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Quiz: What Kind of Person Am I and What’s My Role in Society?

what kind of person am i
Do you wonder what kind of person you are inside, and what your role in society is? Here’s a fun quiz that tells you what your inner personality is and why you’re important!

Knowing who we are isn’t easy, and many of us struggle with the question: What kind of person am I? More often, we wonder what we actually contribute to society.

Over the course of years our personalities change, and sometimes people go from one type of person to another. You could be a go getter in your older years, but have been a calm person who sat on the sidelines all throughout your young life. People change!

The most important thing, though, is to know that no matter who you are, you have a purpose in this world. There are so many different kinds of people because there are so many different needs for them. This quiz will give you three general personality types, and then tell you why we need you and what kind of difference you make in the world.


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