10 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning 30

The “Big 3-0” can be intimidating. It signals a turning point in your life from youth to maturity. So, what should you make sure you experience? Read on to find out!
10 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning 30

The “Big 3-0” can be intimidating. It signals a turning point in your life from youth to maturity. So, what should you make sure you experience? Read on to find out! Here are 10 things every woman should do before turning 30.

The idea of turning 30 terrifies me, and I know I’m not alone.

I remember when, in my early 20s, 30 felt so far away. I believed that I had more than enough time to figure out my career, go back to school and accomplish all of my goals. Now, I sit on the cusp of this new decade, making up for lost time.

Before turning 30 be aware…

A woman in her 30s can expect to experience many changes in her life. This is a decade that often brings significant personal and professional growth, as well as physical and emotional changes. Emotionally, this is a time when many women may experience a heightened sense of self-awareness and self-reflection.

You can expect to continue to grow and evolve in all areas of her life, and it’s important to embrace these changes and prioritize self-care and personal development.

There are so many things I have been fortunate enough to experience now that I wish I had done earlier. What are these things, and what do I think you should do to avoid being in the same position I am? Here are 10 ideas!

1. Travel alone

Travel alone

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a really far trip, but it is important to travel at least once on your own. When you are on your own, you find out very quickly if you enjoy your own company or not.

If not, you need to figure out why. It could be that you really do not know yourself well. Or, you may be really needy and dependent, and thus have not got to know yourself.

If so, you need to address this. Part of being in a healthy romantic relationship is being comfortable being on your own, so, if this is something you strive for, you will need to make some changes.

I travel a lot for my work. At first, I hated it. Then, when I became more comfortable with myself, I discovered that I really enjoy having the opportunity to take myself out on dates or go to a spa, whatever it might be, away from home. It really is freeing.

Read on to find out why we should all experience a solo trip at least once in our lives.

2. Complete some sort of educational program

I’m sure that some of you reading this are thinking, “I can’t afford to go back to school!” or, “I don’t like academics”. I’m not necessarily suggesting you need to complete a degreed program.

Even just taking a weekend workshop in a field you are interested in would be great.

With that being said, if you dream of being a lawyer or counselor, figure out what you need to do in order to make that dream happen and go after it.

It is much easier to maintain good study habits and retain information when you’re closer to secondary school age.

Also, if you are planning to start a new vocational path upon completion of your program, you will have much more time to build a successful career.

3. Take up a new hobby

Take up a new hobby

As you get older, it becomes more and more important to have hobbies and things you enjoy doing. It is a great way to meet new people, stay active and have new experiences regardless of how old you are.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint? Take a class! Do you want to learn to tango? Find out where you can do so in your area!

4. Figure out your life plan

Before turning 30 it is also important to figure out the path you want your life to take. Obviously, there are some things entirely out of your control, but if you get a general sense of where you want to be within the next 5-10 years and what you want or don’t want, you will be more focused and less willing to settle.

This applies to all areas of your life, including your career, financial and relationship goals. How much do you need to retire? Where do you see yourself job-wise?

Do you want to be married? Do you want to have children? These are all vital things to consider.

5. Get healthy

Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning 30

As you get older, it becomes much harder to lose weight and to get into the routine of exercising regularly and eating properly. Focus on getting healthy now, before turning 30 and you will see long-term positive gain.

6. Get comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone

It has been said the best work is done outside of our comfort zones. This is very true. Life does, and will continue to, throw curve balls at you. You need to be confident and comfortable enough to step into the unknown and deal with it.

Alternatively, you will come across situations throughout life, whether in work or relationships, where you may have to make concessions and do things you are not entirely sure about. Embrace these things and know you will become a more well-rounded person because of them!

7. Give back to a cause you believe in

I am a firm believer in “what goes around, comes around”. Give back to others by volunteering for a cause you believe in. Whether for altruistic motives or not, you will feel better, and those you are assisting will be grateful for your help.

8. Fall in love

Things Every Woman Should Do

There is no better feeling in this world than love. If you are in a relationship and holding back because of past baggage, let it go. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and fall deeply in love with someone. If you get hurt, know that there is some lesson to be had in it, and move on. Repeat.

9. Be comfortable in your identity and own it

Being comfortable in your identity allows you to have confidence in yourself. If you have confidence, you will be much more successful in every area of your life and, therefore, much happier.

Know what you like and don’t like, and what you are and aren’t okay with. Your confidence and positive self-esteem will come across to others, and they will love being around you!

10. Learn to love yourself

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point, but learn to love yourself. You are an amazing and wonderful woman—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you are wondering why you are having trouble finding a mate, or struggling to make friends, it could be something within yourself. If you love yourself, you are less likely to come across as self-conscious and are less likely to have troubles in these areas.

These are only suggestions, and if you are past the age of 30 but still have things you want to do, then do them! Seize the day. Life is too short to have regrets.

Do you have any other ideas of things people should experience before turning 30? Reflecting back, what was important for your entrance into your 30s?

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