Where to Make the Hole: Top Piercing Ideas

If you love body art, but can't make up your mind about where to put the next stud, here are a few good piercing ideas along with what to expect.

Whether you are making your first acquaintance with the needle, or already have a couple of piercings, here are some trendy, cool piercing ideas to try.


If you’re not into getting your nose or eyebrow done, how about a cute lip piercing? Here are a few that you can try out. They heal really quickly, in four to twelve weeks, and during that period you should rinse them with saline solution, use mouthwash and avoid drinking and smoking.

Since the inner part of the jewellery goes inside your mouth, there is a risk of gum and tooth damage, so make sure that part is made of a soft material and not metal. BioPlast or silicone should do the trick.

The labret is the most common one, the stud goes in the hollow under your lower lip. It can be placed higher or lower, although the lower one is usually for guys, so the stud shows through their beard.

The Monroe/Madonna


Named after the famous moles on the blonde bombshells’ faces, this one goes on the side of your upper lip. It will look awesome with a bold-colored lipstick or gloss, for a trendy pin-up look of the Fifties and Sixties.

The Side Lip

This one also goes to the side, but on your bottom lip. Looks supercute with a stud, and if you’re into a more extreme look, a closure ring will also work.

The Medusa

The stud goes above your upper lip, right in the middle of the groove from your nose to your lips. Make sure your piercing artist pays attention to the symmetry, you don’t want a lopsided look!



The standard bananabell that goes through the upper part of your navel is not the only way to pierce the bellybutton! It takes a while longer to heal, about 12-18 weeks, with standard aftercare – cleaning at least twice a day with saline solution. Avoid high waisted bottoms so they don’t yank on the ring!

The Reverse

The jewellery is placed through the lower side of your navel. The smaller ring is pointing downwards, while the upper is inside your navel. A quirky, cute version of the standard piercing.

The Horizontal

The jewellery goes horizontally, through the skin either above or under your navel. Choose a bananabell that has same-sized balls for perfect symmetry.

Surface Piercing


These can be done in many different places in your body, since all they require is a flat piece of skin. The barbell goes under, parallel to the skin, and both the entrance and exit holes are through the same part of the skin.

Make sure you choose a location that you can protect well at all times from getting tangled in clothing or getting rubbed often against a hard surface, not to mention getting hit! If done well, they will look cool and heal well, but if they get injured, your body may start to reject the piercing by literally forcing it out of your body via the shortest route – pushing it out to the surface of the skin.

This can hurt and leave a scar, so be extra careful! Surface piercings generally heal in about six to sixteen weeks, depending on the location.

People get them done on their neck (vampire piercing), sternum, back of the neck, and even wrists or the webbing between their thumbs and forefingers. Another popular place is the hip, but how do you get your clothes on and off? Ouch!

The Implant

The stud is visible on the surface of the skin, connected by a barbell to a “stopper” that is placed under your skin. Requires extra care during healing so that it doesn’t fall out. Removing these is tricky, make sure you really want one before you go to the salon! I’ve seen some girls with diamond implants on their ring fingers, sort of like an engagement piercing. Looks adorable, but maybe it’s a bit too much? Behind the ear looks awesome, though.

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  • I would like to have a tongue piercing and belly button piercing nd also a whole lot of ear piercing

    • The tongue piercing is a cool piercing… My advise is ask if the piercer can check ur tongue b4 geting it done. Geting the ears done is fun by far

  • I have had my belly and nose done and the belly button all though is cute its very hard to take care of at first because it can get infected so easily. And the nose piece of cake heals up really well im getting my tonge pierced friday really excited any tips??

    • I have had my tongue piercing for almost three years now, getting it done at first hurts a little but it’s like a quick pinch. While it’s healing be extremley careful not to infect it with what you consume. It’ll hurt while it’s healing if you scrape your teeth or play with it to much, but have fun it’s extremley fun for kissing. ;)

  • I have my nose, belly button, lip, and back dimples pierced. I would have to say the lower back hurt the most !!!!