How to Save Money in College – 4 Frugal Ways

It’s no secret that students usually belong to that part of the society with the worst economy. You are busy the whole day with classes and studying, so even if you have time to work, it can only be part time. Basically, you relay on your scholarship or maybe some help from your parents and that’s usually not enough. You need to learn how to save money. Here are 4 ways to save money in college.

1. Buy Used Books

College students spend a considerable amount of money on books. Instead of buying brand new books every year, try to buy second hand books. Surely, you can find an older student who would gladly sell his or her old books for a reasonable price.

Before you do that, make sure that same text books apply to your classes; you don’t want to end up with books you can’t use. Buying a used book can save you both money and time; the student who previously used those books probably already highlighted the most important parts. To save even more money ask your teacher about old editions of your text books. They could still be very useful and are really much cheaper.

2. Sell Your Old Books

Just like you wanted to buy second hand books to save some money, there are a lot of other students who would like to do the same. So, sell all the books you don’t need any more at the end of the year. Keep those you might need again or that might be useful even when you finish your studies. Sell everything else and buy yourself a new set of second hand books for the next year of your studies. This basically means that you will only have expenses for books in a first year of your studies but after that – you sell your books, buy someone else’s second hand books and end up spending just a pocket full of change.

3. Meal Points

college students eating

A lot of college campuses have their own cafeteria where you can eat for a lot less money than you’d spend if you were to buy or prepare food on your own. As a student, you will probably get meal points or meal credits that you should use. This is not only cheap, it’s also very useful. You don’t need to think about what you are going to eat every day, there’s a meal waiting for you at the cafeteria. If your college cafeteria serves good meals, why bother to cook? You will find this especially useful during your exams.

4. Student Discounts

A lot of stores, movies and theaters offer student discounts. Whenever you need to pay for something, check if there is a student discount you can use. You could also get a student discount card. They usually don’t cost much, you only need to pay to have one made and you can get some great discounts with them. You can get something like a 20-30% discount on transportation. You can also use them to get discounts at restaurants, that way you’d probably be able to afford to eat out. Almost all theaters and cinemas have student discounts.

There are a lot of ways to save some money while you are in college. Start with these and then gradually think of new ways. You will survive.

If you know any other way how to save a few extra bucks, please share it. Student around the country will be grateful.

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