5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Travelling Alone

Have you ever considered travelling alone but you’re scared of taking that leap? Read on to find out why we should all experience a solo trip at least once in our lives.

Even the thought of travelling alone can seem extremely daunting. There’s no one to hold your hand or the ease the pressure when things get stressful. And depending on the type of person you are, it can get very lonely at times.

Although travelling with friends or family is a blast and you’re sure to have a great time, it can sometimes feel a bit predictable, and often means that you have no control in what you really want to do.

If you’re travelling with a group this can cause conflict and unwanted drama for the simple reason that every one of you wants to go out and do your own thing.

Yet that’s not really possible on a group trip. That’s why there are so many benefits to travelling on your own; the total control and freedom means that you won’t ever feel like you’re missing out. You have the final word every time. So yes, it can seem scary and even nauseating, but it’s definitely worth it.

1. It’s more convenient

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Travelling alone is so much more convenient than travelling in a group. Firstly, you all have to compromise on a time, place and the duration of the trip. Inevitably there will be arguments as everyone has their own preference.

It means someone will definitely be unhappy about the decision but will go along with it anyway. And there’s nothing worse than when you know your friend isn’t completely enjoying the trip.

There will always be challenges and unnecessary problems when making group plans. If you find yourself with no one available to go on a trip, it means that it’s time for you to go solo.

2. You’re in control

Isn’t it amazing to do whatever you want whenever you want without having to compromise? And if there’s something you don’t want to do, then obviously you can pass on that without offending anyone.

It’s ideal if you have a bucket list that only you are dying to delve into. Everyone likes different things, so just because your friends wouldn’t be interested, it doesn’t mean that it should hold you back. This is the trip where all your dreams and goals can be accomplished without anyone or anything getting in the way.

3. You have ‘me’ time

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The main reason for a trip is to just get away from the stresses of life and completely relax for a week or longer. Work, friends, relationships – it can all become very hectic.

It’s OK to want some time to yourself. The ones who care about you the most will understand your need for freedom and will definitely still be there when you get back.

A solo trip will give you the peace and quiet you have been craving while allowing you some time to think about your own problems. Sometimes that’s what we need from time to time. Just like a yoga session, it will help clear your mind and put your thoughts into perspective.

4. Meet new people

When you’re travelling in a group or even with one other person, you become less approachable because others can see that already have company. But if you’re alone and in an unfamiliar place, it’s more likely that people will talk to you. The thought of travelling to a different Country and having to ask for directions is terrifying for most of us.

We’re used to being in our own comfort zone and when we have to step out of it and do something like this, it can seem overwhelming. The thing to remember is that you’re not the only one travelling alone, there will be tons of other people in the same boat.

If you remember that, you’ll feel less afraid. Strangers will likely talk to you when you stop for a coffee or when you’re waiting for a train – each of them with their own story to tell. You’ll definitely meet some interesting people and may even make a new friend.

5. You’ll learn about yourself

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If you ever feel like you’re slowly losing yourself, a solo trip is the best way to find yourself again. You’ll discover the reason behind the trip, whether it may be to find your independence or to have some alone time.

You will realize that you are good company and you enjoy spending time with your own thoughts. It’s refreshing not having to make conversation or join in discussions, and simply just sit on a tranquil beach and appreciate the sounds, smells and the view in front of you without any interruptions.

Sometimes we forget that these are the things that make a trip so worthwhile. Originally, you might have planned the trip to clear your head, but along the way you will discover more than you bargained for. All in all, if travelling alone terrifies you, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It just gives you more reason to get over that fear and enjoy what will no doubt be the most invigorating, rewarding and unforgettable vacation you could ever imagine!

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