School Hacks: These Are The Best Writing Tools For Essays We Found

Writing is not a skill that comes naturally to most of us. Fortunately, we found the best writing tools for essays that will help you improve your writing.

What do you think of when you think of school? Backpacks? Books? Sleep deprivation? All are valid answers, but perhaps no answer is quite as accurate as “Essays”. How many essays will you have to write in your academic career? Probably hundreds.

Thankfully, there are some wonderful online tools and resources that can help you not only get through the writing process, but ultimately create well-written essays that your instructors love. Here are a few of the best writing tools for essays to help you get started.


The following websites offer helpful resources to help you write, research and organize like a pro.

1. Purdue Owl

Purdue Owl Tool

Purdue Owl is really a one-stop website for everything you could want to know about essay writing. There is a section for narrative, descriptive, expository and argumentative essays.

If you want some general writing information, you can also learn how to form an argument properly, the merits and drawbacks of passive and active voice and how to use the right language to write your essay.

2. Five Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph Essay walks students through the process of writing a five-paragraph essay. This is the most common essay form. If you learn how to write a five-paragraph essay, you can easily use the same method to write longer essays.

Each section will just be more developed than a typical five-paragraph essay. This website explains how to write a strong supporting paragraph, how to introduce your topic and how to wrap up your paper.

3. English Grammar and Essay Writing

This is an e-course you can take for $49. The course will teach you how to use persuasive writing to form an argument, choosing the appropriate tone and vocabulary and how to edit and revise your own writing, which is not always an easy task.

4. How to Write an Essay

How to Write an Essay breaks down the “Hamburger Technique” for writing an essay. An essay is sometimes thought of as being similar to a hamburger because the introduction tells you what you’re going to learn in the essay and the conclusion tells you what you learned.

In other words, they are very similar, like two halves of a bun. The “meat” of the essay is the argument and your examples. This website explains how to write a solid “hamburger” essay.

5. NinjaEssays


NinjaEssays is one of many academic essay writing services. All of the writers have advanced degrees and the service covers various topics. If you are pressed for time, you can hire the staff to write your essay.

You can be sure your high-quality paper will be delivered on time, every time. If you’d prefer the service to help with editing, formatting or proofreading, that is also an option. The website also has a great blog with fun infographics and writing tips.


These online tools will guide you through the process of writing your essay. They can be used for any grade level to design a well-organized and logically-structured essay.

1. Writing Essays

Writing Essays teaches students how to write an effective introduction, a solid body and a strong conclusion. It breaks down the essay writing process into manageable pieces and makes sure that students are comfortable writing strong sentences before they move onto paragraphs.

2. Essay Lab

Essay Lab takes a methodical approach to writing. Beginning with the often messy research process and culminating with the final revision, the site guides you through each step. Students can choose the specific essay type they want to write.

Options include argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays, college application essays, literature reviews, cover letters and more.

3. Essay Punch

Essay Punch

Essay Punch is a website that provides interactive tutorials to teach students how to get through the essay writing process. Through the use of writing prompts and guided exercises, students learn how to come up with their own process.

The site also features tips for each prompt to guide the scope of the writing.

4. The Easy Essay

The Easy Essay offers students the one-size-fits-all approach to writing the perfect essay. Whether you are using it to write a dissertation for your Masters or to structure the chapters in a textbook, you can apply the method to anything you write.

Be careful: The website warns that, as a side effect, users might start to communicate more logically on a daily basis in all their interactions.

5. Thesis Generator

If you are writing a formal essay for high school or college, you will need to come up with a thesis. This can be tricky because you need it to be specific enough to make a solid point, but broad enough to give you enough material to span 8-20 pages (or however long the paper needs to be).

Thesis Generator can help you craft a thesis statement by asking a series of questions about your topic and narrowing down the material to one or two sentences.

6. Essay Map

Essay Map helps teaches users how to write an outline. An outline is an essential component to a well-organized and structured essay. Essay Map accomplishes this by providing a diagram in which you fill out the details of your argument.

You write in your three main points, all the supporting details and ideas for an introduction and conclusion.

7. Word Web

Word Web

Word Web is a combined dictionary and thesaurus. You can easily look up any word while you’re writing to find synonyms, antonyms and context. Instead of going back and forth between websites, find all of the words you need in one place.

Let these resources and tools guide you through the process of writing your next academic essay. Maybe you’ll only use one or two of them, and maybe you’ll get so familiar with them that you’ll use all of them for everything you write.

In any case, know that you have some help when you write you next paper. Maybe you’ll be a little less sleep-deprived this semester. Let us know which ones you find most useful and what your go-to sites are for writing help.


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