4 Negative Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other

Girl on girl hate. Something that is not talked about enough yet is so prominent. Well, I am about to speak up and talk about how to prevent it or lessen it.

Females are known for being catty. To be honest, I witnessed some of the most appalling things girls committed towards each other, and I am sure you’ve witnessed them too.

Some of these types of behavior you possibly caught within yourself, or within other women.  Here is how to be aware of your negative behavior and how to stop girl hate when you see first signs of it.

1. Verbally attacking one another


Why do women feel the need to call other female vicious names just because they don’t like her? Not saying that every female does this, but a lot of them do. All the time I see the situations where if a girl doesn’t like another girl, she immediately calls her either “ugly”, “fat”, or a “sl*t”.

This just blows my mind, in the worst way possible. For one, the girl that is being called those names is none of those things. Two, why do you feel the need to even say that? It just makes you look like an immature, bitter person.

If you find yourself doing this, first of all, shame on you. But second, you can change this. If you hear someone else doing this, catch them in the act. Remind them, or yourself, that even if you don’t like someone, it is absolutely not okay to say hateful things to them like that.

It will never be justified, and it will always make you look ugly. Not on the outside, but where it counts. Remember, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

2. Speaking behind each others backs


Of course, every single human is guilty of doing this at least once in our lives. The extent, though, to which I caught some girls doing this is truly disgusting, especially when they talk about people they call their friends.

Whenever I hear a group of females just talking about someone else badly behind their back, I think, “Why do you care so much, don’t you have anything better to worry about?”

It’s not your business to discuss what someone else does, or, attack them and call them names.

The worst is when I hear people, that are supposedly “friends”, ripping each other apart behind each other’s backs. How can you be friends with someone that you constantly talk badly about?

That is not friendship at all. If you do this, you need to either resolve the issue with your friend, or end the friendship, because it is a very unhealthy habit to get into.

Females need to mind their own business more, and learn when to not say anything.

3. Compete with one another

women talking to friends

Women are always pinning themselves against each other. Sometimes we do this without even realizing. If we see a girl in public, we automatically compare ourselves to her.

But after doing it subconsciously, that is where it should end.

You are never in a competition with someone else. You are in your own lane, they are in theirs. You can’t compare apples versus oranges. Instead of being catty and competitive, women need to help each other out and uplift each other.

I feel as though women just leave each other in the dust instead of giving a helping hand to each other. If you find yourself pinning yourself against another female, first think of something nice about yourself.

Then think of something kind about her. Realize, you are two different people and you both have different things to offer. It is always better if you pin your strengths together.

4. Give each other dirty looks


Is it just me, or have you noticed as well that women tend to give each other dirty looks, or the “side eye”, especially in public? It is honestly rare when I see two women smiling at each other in public.

Take the other day when I was at Starbucks. I was standing in line, and a girl was sitting at the table across. She just stared at me, with a glare in her eyes. In my head I was like, “Would it seriously kill you to maybe smile?”

Women do that a lot. They judge each other, and it shows in their eyes. Women should really smile at each other more. If you catch someone giving you a vicious look, smile at them. It will catch them off guard.

Don’t give a judging look back. If you lay eyes on another female, smile first. Chances are, she will smile back. It will immediately end that barrier of possible judging or unfriendliness. Doesn’t it also just make your day if someone else smiles at you for no reason? Be that person.

In conclusion, women need to be kinder to each other. Uplift each other, don’t put each other down. We will all be a lot more peaceful and happier. Do you have any other suggestions to end girl on girl hate? Comment below!

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Lindsay is a nursing student (aka a walking zombie from no sleep) that has always had a knack for writing, and she also loves high fashion and beauty. She also has a big passion for cooking and loves coming up with a bunch of healthy recipes to share.

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