How To Completely Reinvent Your Life And Yourself

I’m sure you’ve had the urge to reinvent yourself completely at least once. Here are five ways you can do just that.

Change does not always have to be a bad thing. As human beings, it is natural for us to want to reinvent ourselves and change as time goes on.

Sometimes, you just feel stuck with yourself—I get that. Here are five ways to get out of that rut, and reinvent yourself for the better.

1. Change up your appearance

woman at hairdresser

I feel that this one is rather obvious, but changing up your appearance is something that can start a reinvention on the outside as well as the inside.

The number one thing, I would say, is to be fearless when changing up your look—don’t concern yourself with the opinions of others or how they will feel about it.

You can reinvent your appearance by dyeing your hair a color you have always wanted to, adding a few new items into your wardrobe to give it an upgrade or changing how you apply your makeup.

Even changing your look for a special event can make a difference and feel like you’ve reinvented yourself if only for a night.

Changing up your look can truly spark a change within yourself. I changed up my look after high school by dyeing my hair, and it honestly did make me feel like a different person.

I didn’t pay attention to the opinion of others and neither should you—change your look to whatever makes you feel happiest and most confident.

2. Take up a new hobby

Reinventing yourself can also mean doing things with your time that you would not usually try. If you have always been interested in something, why not try it whether it be some kind of art, singing, writing, cooking or baking. Do whatever you can think of that sparks your interest.

Do you love makeup? Create a YouTube channel or Instagram, and show off your skills. Something that I became very interested in was vegan cooking/baking.

It has honestly taken over my life in a positive way, and I feel as though it has given me opportunity to reinvent myself.

Finding something that you are passionate about can truly make you feel a change for the better within yourself. If you feel a desire in your life to do something that will start a change within you, you won’t even realize how much you reinvent yourself.

3. Start a lifestyle change

fit woman drinking green juice

As long as it does not harm you, making lifestyle changes will never impact you negatively. I feel as though many people fear a lifestyle change because they think it could negatively impact them.

Easier said than done, but try to get that stigma out of your head. Changing up your lifestyle will not harm you; in fact it will help you.

Start small. You don’t have to become a gym rat or eat the cleanest diet ever overnight. Just start to incorporate small things into your life, like going to the gym maybe three times a week, or making it a habit to eat a healthy breakfast every morning or cooking yourself a delicious and nutritious dinner at night.

These habits will increase. You will feel better with yourself and you will see your health improve, which, in turn, will let you reinvent yourself into the healthiest you possible.

4. Change your mindset

happy woman

As someone who experiences anxiety daily and bouts of depression, I understand one hundred and ten percent that this can be extremely hard and a very daunting task.

One of the worst things you can tell someone who is going through depression or hard times is to “stop being sad”.

Take it day-by-day and even minute-by-minute. Try your very best to wake up in the morning with the outlook that you are going to take whatever the day throws at you as it comes.

Try your best to find the small things throughout the day that make you happy. I promise that there is at least one. If you feel yourself getting deeper and deeper into the suffering, try to talk someone or a professional. You need to want to get yourself the help to feel better.

Life is short: there is no point in wasting it by always being miserable and negative. Do not take your time for granted. Things that seem like a big deal usually turn out to be okay, and the worst never tends to happen.

5. Spend time with yourself

woman relaxing

You cannot reinvent yourself if you do not truly know yourself. Of course, a few of the suggestions that I made can help to ignite that reinvention.

I am someone who has no problem being by myself and doing things on my own; in fact, I prefer it. I understand, however, that a lot of people do not like being by themselves.

If you always have the influence of others around you, you will not be able to reinvent you for yourself. Part of it will always be for the people around you.

Take the time to step out of your comfort zone—that is where change starts. Spend time with yourself. In fact, try to learn to love yourself.

If you take the time to know yourself and figure out what you want and what you love and what truly makes your soul happy, you will reinvent yourself into someone you love—not just someone others love.

Do you have any tips or ways to reinvent yourself and your life? If so, share them below!

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Lindsay is a nursing student (aka a walking zombie from no sleep) that has always had a knack for writing, and she also loves high fashion and beauty. She also has a big passion for cooking and loves coming up with a bunch of healthy recipes to share.

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