7 Weird Health Tips That Actually Work

People have been known to do some crazy things in the name of health. Here are a few super weird health tips that actually work despite how bizarre they may seem!

Have you ever tried something that you thought was completely crazy in the name of health? Something so out of the box that your friends and family thought that you had lost your mind and considered having you committed?

Well, sometimes it is the oddest behavior that gets the best results, which is exactly what a number of people have found when they engaged in the following rather weird health tips.

#1 Use Beer As A Shampoo


Catherine Zeta-Jones uses this particular health remedy to give her hair that is worthy of the silver screen. Simply wash your hair as you normally would, pour on a cup of the brew of your choice, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it out (which, incidentally, is about the perfect amount of time to finish off the pint or bottle that it came from).

Don’t worry about wasting your favorite, more expensive beer because the low cost stuff works just as well. That way you can have a healthy, shiny mane without spending a lot of time and money at a high priced salon. It’s a weird health tip for your hair, but give it a try and see the results for yourself.

#2 Condition With Avocado

Follow up your beer-infused hair treatment with an avocado paste to give your strands some deep conditioning to further enhance its health and make it super soft suggests Juan Carlos Maciques, hair stylist to the celebrities in and around the New York area. You can even add a touch of mayonnaise or olive oil if your hair is really dry and breaks off easily when it is being blow-dried or styled. So, next time you go to the store, get one avocado for your salad and another for your head.

The one word of caution with using avocado and oil is that you want to keep it on your hair and off your scalp or it will take your hair from lush and moisturized to super oily. For this reason, you’ll want to use great care when applying this mixture so you get the intended effect.

#3 Use Coconut Oil In Place Of Toothpaste


Commonly referred to as “oil pulling”, this latest health craze involves putting a tablespoon of slightly hardened organic coconut oil into your mouth to liquify and then swishing it around for 5-20 minutes. People who have tried it say that they have cleaner and whiter teeth than they ever thought possible and their breath has never been fresher.

There is one claim about oil pulling that is still unsubstantiated and that is that it pulls toxins out of your body through your oral cavity, leaving you healthier overall in the process. Until they find out for sure if this is true or not, there appears to be no negative side effects of engaging in this particular weird health tip, so you’ve lost nothing by trying it.

However, if you have a sensitive gag reflex, this process may not be for you. The texture can be off-putting, so you’ll want to stick to other, more traditional whitening treatments if the idea of swishing oil around your mouth makes you want to vomit.

#4 Apply Vodka To Your Smelly Feet

If you’re all out of foot powder but the odor of your feet is strong enough to make your neighbors ask you to keep your shoes on even while in your own house, try applying some vodka to them instead. The alcohol kills and dries any bacteria, leaving you with feet that smell, well, a little like vodka which is more pleasant than smelling like a dead body or a fish that has washed ashore and died.

Note that this slightly bizarre odor treatment also works for other people in your home if it isn’t your feet that are so offensive. And, if you can’t get them to do it themselves, you can always apply it for them. Simply take a sip or two of the vodka before wetting a cotton ball with it and it will numb your senses, making the process easier to stand.

#5 Cure Calluses With Licorice

Do you have some licorice in your house that you want to get rid of since you are on a diet and watching each calorie you take in? Then blend it up and mix it with a little bit of petroleum jelly to make a paste that will smooth the calluses on your hands and leave you with softer, more beautiful skin despite all of the hours you spend doing dishes, gardening, and otherwise putting them through the works.

The same process is said to work on corns, too, so make an extra-large batch and apply it to your feet as well. It is unclear whether the licorice should be red or black, so you might want to try each one and see which one feels (and smells) better to you.

#6 Take Sugar For Hiccups

woman holding a sugar cube between her teeth in her mouth

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting there and hiccupping uncontrollably for a long period of time. You can’t finish a sentence without letting out an embarrassing sound and sometimes it can even get downright painful.

When your hiccups begin, take a teaspoon of raw white sugar as it is said to affect the nerves in your diaphragm causing it to stop the spasms. This doesn’t mean that you should have sugar all the time as a preventative though as this is one case where too much can definitely do more harm than good.

#7 Eat Olives To Stop Seasickness

If being on a boat makes you feel queasy, you can soothe your tummy by eating a couple of olives to dry up your saliva and make you feel better almost instantly. Take a can or jar of them with you on your next seaside adventure so that you can enjoy the adventure without worrying about throwing up your lunch.

Don’t try to be crafty with this suggestion and order an alcoholic drink that has olives in it and expect the same positive results. Alcohol may intensify the very same seasick effect that you’re trying to squelch with the olives, making the problem worse and not better.

Try these seven slightly weird health tips and see if they make a difference to you!

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