How To Maximize Your Living Space

Having moved into a smaller living space, I’ve had to find innovative ways of maximizing what I have while still feeling as if I’m living in a home instead of a closet.

Often, finances or unforeseen circumstances leave us in a position where we have to find smaller homes or living spaces. This can leave us with few options to keep our quality of life and to invite visitors over without them having to squeeze onto one sofa pushed into a corner because your bathroom is in the way. If this sounds a situation you’re in, don’t worry: there’s hope!

Somehow, we learn to adapt to what life throws at us. In this case, life threw a small living space you’d consider a closet—especially if you’re used to a spacious living area in which could fit your whole life.

If you’ve recently moved into a smaller home and have no idea how to make it work, stick to these 10 tiny house hacks—from someone who’s experienced it and adapted.

1. Use your doors


Make use of the back of your doors whether it’s your bathroom door or an actual entrance. Hang a shower storage unit on the back of your bathroom door and place all your necessary bathroom vanities on it. That way, they’re out of the way and no one has to look at it if you invite guests over.

2. Maximize your desk

If you have to choose between a bedside table and a work desk, stick with the desk next to your bed. It’s big enough to place your bedside objects on and still have a proper work space left where you can sit down and work after hours.

3. Utilize your walls


If you can’t spread your things around on the floor area, make use of your walls. Mirrors are a great way of making a space feel bigger without having to knock down any walls. Instead of placing objects like instruments on the floor, why not hang them on the wall? Or, make space on tables by hanging pictures on the wall, instead of placing them on surfaces.

4. Stick to a neutral color

Pick a neutral color for your walls. The darker you go, the smaller your space will feel, which is the last thing you want! Instead, opt for an off-white that you can match with almost any color of furniture or art.

5. Organize your must-haves


Some things we need, and some things we want. When having to minimize, let go of those things that you haven’t used in a while. Keep your must-haves. That way, you’ll enjoy your must-haves a lot more.

However, it’s alright to add a ‘want’ to your décor every once in a while. The trick, though, is that you have to let go of something for everything you buy. If anything else, it’s a great way to save money and keep your home clutter-free.

6. Get creative with kitchen appliances

Utilize the flat spaces of your kitchen appliances, such as the microwave or refrigerator, by pacing your microwave on top of your refrigerator if you have a small enough fridge. It’ll save a lot of space, and why not use unused space?

7. Remember the space under your bed

If your bed is high enough off the ground to allow objects to fit underneath, you should definitely use that space! Instead of just placing random items under your sleep space, place them in containers or boxes in a way that is easy for you to reach. No one will even know about the objects underneath your bed.

8. Allow your dog to share your bed


If your space is only big enough for one bed, skip the dog bed (in my opinion). Besides, if your dog is clean, warm and lovable why not allow them to share your bed—especially if you’re single. Dogs make great companions until your human companion decides to show up.

9. Forget the curtains

Curtains have a way of making a space feel fuller—great if you have a big space to fill, awful if you’re trying to make a small space bigger. Instead, opt for blinds, which you can easily open and close vertically without the hassle of needing to wash them once a month and moving them out of the way.

10. Place objects wisely


Before you move in, visualize where you’d like your furniture to go. In a small space, it’s extremely difficult to move objects around when they’re already in the room. So, do yourself a favour, and perhaps draw a ‘map’ of how you’d like your living space to look, then start moving in!

Minimalizing isn’t the end of the world. Surprisingly enough, you realize how many things in your closet you haven’t laid your hands on in ages—and those are the perfect things to donate or sell.

Think of it as a way to get rid of unwanted baggage and make money at the same, lifting the load on your life a little bit. You’ll see, once you’ve managed to settle in and implement the above tips, that your small dwelling will feel like a real home, and you’re not going to want it any other way!

Remember: life isn’t about ‘things.’ Yes, it will be tough getting rid of some of your belongings just to fit into your home, but they’re just objects. Keep what’s close to your heart, and donate the rest to those who need it more than you. It’ll make you feel amazing, trust me!

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