( so if you have any other questions you should ask your doctor they will be able to help you:) hope this helps.

  • i had this hands shakes for the last past week but today it was more shaking then i thought and im really scared because i think i was having a fit but then the shakes slowed down and i rang doctor and im going to see what causeing me the problem

  • Are there any ways to stop the shaking once it starts, has anyone tried a wrist strap as I have heard it used to be used?

  • Thank you very much , i need to stop consuming sugary food and drinks…..

  • i’m 23 years old i feeling on my hand shaking problem from the age of 16 years old so please advice me

  • Hai,

    i’m 27 years i observer my hands were shivering while taking meal, drinking water previously,but now i am feeling shivering at all the times please suggest me some good natural habits how to overcome this.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi im very sad for my situation in my life due to my hands shaking while writing.its affect to much to my job,thanks for the tips and hping that help controlling my problems


  • Hi! I’m J and I’ve had shaky hands that dr.s call tremors since I was little, been teased growing up! I’m in my fifties and I’ve never got use to it..I’ve stopped going to restaraunts because sometimes its hard to hold utensils sometimes.. sometimes I try to laugh at myself sometimes, but its really not funny.. tryin to put on make-up or comb my hair, sign your name, or fill out papers, its sooooo embarrising cause no one really understands what that persons going through or how they feel.. my hands seem to shake more in the morning and afternoon, don’t know why.. I’m glad to hear, not in a bad way, that there’s other people out there that are experiencing what i’m, going through, I hope you all find a good solution, or medicine.me too!

    • Jocelyn, you need to see your doctor and ask him to prescribe Propranolol – this is used to treat tremor and works very well.

  • I’m think i’m gonna try the B-vitamins,B-12 B-6 B-1.. and the minerals: magnesium, potassium and calcium cause maybe if your lacking in the vitamins and minerals, maybe will help with the tremors.. Because I haven’t taken vitamins or calcium in years, and thats my fault in not takin goodcare of myself in that way.. Will start taking them and just see in about maybe 6mths if there’s alittle change.. cause I know I’m probably lacking…in those vitamins and minerals from not taking them over the years.. I’m glad that I got that information..

  • Guys can you help because i’m 15 and need a little help. So I don’t drink and smoke but i noticed that I eat a lot of chocolate. After every meal or at random times I like to eat suits. I think that’s the problem for my hands shaking but i’m not sure. I want to stop it because every time when the teacher is examining us and when I know my turn will come I become vary shaky – especially my hands. And the worst thing is that today I sit with a boy but a girl wanted me to move to her who I really like and when I sit to her we had fun and all but when i’m trying to do something with my hands they start to shake. When I try to give her something or I take something from her hands and my start shaking for no reason. Guys I hate it when my hands do that. They have been doing that since I know myself. When I was younger it was not a problem for me but now i can’t stand it… So guys I am asking for your help. If you know a way to help me and have free time please let me know I will appreciate it a lot!

    • sugar can make your blood spike and make your tremors worse. Start researching tremors online and if you can go see a doctor and get some lab work done. they should also test for Wilson disease and it can give you some in sight. there meds that help for some people. take ?primadone? at your own risk. read side effect before taking any meds. Try the tips above they can help some. I know it can feel like you are alone cuz there not another tremor person that you can talk to in person daily but there are many of so. dont get stuck in the little world that is in your head. let people know about tremors they will understand. the best thing i did was to seek out help.

  • I thnk smoking 2 much is major part of the cause, once u quit, ur body tries to adapt the new life style, nd blve u m its nt easy. Secret ingridients ( lemon fruit n warm water wen cravin) / schwepp “dry lemon” repair lungs and drink 2much water, dnt slip 2much, n alwys tke a lead when doin presentations and breath excise

  • Tremors SUCK!!!! I have had hand tremors since i can remember. im 29 and they start to interfere with my daily life about 3 yrs ago. its mentally frustrating to the point that you become depressed and have anxiety. for everyone out there that realizes there is no help don’t give up. Get mental help. there is no cure for tremors but don’t stop trying to find a way to heal yourself. there are meds. that has side effects but i still take them. The meds. dont really help but better then nothing. do your research and keep looking for a way to help yourself. tomorrow im paying $895.00 for a deficiency test to keep trying to fix myself. If you give up there will never be a cure. you are not alone. (I have a goal and that is to eat soup with a spoon) Only people with tremors will get it lol

  • It is so comforting to know that others are going through the same damned thing. I’ve had this for 7 or 8 years (I’m 19 now). I shake mostly in my hands, and at times in my head and legs usually whenever I have to do a task like eating or drinking, writing, etc. in front of another person. It’s embarrassing because I work as barista and my shaking gets to the point where I become extremely clumsy and can’t tie tea bags anymore and end up spilling hot liquid on myself and on others. It’ll happen often at random times (and admittedly, gets triggered bad if I’m serving a guy who I find attractive). I’ve always had anxiety problems and get cold/shiver easy; I should probably see a doctor (it’s likely a mental thing)? I’m afraid to go out with anyone or eat and drink in public because of it. It’s debilitating, and I feel pathetic. I just want to change. (apologize for the rant)

  • Guys I had the shaky hand problem. A good way of reducing it is to relax. you hands shake mostly when you are under pressure therefore try to calm and then proceed with your task.
    Hope it helps!!!!

  • I can sympathize with everyone on this thread. I’m 48 years old and have had shaky hands all my life not to mention a pounding heart that feels like everyone around me can hear it when I get nervous. Usually this happens when I have to speak in front of a group of people or during a conference call with several attendees. It is so crippling that if actually effects my breathing, speech, and actual thought process. I have tried a combination of several supplements and vitamins that treat the nervous system and hormone imbalance such as Dong Quai, Magnesium, Calcium, 5-HTP, Fish oil, Flaxseed Oil, B-Complex vitamins, Vitamin E, etc. While I have seen some benefit in less stressful situations, the combination of these supplements/vitamins has not eliminated my symptoms altogether when I’m facing a situation that would normally cause me anxiety. While I am not a fan of synthetic drugs or prescription drugs, and at the recommendation of several people in a post that I read on this topic, I tried Adderall which worked like a miracle. Unbelievably, my hands stopped shaking and I felt the most confidence I have ever felt in my life In fact, I felt so confident that I could have stood in front of a million people and given a speech without slurring, breathing difficulty, or shaking hands. However, I wouldn’t recommend taking Adderall everyday but only in circumstances when you know that you’re going to be in a situation that brings on that awful anxiety and its crippling symptoms. However, everyone is different and while I can’t guarantee that it would work for others, it did for me. Furthermore, I have read other posts that suggest seeing a Naturopathic physician for a holistic approach to identifying the root cause and follow-up naturopathic practices for healing. Good luck to everyone on this journey of healing.

  • Helo guys
    . I suffrng from hnd shaking ;( I feel too mch embarsed shy guilty whn am with my frnds and whn I suppsed to drink smthng eat somthng or do some work. Its not like evrytim shaking.when m with family at home their is no shaking . Itsnot like m not confidnt in stress.. I don’t know why this happen evrytime when I used to do something outside the home
    . Plls hlp me to get rid from this plss hlp :(

  • hey….i have hand shaking from 6 months n gets more pain near both shoulders.i cant even lift my arm properly…..n i am a diabetic n blood pressure patient.since from 20 years n my age is 52….n my hands get shaking more when i get hyper n tension…and not only hand my leg also shakes in the same way like my hand…..my right hand and right leg starts shaking continously.. n stops when i sleep…n when i wake up again it starts shaking in same way…….can u plz plz plz plz plz give me some sugesstions hw should i can stop my shaking……

  • I experienced hand tremors for the first time while working in the garden. I used the weed trimmer and raked leaves, then began picking up the leaves and bagging them. After about 4 bags I started feeling odd, and asked for some water. That is when the shaking started. I could barely lift the cup. I had to hold it with both hands. After drinking about 4 glasses of water the shaking stopped. Two days later, the muscles in my arms are sore. I do not exercise and I wonder if I should be concerned about this. Could it just be overworked muscle or dehydration or just being over heated?

  • I studyied all your instructions on above it is very good but I have shivering in genetically how to control it I have nervous problem due to exams and hairfall how to control please suggest a solution.?

  • Thanks! My hands start shaking every time I try to play piano now. I think its from stress. It is just impossible to go through playing to any other person without them causing me to mess up. I will try the vitamins and see how they go.

    • I’m a piano teacher. I’ve had severe essential tremors since I was very little and it just keeps getting worse. Runs in the family, from my Grandpa to mom, and probably to my kids some day…the poor little things. It can be very irritating, shaking here and there while you play, but shouldn’t be bad enough to make you go to a totally different note…well not much anyway. You must be real nervous in front of people when you play. Take deep breaths and calm yourself down. If you’re over 21 have a shot of alcohol. Yes, hard liquor is a remedy! I’m so surprised I’m not seeing more people mentioning it on this page. Of course, don’t abuse it or it could actually be what’s causing the problem. I noticed the advice was to cut alcohol out of the equation. As long as you don’t have a problem, it’s a very easy, quick fix. I’ve been told this by my really old lady doctor as well. I knew it already, but was so surprised to hear it come out of her mouth. Also, ask your doctor about beta blockers. They don’t eliminate the tremors completely, but man they help SO much when you’ve got the shakes as bad as I do.

  • I have a shaky hands it doesn’t happen all the time but it always does when I am writing, holding a spoon while eating in front of people and sometimes when I am alone . It really affects my life and my job. I cannot trust myself to eat ,to write or to do something with people around me. It started when i had my first job at the age of 23. It really affects my social life.

  • I am 57 year old and serving as chief architect in India.I feel very embarrass when ever I have to write. My hands shake a lot,n control over my stroke.I even can’t read my writing.
    Pl help me .I never drink.I am very sensitive. Pl help

  • my daughter is having a problem of shaking hands which is always sweating and no finger prints

  • When ever i stand infron of my officers my whole body shakes,whenever if i dont work or worked my fingers also shake.suggest me something to get rid of this sickness.

  • I really need to think less. The shake affects me even at work it just keeps coming even with a little though of how my life will be in the next second it starts shaking like a freak. If i try to do the shake my self i notice i don’t have the power to pull that kind of shake but when it starts i wonder where the shake comes from

  • It is the useful massage. I follow this method. Self controlled is that important. So, thank you very much.

  • Take a shot of hard liquor. No, seriously! As long as it’s not causing the shakes, (and you just have benign tremor) it will slow them down briefly if you’re in an embarrassing situation where you need to stop shaking asap.

  • Thank you for Tips, and I face this problem ( Hands shaking, some times Legs and body also shaking while excite, angry etc.) any special solution to avoid this disease please give suggestions.

  • I am 53 years old and i drink alot of coffee my hands have tremours as well.I wondered if diet coffee is ok to drink. Does any one no the answer to that.

  • The part about relaxing and giving myself some zen time I think was very helpful but I have been having this problem since I can remember and so had my sister.

  • I want to ask that.. if u are not using caffeine and other drugs, and still you have hands tremo in the age of 19 years what is cause of that and its treatment?

  • My mom says I have shivering when I was born. now I am 23 old .no smoking and drinking.sometimes my face, neck ,even my legs shakes. When I get nervous,trust me it gets worse.I don’t know what to do. What you suggest?

  • After a long pause I began to do excessive exercises.. I wanna know that is this’d be a cause of my tremors?

  • Aspirin, may reduce or stop “Hands-shivering”- “Hand tremors”. Once I have read somewhere.
    Will somebody favor me by confirming it !

  • thanks for the tips but i suggest one more thing to do . take antyoxidant drugs or food it magically works by reducing the amount of stress and unexplained anxiety witch are the common cause of hand shaking and also shack your mussels fibers and nerves impulses

  • I m 23 year old.my whole body shivering including hand from last 5year.this cause my mind not working and I forget something .so please suggest me which exercise,y oga or medicine is helpful for me.sometime my heartbeat work very fast.

  • I am 21 years old my hands are shaking I don’t drink caffe nor alcohol how can I stop it

  • I have shivering in my hands when I using phone ,writing but I am talking depression tablets what I can do?

  • Good suggestions. I don’t drink now am awithdrawer with this hands shaking for fifteen years now without improvement, drinking a lot of water, vegetables and fruits,mmedicines even more prayers all to naught. Pls help possitvely.

  • Very usefull information. ….thanku.. i think my mom will follow this… but avoid coffee to her diet…she can’t imagine it…so sad….

  • Hi am Prakash, 30 years old. I have a problem of hands shaking only while writing..it is very seriously…I can’t write even my name too…if anyone besides me it is speechless…I am facing this problem for the last 9 years… year by year it is becoming worse.. truly I have no habits like smoking, drinking etc….it is becoming very difficult to my job while writing anything… please give remedial actions… even if those are difficult…. thank you…

  • I need help i want my hand to stop shaking that things bothers me alot i dont know what to do sometime i feel weak im always sleepy what can i do to stop this thing

  • My doctor told me that he can only prescribe propanolol, a beta blocker. However, the only one that truly worked without side effects was Inderal 80, but that has been discontinued from our UK shelves (reason unknown). The basic prescription propanolol doesnt work as well and causes headaches. Therefore, I am now experimenting (8 months) with natural foods, avoiding caffeine (though this can give me headaches so its gradual process). So far no improvement and its very embarrassing and causes huge loss of self confidence in the work place as I serve the public who witness my condition. I often think of giving up my job because of it but at 63 its difficult to find work that I might enjoy. Sad situation.

  • i think doing exercise regularly is good for stop shaking hand.Take healthy diet fruits vegetables ,,and especially food which contain protein..exercise with resistant band , hand punch is better for stop hand shaking

  • Please help. I have this condition, my hands, body, and legs shakes I don’t know why and it becomes worse when I get nervous please help me, what should I do. Sometimes I struggle to do my work activities.

  • I am facing the same, but i can’t define its routine ,when I start writing in office, I failed to write. somehow i work with tight hand and heavy pressu -re, the result becomes mutula- ted. If I leave that time and try after somethime, then its ok.

  • Thank u it’s very helpful as saying talk to my doctor well he not good to talk ton

  • Hi , I’m Mohan ,I’m facing the serious problem of shaking hands while writing , pls tell me how to prevent it..

  • My friend, Jim, will be upset, because I said he has a vitamin Defish-an-c(SP). You have very helpful site and keep up the good work. God bless you… Earnest