What It’s Really Like Being An Old Soul In 2016

There’s no denying that we are a generation where the people who aren’t focused on sex or social media may seem odd. Here’s what it’s really like to be an old soul in 2016.

The generation we live in today puts such importance on having the latest technology, the best social media account and as much casual sex as possible. Even to old souls, they do have an influence on our lives, but the degree of influence is much lower than for the average person.

There are very few people in our generation who can truly say that none of these things matter to them. Here is what it’s really like to be an old soul in 2016.

1. We hate trying to talk to people who won’t get off their phones

Young women using phone drinking coffee in outdoor cafe

When I’m trying to have a conversation with someone, the one thing that will really get to me is having them focused on their phone the entire time. There is nothing on social media at that moment that could be better than being in the moment with a friend.

If we’re out to dinner with someone and they’re constantly on their phone, it makes us feel like our presence isn’t important. It’s a bad feeling because we love going out with people and having great conversations.

If we wanted to be on our phones the entire night, we would stay home. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t just as involved with our phones as other people are. It means that we know the time and place that it is okay to be on our phones. That time is not when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone.

2. We hate when people can’t be in the moment

This is fairly similar to the previous point because we have such issues with how often people are on their phones. Oftentimes, people forget that there are beautiful things surrounding them. You can miss a lot when you’re constantly staring at a screen.

It’s easy to miss out on life when you’re so focused on someone else’s. There are so many people I know who know everything there is to know about what’s going on in celebrities’ lives, but nothing about the lives of the people they’re around every day.

Even when some people are aware that they are surrounded by beauty, they try too hard to ‘capture’ the moment instead of actually living in it. I’m a photographer.

I know why people want to capture the moment, but to be able to capture the moment, you need to be able to live in the moment. You need to appreciate the things that are around you. Not just the pretty picture on your phone—or the selfie.

3. We don’t like the emphasis on casual sex

Young couple relaxing on tropical vacation

I want to get this right because I am in no way saying that old souls don’t like to have casual sex or have fun. Not every old soul is completely turned off by the idea. Sure, some people are, and that’s okay, but not everyone is.

Sometimes, a casual hookup or sex can be fun and exciting—something that we do enjoy doing. Although we like it, we would rather have relationships.

The whole ‘in-between’ stage where you’re more than friends, but not together so you can’t get mad if the other person hooks up with someone else is not something that we enjoy. It takes something that seems fun and easy and turns it into something more complicated than it ever had to be.

We aren’t going to judge anyone for deciding what to do with their bodies. We don’t have the right to say what the right and wrong thing to do is. Everyone is entitled to do what they want with their bodies. We know that we are going to do what we want with our bodies as well, so we can’t say anything.

Just because we would rather have a relationship doesn’t mean that we will never have anything casual. We see the appeal of it. It is fun, and it can be exciting. We just don’t like how it’s more common for people to want sex without any ties or feelings than it is for people just to be together.

4. We don’t like what the media tells us

Shocked woman using her laptop at home on sofa

The media constantly shows people what they should look like to be considered beautiful. We hate how there is a very narrow view on what is considered beautiful to some people. We like to celebrate every kind of beauty that there is instead of shaming people for not being what others think they should be doing.

We know that you don’t have to be skin and bones to be beautiful, but it can be hard for us to look at ourselves and really see beauty when we are constantly told that we are not what’s considered beautiful.

This isn’t always true because some people who are old souls do look like the stereotypically beautiful person. In general, most people do not live up to the expectations laid out by the media. We don’t want to put our beauty in the hands of people’s ‘likes’.

It can sometimes be difficult for people who consider themselves old souls to live in a time where their views are not the popular opinion.

It can be hard for us to tell people things we don’t like because we know many people see nothing wrong with the things that we find rude or wrong. We understand that it is their opinion, and it’s okay for them not to look at life the same way that we do.

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