Krav Maga: A Fun Way to Get Fit and Avoid Getting Hit

Sadly, a vast number of women have been victims of a physical attack or have, at least, witnessed one. One of the ways to gain empowerment and help prevent these unwelcome events is learning a self- defense technique and using it as a weapon against the attacker.

Can you imagine coupling this with a fabulous workout to boot?

What about if we tell you that Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie are fans?

Exciting, right?

Krav Maga (loose translation in from Hebrew is “contact combat”)  is an eclectic self-defense system developed by Israeli soldiers, which mixes boxing, muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and grapping techniques, as well as actual street fighting.

While it may seem quite rough and very no-joke at first – and it certainly is those things – this powerful system is focused on real-life situations and brutal counter attacks, threat neutralization and simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers.

Why it works for the ladies

martial arts instructor exercising with young girl

According to campus police statistics in the US alone, 25% of women will experience a violent sexual assault before graduating from college. That’s one out of four women.

In actuality, the number is probably higher, since many of such occurrences are not reported.

Domestic violence is another form of violence against women that is, tragically, not something likely to disintegrate.

In 2002’s drama “Enough”, an abused woman, played convincingly by Jennifer Lopez, learns Krav Maga and successfully defends herself against her monstrous husband. Lopez praised the defense technique she learned for the purposes of the film.

While the skills can be picked up rather quickly, experts say that an average woman will need to be in training for 9-12 months in order to be efficiently prepared for counter-combat.

Yes, you read that right.

You can be combat ready.

Think of the confidence that comes with that.

What you need to know

Krav Maga is not based on physical strength, so, you need not feel concerned if you are a smaller build and don’t have much upper body strength.

This system is based upon the tumultuous experience of the Jewish nation – a nation that, unfortunately, knows violence all too well. As many women view themselves as weak, helpless and potential victims, Krav Maga is designed for that “little, helpless” individual who is fed up and will not take it anymore.

This is not boxing or wrestling – it’s not that type of fight. It employs a tight, focused approach, involving a single burst of energy against your opponent, who will likely be a lot bigger and stronger. The goal is to resolve that issue by striking strategic areas of the body that are most vulnerable and getting out of the situation. And fast.

The element of shock value is also present. The opponent will not expect his “victim” to be able to defend themselves and, once they do strike back, will be caught off guard. That’s when the main strike happens, ideally disabling them entirely.

Added Perks

beautiful boxer girl with white bandage on hands

Expect your body to feel stronger than ever. Your stamina is sure to rise considerably, as rigorous workouts develop endurance and build strength.

Along with your physical strength, Krav Maga techniques will boost your mindset and arm you psychologically, where your attitude alone may prove to be enough of a weapon to fend off a potential attacker.

This style of combat was designed to be picked up quickly and used with instinctive body movements.

The first step is finding a Krav Maga Instructor near you and making the move.

A move toward empowerment.

Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

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