3 Reasons Why You Should EAT Your Water

You’ve heard all about drinking eight glasses of water a day, but eating water-dense foods is a far better way to stay hydrated and reap the benefits for your skin.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “dewy complexion”, but have you ever experienced it yourself? If you haven’t focused on getting your water from your food, then chances are you’ve had to strategically apply makeup to obtain that dew-kissed look.

Truly hydrated skin is radiant: the sort of smooth, supple and youthful skin you’ve likely been trying to buy with expensive skin creams. Hydrating your skin from the inside out by getting some of your water through food sources is a far more effective way to get plump and glowing skin.

1. Eating your water gives your body more time to absorb it


Drinking a lot of water is good, but getting some of that water from food sources is even better. This is because the water we drink moves through our system quickly, and drinking a lot of water can even remove nutrients from our bodies as it moves through us.

Eating water, however, keeps the water in our systems longer as our digestive system removes it from food molecules.

So, how do you eat your water? Focus on water-dense fruits and veggies like cucumbers, pineapples and melons. All raw fruits and veggies provide a greater water source than other foods that soak up water in our digestive system (like many grains).

Getting a good portion of water from raw fruit and veggies results in slower water absorption as the fiber from the food sources slows the water’s movement through our digestive tracts.

2. You’ll also get the added benefit of a nutrient infusion

Since the best food-based water sources are raw fruits and vegetables, you will also get an infusion of important, skin-boosting nutrients when you eat your water. Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants like Vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid, which help to minimize damage to your skin and reduce the effects of aging.

They also contain some B complex vitamins, magnesium, polyphenols and other nutrients that will help to give your skin that radiant look, while supporting your entire system.

Applying creams with these nutrients topically can definitely help to improve the appearance of your skin, but if you’re not doing the inner work as well and giving your skin the nutrition it needs, the results won’t be nearly as good.

3. Eating hydrating foods will energize your skin (and you)


If you focus on consuming more hydrating foods, you will most likely reduce the amount of space you have for dehydrating foods like simple carbohydrates. This means that you will consistently be getting more nutrients to support your body and your energy levels, resulting in brighter, more energized-looking skin and more energy overall!

An additional benefit of eating raw fruits and vegetables is that they contain enzymes that aid in digestion, so you won’t feel weighed down after eating them. These foods bolster your energy instead of making you feel like you need to take a nap to digest.

Delicious ways to eat your water

1. Fresh smoothies and juices


Smoothies and juices both provide a lot of nourishment in one glass. When it comes to eating your water, smoothies can be more beneficial since the fiber that helps to slow absorption is not removed. Focus on combining water-dense foods like fruit with super nutrient-dense foods like greens for the best effect.

My favorite hydrating smoothie: combine ½ cup frozen blueberries with ½ large cucumber (peeled), 1 cup pineapple slices and a handful of mint leaves in a blender. Once blended, add juice from ½ lime and mix thoroughly.

Check out some more ideas for smoothies bellow:

2. Chilled soups

gazpacho tomato soup

Try traditional tomato gazpacho or cucumber-avocado gazpacho for another way to boost your water content. The are really easy to make. Here is a simple recipe for a Spanish gazpacho:

4 large tomatoes

1 green pepper

1/2 cucumber or 1 smaller cucumber

1 clove of garlic

1 small onion

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons olive oil

Peel and chop all the ingredients and put them in a blender. Add water and apple cider vinegar according to taste and blend it till you reach dense consistency. You can add a bit of a stale bread to make it thicker. Serve it cold with a bit of fresh parsley and some ground pepper.

3. Grapes

Smiling Woman and green grape

Keep grapes on hand as an easy snack. They’re easy to munch on and they’ll keep you from dipping your hand into the candy jar or chip bag.

4. Salads


Salads are, of course, the good old standby for consuming fresh veggies, but don’t forget that you can mix them up! Steer clear of dried fruits and add fresh strawberries and blueberries instead.

Add lettuces with a high water content, like romaine, to greens that have higher nutrient concentrations, like baby kale. And, don’t forget the cucumbers! They’re 96% water after all.

Go ahead and give eating your water a try. I promise that your skin will thank you! Let us know how this works out for you.

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