Top 5 Natural Ways To Detox

Help your body out and feel better inside and out with easy, natural ways to detox. Eating and drinking right, as well as making subtle changes to your everyday lifestyle routines, can make a big difference and make you feel healthier and lighter.


Increase your normal exercise routine, or try some new physical activity. Sweating will flush out the toxins from your body, and you will make up for lost water by increasing your liquid intake, which will refresh and rejuvenate your whole organism. Sweating also regenerates your skin, making it smoother.

Working out also clears the mind, while the endorphin puts you in a better mood. Go for your usual routine, anything that gets you moving and pumps up your heart and lung activity, since it will also boost your endocrine system. Try fast-paced new exercises if you really want to re-energize, or go for yoga if you want to slow yourself down and relax.


It’s easy, it’s fun, it makes you feel great inside and out – grab your partner and hit the bedroom! Sex relieves stress, boosts your immunity, burns loads of calories, improves your heart, tones your muscles…

It’s been proven clinically that sex reduces the feeling of pain, so say “bye-bye” to that headache, and speaking of improving your spirit as well as your body, it will boost your self-esteem, improve feelings of intimacy with your partner, and help you sleep better. You will wake up feeling refreshed and smiling.

Detox Your Skin

Body brushes

Exfoliating regularly will do wonders for the appearance of your skin, but it will also help on a more “molecular” level, since the skin is also part of the toxin elimination system.

The largest organ in our body needs to be pampered, so use a gentle exfoliator two to three times a week.

Try brushing your skin with a natural sponge, bath lily, loofah mitt or a bath brush with a soft bristle. The massage will relax you, while the exfoliation will rid your skin of dead cells and make it breathe easier. Rejuvenate the skin by applying moisturizer after every scrub.


strawberries and blueberries

Stock up on food which contain these precious molecules that protect your body against free radicals. Munch on berries, spice up your food with garlic and rosemary. Switch milk chocolate for dark, one that has a high percentage of pure cocoa, eat an apple a day, and feel free to have a glass of red wine.

Potatoes are also rich in antioxidants, and you can lower your carb and fat intake by having a mashed or baked potato, instead of frying it in oil. Switch to whole-grain bread, and snack on roasted peanuts, walnuts or hazelnut or sunflower seeds.



Increase your water intake as a first step. Juices, coffee and other drinks DO NOT replace water, so make sure you get at least a liter and a half of H2O a day. Invest in a juicer and start your day with fresh fruit juice. Pick your favorite – apple will flush your liver and kidneys, orange will get you full of vitamins, pineapple will cleanse your digestive system and help break down clogging protein.

Or go for veggie juice – “blast” a carrot to detox your bowels, a beet for cleansing your liver… Add green, mint or ginger tea to your daily liquid intake, since they both contain antioxidants, as well as calming and refreshing agents.

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