30 Fun Things To Do When You Start Feeling Too Old

If your most recent birthday has made you feel like you’re just too old, you need to try some of these cool and fun things that’ll make you feel younger instantly!

Most of us have had this feeling before. We do something that we used to be able to do with ease, but suddenly it’s just not that easy anymore. Has anyone else tried to go out for a night drinking with the girls and discovered that you cannot bounce back in the morning like you used to?

That’s the feeling I’m talking about when I say that you might be feeling like you’re getting too old. With each passing birthday, we face the issue of getting another year older. Even though age is just a number and doesn’t have any relevance to who we are as a person, that increasing number can scare us.

Getting older is just a part of life. Another year goes by and so your age goes up one, but if you really want to put that number aside and feel young again, these are activities that you may want to dive head first into. They’ll bring you back to the good old days and help you feel young again.

1. Have a slumber party!


Bring out the footie pajamas and loud music, and have a fun time with your closest girlfriends.

2. Binge on all your old favorite snacks

Nothing can take you back to the good old days like snacking on some favorite childhood treats.

3. Stay in your pajamas all day!

Remember when you were little and just stayed in pajamas all day on Saturdays? Bring that back for a day.

4. Build a blanket fort and watch movies

Nothing screams “Young!” like building a blanket fort in your living room.

5. Make pigtail braids in your hair


This won’t just make you feel like a little girl again, but it’ll make you look younger, too.

6. Go to your parents’ house and have your mom make your favorite meal

Food brings back memories so strongly. Have your mom make your favorite meal that she used to make when you were a kid.

7. Watch an animated movie from your childhood

The Land Before Time movies always make me feel little again. Pop your old favorite in, and go back to your childhood for a couple hours.

8. Color or doodle in a notebook

Do this during a time when you’re supposed to be busy. You’ll be back in elementary school in no time.

9. Bake cookies


And make them from scratch! Being older means you have less time for fun things like this.

10. Tie-dye some shirts

The last time I actually tie-dyed something was when I was 10-years-old. How about you?

11. Go to the zoo

And go with some friends. Usually, the zoo is filled with little kids, and you’ll feel just like one of them.

12. Have some friends over, and play some old board games

Monopoly can bring out the immature kid in just about everyone!

13. Get a helium balloon, inhale the air inside and talk in a squeaky voice

Not only will you sound like a child, but you’ll giggle uncontrollably like one.

14. Dance around the house in your underwear to music that’s way too loud

Responsibilities? Pshh…you’re way too young for those—or so this will make you feel like.

15. Sing into a hairbrush with the music blasting

Return to your teenage years by singing off pitch into your hairbrush for the whole world to hear.

16. Make a crafty scrapbook


Get out your old pictures, scissors, glue and crafty paper, and be creative. You’ll be surprised how young you feel when you’re finished.

17. Make a snowman in the yard

Snow creatures aren’t just for the young. Get out there and make a snowman that blows all the neighborhood kids’ snowmen away.

18. Go rollerblading

Just make sure to wear a helmet, kneepads and elbow pads. You might feel young again, but that coordination may have deteriorated with each passing birthday.

19. Have a picnic

And preferably pack juice boxes and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches—all of the foods you ate as a kid.

20. Go to a carnival, and get the biggest cotton candy they have

Not much can make you feel younger than popping some pink cotton candy in your mouth and feeling it dissolve!

21. Have a snowball fight with your siblings/friends

Make sure to build a shelter to halt their attacks! This will take you right back to when you were 10-years-old and you did the same thing.

22. Go to the park, and go on the swings


If you can, have a jumping competition with your friends. See who can get the highest and jump the farthest.

23. Jump on a trampoline

Trampolines always take me back to my childhood because they’re just that much fun.

24. Go on a bike ride

Not only does being active make you feel younger and more energized, but going on a long bike ride is exhilarating.

25. Go to the waterpark, and actually go down the slides

I know you usually sit out by the wave pool and read a book. Go down some slides instead, and you’ll feel younger instantly.

26. Take your friends out bowling

Cut loose and have a great time with a sport you probably played more as a kid than you do now. Don’t forget to put the bumpers up to ensure you feel just like a kid!

27. Buy a slip ‘n slide and have some fun


Slip ‘n slides were some of the most fun as a kid. Buy one, invite the friends out and laugh more than you have in a long time.

28. Play a prank on someone

Pranks are immature and childish. Therefore, they are perfect for this specific purpose.

29. Build a sandcastle

Head to the beach, but instead of soaking up the sun and reading a book, bring supplies to build the best sandcastle that beach has ever seen.

30. Go out to eat with your friends, and make the waiter believe you’re from a different country

Put on fake accents and everything. This allows you to play pretend even as an adult, and it’ll make you feel much younger.

Getting older isn’t a bad thing. Sure, you have more responsibilities and a bit less free time than before, but with these 30 fun things to do, you’ll never feel ‘too old.’

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