Female Power: How To Be A Girl Boss

It’s not personal, it’s business. Actually it’s both! Although the steps take some effort, there are a few ways to learn how to be a girl boss. Here's how!

The class is in session, and instead of sharing fashion tips today, we’re sharing some lifestyle tips. If you’re in your 20s and planning the next steps for your life, you can sometimes get jaded and stuck, especially when you’re caught comparing yourself to others.

Success is relative and what might count as a success for you could be completely different for someone else. On your way to becoming a girl boss, it’s important that you follow a few concrete and a few general ideas to lead you in the right direction.

Here’s YouQueen’s guide for how to be a girl boss.

How to be a Girl Boss… Love Yourself As Much as Kanye loves Kanye!


Although this list is in no particular order, this might be the most important step for how to be a girl boss. How can you expect to get anything done and be a girl boss if you don’t love yourself?

When everyone tells you that confidence is key, they’re not saying it just to hear themselves speak. Everyone makes the joke that there’s no one Kanye West loves more than Kanye West, and you should strive for that!

The path to success or even being a girl boss isn’t a straight and narrow road. There will be bumps along the way, and although it’s natural that at some point you’ll feel down about yourself, remember to always pinpoint and acknowledge the parts of yourself that allow you to get things done!

How to be a Girl Boss… Invest in a Power Suit

A major part of being a girl boss is working. If you’re expecting to do an amazing job, why not look amazing while you’re at it? In an area of full disclosure, business clothes are expensive, but they’re worth it. Not only does the quality allow for them to last long, but quality is exactly the aura you want to give off. Investing in a power suit is a must.


Whether you’re already in your field or interviewing for a position, a power suit is going to have you looking good and this will transform into your confidence and performance. For your power suit, go with neutral colors and you can always spice it up with a colorful blouse underneath.

How to be a Girl Boss… Hit the Gym!

woman with smartphone or player and earphones exercising on treadmill in gym

One important rule of being a girl boss is staying healthy! Depending on your job and your hours, you might find that you’re too tired to head to the gym, but this is something you shouldn’t compromise! Even with a healthy diet, exercise is something that is essential to your health and you should get in as much as you can a week!

No one is expecting you to head to the gym daily, but you should strive to go at least 3-4 times a week. Not only will hitting the gym give you more energy and stamina, but it will help increase your confidence as well!

How to be a Girl Boss… Read


Educate yourself! If you’ve finished your time in structured learning like higher education, that doesn’t mean that you should stop educating yourself! You might be glad that you’re no longer dishing thousands of dollars classes, but you can still keep your mind sharp with reading! It’s always beneficial to read books in your field, but you can enjoy novels of other genres as well.

Reading will allow you to stimulate your mind and keep it young even when you’re a ‘grandma’ boss!

How to be a Girl Boss… Walk Around with Business Cards


One thing to remember about being a girl boss is that you have to stay professional when necessary and one way to do this is with a business card! Whenever you step outside of your house that is an opportunity for you to network!

If you suddenly find yourself bonding with a stranger in line at a grocery store, you might find that they’re struggling to do their taxes and that you’re an accountant!

Having your business card handy will be a quick way to make that connection! Instead of searching for a piece of paper, you’ve already got all your necessary information on your card and a potential client in the bag.

How to be a Girl Boss… Get Your Beauty Sleep!


One trend you’ll see in the tips of how to be a girl boss is staying healthy, and another way to do this is by getting enough sleep! We’ve all had those days where we didn’t get to bed until 3AM but we have someplace to be by 8AM. On those days, you were definitely exhausted and probably irritable. Under those kinds of conditions, you most likely weren’t able to work to your fullest potential.

Getting your beauty rest is extremely important to being a girl boss. Not only are our bodies and our minds fully rested, but we are then working under the best conditions! Aim to get 8 hours of sleep every night!

I know it’s not always possible, but try to keep that as a goal. Don’t think you can lose 4 hours of sleep tonight and make up for it on the weekends. Sleep doesn’t work that way!

How to be a Girl Boss… Be Assertive!

Somewhere hanging in the balance of being submissive and aggressive is being assertive. As far as women have come in the workplace, we’re sometimes still faced with stereotypes, and let’s not even get started on the wage gap!

One thing to remember is to be assertive. Being submissive might lead to you being manipulated and walked on while being aggressive might lead to harsh and hostile work conditions. Being assertive is knowing when to take “no” for an answer and knowing when to push a little bit harder.

Don’t let this rule only apply to your work life, but let it apply to every day!

How to be a Girl Boss… Follow a Healthy Diet!


Didn’t I tell you that one of the biggest trends in being a girl boss was about being healthy? The best way to staying healthy is with your diet. In our busy lives, it’s easy to roll through a McDonald’s drive-thru for some fries and nuggets but think about all the unhealthy calories you’re about to consume. Although our lives as girl bosses can be hectic, the best way to live it is with foods that are healthy and will keep you going.

Never skip breakfast! This is what will keep your energized in the morning and don’t be afraid to snack during the day! A small snack of almonds or even a serving a fruit will help give you the energy to keep going until it’s time to clock out!

Another great way to stick to your diet is with meal prep! When we’re tired and coming home around 7, cooking dinner might be the last thing on your mind! Dedicate one day to fixing your meals for the week. You don’t have to make them completely, but enough where deciding to fix your plate after a hard day won’t seem like the end of the world!

How to be a Girl Boss… Save Money!

Save, save, save! If you want to be a girl boss, you’re going to need to save your money! Sometimes it’s hard when we see all the beautiful clothes, shoes, and handbags, but saving is essential!

It is common to follow the 50-30-20 rule. In this rule, it says that you shouldn’t spend more than 50% of your paycheck on essentials, so this will be to cover food, transportation, housing, etc. 30% of your paycheck would fall into the “personal” category where you would cover dinner nights, movies, or a gym membership. 20% of your paycheck should go directly into the bank!

Depending on how and where you live, these percentages can be different! You might not need 50% of your paycheck to cover your essentials, and if you’re a homebody, you might find yourself spending less in the “personal” category.

Regardless of these, make sure you’re saving something, but 20% is a good target number. Just imagine! If you’re making $2500 bi-weekly, saving at least 20% of your paycheck will give you at least $6000 in your savings at the end of the year!

How to be a Girl Boss… Ditch the Hangovers!


You might be in your 20s, but you really shouldn’t drink like you are! We’ve all been through the phase of throwing back shots with our friends and dealing with the hangovers in the morning.

Ditch those! Like I’ve said repeatedly, a major part of being a girl boss is being healthy, and excessive drinking is NOT healthy. I’m definitely not telling you not to drink and enjoy yourself, but hangovers are not on the list of being a girl boss! After some time, everyone knows their limit, but just make sure you never get past it!

How to be a Girl Boss… Set Your Goals


It’s hard to plan a trip when you don’t have a destination in mind. The same thing applies for girl bosses! If your goal is to be a girl boss, then these tips are part of the step to getting there! With anything in your life, set goals for yourself and you’ll find that with the proper steps and preparation, you’ll soon get there!

How to be a Girl Boss… Start Small

Some characteristics of being a girl boss are being creative, innovative, and savvy! One common thought when it comes to business is to go big or go home, but over here at YouQueen, we’re anything but common.

Instead of “going big,” you might find it more efficient to start small! If you have a business venture or idea, start with a smaller audience. Avenues like Etsy have given businesswomen the chance to learn their audience and what kind of items has a bigger demand. Don’t forget that Facebook started as a site for college students and has now become an international business!

Being a girl boss isn’t easy, but nothing worth doing or being ever is! Like anything else, it requires dedication, perseverance, and preparation and this list is already helping you become more prepared! Pretty soon, you’ll be another example of why girls run the world.

In the comments below, let us know what you do to be a girl boss! Also, let us know what other lifestyle tips you’re interested in learning about!

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