Secret Healing Powers Of Seemingly Ordinary Stones

Who says rocks have no purpose? Not me! These seemingly ordinary stones can do much more for you than you might think.

Whether you believe in the healing powers that stones have or not, this is definitely a list that you’ll want to take a look at. Before technology made modern medicine so effective, many cultures throughout the world would use different stones to heal their ailments.

The different healing powers range from the ability to increase your energy levels to freeing people from depression. Depending on which stone you use, you can reap many of their rewards.

Here is a comprehensive list of the most widely used stones and what their healing powers are believed to be.



Many claim that an amber stone can be used to balance emotions, clear the mind and get rid of all that negative energy that seems to be pent up.

Because of these qualities, it is also gets rid of stress and nervous tension. Sleeping with an amber stone under your pillow can give you a better night’s sleep, too.


This beautiful stone isn’t just used for making some great jewelry. It is one of the most widely used medicinal stones for its wonderful properties. It is used to calm people, balance emotions and grant patience and inner peace.

That’s not all it brings to the table, either. It’s also been known to heal the feeling of grief accompanying a loss and bring back lost happiness. No wonder it’s used the most!



Ah, this stone is one that everyone should have in their arsenal of healing stones. One powerful healing property this stone possesses is the ability to diminish fears and concerns.

Not only does it reduce fears, but it also gives you courage to face them. Aquamarine also reduces stress, which adds to its calming effects.


Azurite is a very powerful stone that is used by many people for a lot of different reasons. It is mainly used for its ability to ease depression and balance your emotions overall.

Many people wear this stone on a pendant to maintain their mental clarity in balance.



Not only is this stone beautiful in color, but it is very beneficial as well. This stone is one of the best for dissipating all that “mucky” energy.

By “mucky”, I’m not just referring to negativity, but also all the energy that just seems to drag you down and make you feel fatigued.

By doing this, it has both a renewing and energizing property, but it is also mentally calming.


Ivory is not only precious and very simple, it is also a very useful tool in easing frustration and has a calming effect on the body.


This black gem isn’t just used for making elegant jewelry. With so many different healing properties, everyone should have jet in their stone collection.

This seemingly-simple gem reduces stress, calms the over-excitable, relieves symptoms of depression and can even combat manic-depressive behavior in some individuals.



One of my personal favorite stones, moonstone’s not only appealing to the eye, but has an entrancing quality. This stone is mostly known for its ability to resist mental imbalances within a person.

Moonstone has also been known to increase mental activity and creativity. Many people wear this stone in different jewelry so they can benefit from its properties all day long.


This fun, well-known stone is one that you’ll definitely want to have. With its ability to extend your patience, calm your nerves and create mental clarity and alertness, you’ll want to have it around you as a regular part of your stone-healing routines.



I think just about everyone loves sapphires. Wearing a sapphire ring, earrings or even a gorgeous pendant can offer more than just completing an outfit.

If you frequently wear sapphire jewelry and have noticed that you seem to be in a much better mood, it’s no coincidence. This gem improves mood and rids the body of stress that impedes positive energy.

Black Tourmaline

Last, but certainly not least, is black tourmaline. It might look like a plain black stone, but it is so much more than that. This stone has the ability to energize the body, so instead of reaching for that cup of black coffee, reach for that black tourmaline.

Whether or not you believe these stones can really heal your body of different mental ailments, they are definitely worth a try. These common stones make a different in the lives of so many people out there. How will they work for you?

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