10 Habits to Develop for a Happy Life

Happiness is not a goal, it is a journey, and it is a state of mind. We all want complete happiness so where do we look for it? How do we grow it around ourselves?

Most of us have often come to a certain moment in our lives where we want to pause and reflect into our lives. We all have a mix of good and bad in the past, but what we look forward to be is even more crucial. How many of us have strived to be happy?

How many of us don’t know what it means to be fully happy? How many of are unhappy because they tried too hard to find happiness? We can never buy happiness nor can we find it in any treasure chest.

However, there are a few habits that will guarantee a happier life for us all.

1. Stop complaining

The fist and fore most rule of happiness is to value what you have and stop bothering about what isn’t there. If we keep counting our complaints more often than our blessings that it is inevitable that we will never be happy.

We all have seen that the people who complain the most are often the unhappiest of the entire lot. When we complain we are telling ourselves about the things that we don’t have or the things that are not right.

This constant criticizing and complaining is like running on a treadmill, it doesn’t stop unless you decide to get off it. So get off it today, now! None of us have perfect lives, and as long as we at least learn to value what we have, we can be a little more at peace.

The happiest of people never complaint, in fact if they don’t like something they own up the responsibility of it and strive to change it positively.

2. Eat healthy

Healthy Salad 14

Food is in integral part of our living. Good food gives growth to a good state of mind and eventually a good life. Research studies have shown that people who eat junk, greasy, stale and unhealthy food all the time have shown frequent signs of grumpiness, sadness, anger, depression and loneliness.

Start your day with a fresh vegetable juice and a bowl of cut fresh fruits, and keep a track of your emotions and state of mind throughout the day. Inside a healthy body resides a healthy mind. Take care of your body; eat the freshest and the healthiest of foods.

Certain foods like chocolate are said to release ‘the happy hormones’. Indulge in foods that make you feel nicer and happier. It’s all about what you feel. However, don’t let your happiness depend on a hamburger.

3. Do meaningful work

We all come into this world with a strong purpose and we should not settle until we find it. Most of us work for money and for achieving fame. It is certainly important to earn a significant amount of money to live a goof lifestyle but what about doing this that you love?

Meaningful work doesn’t always refer to doing volunteer or social work. If you enjoy that, do that. Don’t let the stereotypes and other people’s expectations stop you from doing what you love. If you want to travel the world, do that.

If you want to teach poor children, do that. Just do something that will give you inner peace and pure joy!

4. Love and build relationships

We all need loving and caring relationships around us to be able to live a happy life. Relationships are not easy, there will be ups and downs but as long as you decide to stick to each other’s sides in spite of any circumstances, that type of commitment in love matters the most.

Meet new people, make new friends, help others, put your heart and soul into making a relationship successful and give all your love. Relationships are the most beautiful part of living a happy life.

We all need someone who will love us unconditionally and stay with us though good and bad. If you have found that person, keep them. Make every day of their life special, treat time with care and show them that you love them. A loving relationship can make up for all those rainy days.

5. Meditate

candles and meditation

Research studies have proven that meditation is one of the most powerful mediums to live a better life. You cannot achieve happiness through meditation but it will help you to become more mindful, enjoy every moment and value everything that is there in your life, be it people, things or your work.

And being fully aware of your present, your beautiful relationships and your blessings is synonymous to happiness.

6. Make the best out of everything

We all have heard this famous quote ‘The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best out of everything’. The biggest obstacle in that lies between you and happiness is the common mistake of depending your happiness on to something.

I will be happy when I get that car, I will be happy when my spouse will give me a romantic surprise, I will be happy when I get in the top business school, I will be happy after a hearty meal of fish n chips and the list never ends.

These desires bring you joy and pleasure but they are far from giving your pure and complete happiness. So learn to be happy with what you have. Value what you have because there are people who don’t even have that much for their happiness.

Let’s learn to make the best out of everything that we have been blessed with in our lives.

7. Live in the present

Most of us have forgotten what the present feels like because we are either lost in our past or busy peeking in our future.

Let it go, your past cannot be changed so why waste time dwelling over it? And if you do nothing but think about your future, how will you build a happy one?

To build a better future; wouldn’t we need to focus on our present? Take lessons in the art of mindful living and practice until it happens effortlessly. Learn to make the best out of your present. All that matters is, now.

8. Hold no grudges

A heart that is full of hard feelings, past regrets, grudges, cold vibes and harsh thoughts about others will be too full and occupied to offer place for happiness. Clean it out, get rid of all those negative things stuffed inside you so that there will be much more space for the good things.

Holding grudges is a pure waste of time. Forgive people and forget about it. A beautiful quotes goes, ‘Forgive people as quick as you would expect god to forgive you for your mistakes.’ Let’s learn something from this and clear our hearts.

Smiling at someone who hurt you in the past will make them feel a little more shameful of their doings and gain you more respect in their heart.

This should be the number one habit of a happy person, never dwell on to the past and forgive before someone even beings to apologize!

9. Be kind and giving

Everything in this world is a cycle. Loving and giving Is a cycle too. When you give without expectations, you are bound to receive. So love without expectations and give without expectations.

We all have heard about the hype around those ‘random acts of kindness campaigns’ or the ‘free hugs’ campaign. A first look at it will raise a number of questions in your mind like, does that even mean anything or will I end up looking plan stupid.

Although the intention of these campaigns is to make people feel good, the one who actually initiates will go home with truly happy heart. Such kind acts give more satisfaction to the one who offers it than the ones who takes it.

Always remember, that the best things you can give to someone is your time and not your money.

10. Believe

woman in field of flowers

Believing is extremely powerful. It’s very simple, believe that you are happy and you will be happy for ever. Having faith is important because it becomes your biggest support system in difficult times.

People have different faiths, some have faith in god, some have faith in their ability and some have faith in their destiny. Whatever you have faith in; it has to be strong enough to be able to pull you out of those unpleasant circumstances.

Believe that you are happy and you shall be happy forever. This is the real happy state of mind, when we believe, we make our minds hold it true and then what unfolds in front of you will be truly magical!

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Ankita is a writer, counselor, therapist and an aspiring happiness coach. She hails from India, a country with a colorful culture and rich heritage. She is a travel enthusiast and loves to cook. Her motto is to help people and reach out to them through her writing.

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