How to Actually Look Forward to Mondays

Do you dread Mondays almost as much as going to the dentist or your annual pap? Here are some ways to actually make Mondays a day to look forward to!

When you hear the phrase “it is almost Monday,” what is your response? Does the color drain from your skin and your smile leave your face like you were just given the news that your pet was hit by a car or a family member has fallen ill? Do you start thinking of all of the excuses you can use to call into work, ranging from an undiagnosed case of some foreign disease to a grandparent passing away for the fifth time this year?

Monday has a way of doing that to you. It can make the most fearless woman cower in the corner and it can turn an honest, completely truthful person into a liar, going against every moral fiber in her body. However, Mondays don’t have to have this kind of control over you. In fact, you can turn them into a day that you can’t wait to arrive.

Impossible, you say? Well, it isn’t if you just follow this simple advice:

#1 Take Mondays Off

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No, you don’t want to call in every Monday morning with a different excuse as to why you are unable to make it into work or else you’re likely to get fired, which starts a snowball of bad events for your future. Instead, if you have some play with your schedule because you are self-employed or your boss is rather lenient as long as you get the job done in the end, take Sundays and Mondays off instead of Saturdays and Sundays and you’ll get to sleep in while all of your co-workers are dealing with the normal Monday dread.

After all, there is something about having a weekday off that works wonders for your morale and lifts your spirits. Not to mention, it also gives you a day during the week to take care of any duties that cannot be taken care of on the weekend when normal businesses are closed.

Even if you can’t take the full day off, maybe you can use flexi-time to allow you to come in a little bit later and make up for it on another day that isn’t quite so unappealing. At least then your Monday will be shorter, giving you more time to do something that you’d enjoy (like sitting around in the morning with an extra cup of coffee) rather than starting the rat race any earlier than necessary.

#2 Set A Mid-Week Motivator

Part of the reason that Mondays are so horrible to face is that you know that you have five full days before you can have some fun again. The weekend is so far off in the distance that you can hardly see it, which leaves you feeling cranky and lethargic, setting the mood for the day ahead.

This isn’t the case though if you set some type of mid-week motivator. That way, you’ll have an event or situation in the near future that you’re anticipating making Monday a welcome day to participate in because it puts you one day closer to doing something you’ll enjoy.

The key is to make your mid-week event something that you really want to do so that it builds the excitement early in the week. If you like to dance, for instance, maybe it is mid-week dance lessons that will make the first few days fly by. Or, if you love to bowl, joining a Wednesday night league will leave you wanting Monday and Tuesday to come and go so you can get to the alley and practice your curve ball.

#3 Make Monday Your “All About Me” Day

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If a mid-week event is too far out to help you get through the dreariness of Monday, then make Monday your day and do something just for you. This will help you change your perception of this first day of the week from one of doom and gloom to one of good times and relaxation.

Plan a “We Survived Monday Party” so you can chill with all of your closest friends and bond in the hatred of Mondays. Or, if you prefer to fly solo, make Monday the day that you get that much needed massage or manicure. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something that makes you happy. In fact, this simple suggestion alone can make Mondays the day you look forward to the most!

#4 Use Mondays as a Fresh Start

One of the great things about Mondays is that they signal a new beginning. A new week has arrived for you to do fantastic things as your indiscretions from last week (or the weekend) are now behind you and you are able to forge ahead to meet your most desired goals.

This is why a lot of women use Monday as the day that they intend to start a new diet or begin a different exercise plan. Monday is a sign of hope for what lies ahead. It is a day that forgives the past and welcomes the future with open arms.

Set a weekly goal every Monday and spend the week working to achieve it. You’ll find that you look forward to the new challenges that this first day of the week will bring, putting you one step closer to being the person you want to become.

Of course, there are many other ways that you can make Monday something that you will look forward to, so don’t be afraid to get a bit creative. Think outside of the box and Mondays may just become your favorite day of the week!

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