7 Tips on How to Handle Difficult People

Difficult people are all around us. They are found in the work place, in the department stores, on vacation, in your building and almost everywhere. Let’s see what you can do about them without getting affected by their negative energy.

There are many types of difficult people; some of them are just pure haters who hate everyone and anyone they bump into. There are also those who seem to have problems with you only, and they are hard to ignore, but in the same time harder to solve because no one else seems to notice them that much.

Here are some tips that can help you when dealing with those kind of people:

1. Keep Your Nerves

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I know that keeping your nerves in those situations is the last thing on your mind, but you need to keep calm in order to solve those issues.

2. Count to 10

Sometimes, people just fidget stupid things not intending to go on your nerves, but you should just simply count to ten. Then you should see if they still make you go bananas.

3. See How Others Around You React on That Person You Find Difficult

Sometimes, it’s just you who find that someone especially irritating. If that is the case, check out tip number four.

4. Ignore

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Yes, you heard me well. If someone appears to be freaking only you out, sometimes it’s better to just keep it for yourself, or others might think you’re a weirdo. But, let’s say that person is utterly unbearable and you cannot take it anymore. Well, you are than ready for tip number five.

5. Calmly Tell That Person How You Feel

Hmm…you must be wondering: What’s that going to change? Surprisingly enough, it can change everything. Sometimes people don’t even realize how irritating they may appear until you tell them. I had the case of a colleague who always used to chew her gum so loudly that she was freaking me out thus preventing me from doing my own work. One day, I just stood up and faced her calmly without any screaming. I just told her that her loud chewing made me upset and she said she felt really bad because of that. Ever since, she stopped chewing gum at work. But, now you might be asking yourself what if you face the person politely and she doesn’t want to change a thing. Hmm…well than you should definitely report her/him to your boss, which is our tip number six.

6. Report Person to a Boss/Supervisor

Reporting person to a boss/supervisor can sometimes really make a difference. If someone is acting extremely impolite and you both have some supervising figure, sometimes than can really help. It’s like high school – sometimes you just have to report a bully to the teacher. Bully will then be expelled and you might finally be free during your lunch break.

7. Yoga and Meditation

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Last, but not the least, if you practice yoga and meditation often, you will be trained, after some time, to ignore almost anything. So my advice to you is to focus on this rule more than any other because difficult people are all around us and if you can’t beat them, don’t join them, but ignore them.

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