Why Am I Always Tired? Surprising Causes and Cures for Everyday Fatigue

You don’t need to accept fatigue and sleepiness any longer, if you realize the surprising causes and cures for being tired throughout the day.

If you wonder why you’re always tired and fatigued, you may be surprised at why you don’t have energy like you once did. A few simple changes to your everyday routine can give you back the energy you once had and ensure you never get fatigued during the day again!

Fatigue is not uncommon with women today, as they are typically juggling more than ever before. Women often work outside the home while still caring for children, housework, and perhaps even their aging parents and other relatives, and they may also do volunteer work or be very active in their religion or other organizations. With such full schedules, it’s no wonder women are so tired!

A certain amount of fatigue at the end of the day can actually be healthy, as your body needs to be tired in order to sleep well. Fatigue and sleepiness at day’s end typically means that you’ve used up all your energies that day and your body is ready for rest.

However, what about fatigue and a general lack of energy in the middle of the day, or at other times? What if you feel as if you never have any energy, or notice your energy levels tapering off as you get older? Consider some common reasons for this and what you can do to address them.

Inactivity Leads to Fatigue

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Inactivity is a common reason for a lack of energy, even though this might seem like an oxymoron. How can you get tired if you don’t do anything all day?

The simple answer is that physical activity increases your heart rate, which in turn means more blood, oxygen, and nourishment to your muscles and internal organs. This in turn gives you energy. Staying inactive all day causes your heart and breathing rates to slow, so that your body is not getting that needed nourishment and oxygen.

Being active every day will give you more energy. A regular workout routine is good, but simply moving around as much as possible throughout the day also gives you energy. For example, when at the office, walk around during your breaks rather than sitting in the cafeteria. Walk to a coworker’s desk rather than phone them, and take the stairs versus the elevator. When shopping, walk back and forth across the store rather than from one end to the other. Simple tricks like this will keep you energized all day long.

Mental Stress Makes You Tired


How can mental stress make you physically tired? When you’re under stress, the body will deliver more blood and oxygen to the brain in order to help you focus and concentrate on whatever it is that is giving you stress. In turn, your muscles and other organs are getting less of this nourishment!

Your brain can also only work so hard just like any other organ in the body, so when it’s overworked with too many stressors, this will make you feel tired. Your body may make you feel sleepy so that you rest and in turn, shut off the brain.

A good way to combat this is to get yourself organized and face your stressors head-on. If you can come up with a plan of attack for what is giving you stress, you can reduce it or eliminate it altogether. Do you need a second job to catch up on bills, or might you get some help around the house? If your job is too stressful, it might be time to search for another or consider taking classes so you can find a new career altogether. Take an afternoon and make a plan for dealing with your stress so you can get energized once again.

Poor Eating and Diet

Poor Eating

The old saying, “You are what you eat” is an absolute truth. If you put poor quality gasoline in your car, it may sputter and stall, and in the same way, if you eat poor quality foods that are devoid of nutrition, your body may be just as sluggish!

Heavy foods cooked with oils, dairy products, and fatty cuts of red meat are often considered “heavy,” meaning that they are hard to digest and can sap you of energy as the body works to break them down and move them through your system. Sugary foods can make your blood sugar levels fluctuate, which also makes you tired. Foods with few vitamins and essential minerals such as potato chips, frozen dinners and fast food are also failing to give your body the fuel it needs for energy.

Consider reducing those heavy foods and having more fresh fruit which gives you energy, foods that contain vitamins and trace minerals like dark leafy greens and a variety of other vegetables, and foods that contain healthy antioxidants such as green tea. This will nourish your body and keep you healthy and energized.

Do you often feel tired and fatigued throughout the day? Which of these tips will you try to get you going and get back the energy you need? What other tips have you found work for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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