Top 5 Most Painful Piercings to Get on Your Body

Today, there practically isn't a body part that you can't have pierced. But what tops the list as the most painful body piercing you can get? Find out here.

If you love body art, you probably know that in this case, the saying “Beauty is a pain” is true.

The experience will depend on a few factors. How you prepare for your piercing is important, also if you’re scared or not. Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) makes everything look and feel much worse!

Also, not everybody has the same pain threshold. Here is a rating list of painful piercings, from the least to the most painful one.

1. Nose


A lot of people say that getting their nose done hurt a lot! Now, this is not my personal experience, but I guess it depends on your pain threshold. Depending on the precise location, the needle goes through the skin or cartilage, and it’s done pretty quickly.

The most uncomfortable part is when the needle’s full length has to be dragged through the hole, because the stud is on the end of the needle. There are a bunch of nerves in your nose, which all end at the tip, so it’s believable that it hurts, and can also cause tiny nerve damage. If a nerve is hit, you will experience some numbness, and occasional “shooting” pains, but these pass in a few hours.

2. Lip


Again, it depends on the location of the jewelry (labret, Monroe, side), but lip piercings sometimes hurt a lot too. You will feel an initial sting, and after that, you should be fine.

A nerve can also be hit during this piercing, which may cause the numbness and sharp pains, but there are no nerves in your lips that can cause serious or long-lasting problems.

3. Cartilage


A needle going through a harder surface will be more painful than a skin piercing. These do take an instant longer to perform, and a lot longer to heal. The initial “hit” with the needle doesn’t hurt that much, but a healing cartilage will give you trouble! If the piercing is on your ear, you should be super careful while brushing your hair and sleeping on that side.

4. Nipple


Both guys and girls say that getting their nipple done hurt like hell. Just try to imagine the sensitivity – if it can achieve arousal pleasure, it means there are a lot of nerves there working their little butts off. While they heal, it’s tricky because, unlike with facial piercings, you can’t leave them alone in the open air. You have to wear clothes, and even the most simple cotton shirt, with no bra, will chafe against the piercing. Haven’t really had the courage to get that one yet, and I probably never will.

5. Genital

Do you really need an explanation? The most sensitive part of our body which reacts to the lightest touch will NOT like getting pierced with a needle! Both sexes say that this is by far the most painful piercing, both while being done and while healing.

Now, I’ve only had my nose, belly button and cartilage done, so I can say that none of them really hurt much while being put in. It was just an initial sting, and then it was done.

The piercing which gave me the most trouble was the cartilage, while it was healing it hurt a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, and made sleeping on that side really difficult!

Then again, there are people who have breezed through getting their nipples done and cried while getting their nose pierced, so it’s really an individual thing.

Let us know what’s your most painful piercing experience!

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  • I’ve only had my ear lobes done till recently when I decided to get my nipple done and honestly it was probably more painful than when I fractured a bone but now a few months down the line its fine the most pain was the initial piercing and about 2 weeks after but by the second week it didn’t hurt too much. I love it now and am glad I got it done but I’m not sure I’ll be getting my other done :p

  • The most painful piercing for me is my industrial, punching the first hole wasn’t that bad but the second one was much worse. Also the healing process was difficult, it was healing for about 7 months with being sore and really swollen throughout. But it was all worth it, I love it now :)

    • My Industrial hurt too! The double punch of the needle, THEN having to thread the bar through both holes again- ouch. I recently got a rook, and I’ve got to say, it hurt even more than my industrial! Definitely wasn’t expecting that

      • I got my rook done two days ago and it is literally the most painful piercing yet! I have another cartilage piercing and that didn’t hurt to get pierced but took a while to heal. My least painful was my webbing, its also my favorite! Took no time to heal either!

      • I’ve got my rook pierced (and my cartilage there is super thick!) and I’m headed to get my industrial soon! I’ve been a little worried about the pain as I’ve heard it’s very bad. Could you compare the two? My rook was the most painful out of mine (Tragus, triple pierced lobes, cartilage, and bellybutton which I have removed) but it wasn’t so bad that I wouldn’t do it again?

    • I’m 14 and my parents won’t let me get anything but my ears pierced so I’ve only had the cartilage done.I have triple lobes, triple helix on my right ear, and then I got an industrial 4 days ago on my left ear.The first 2 lobes were 3/10 because they were completely in soft tissue, but the 3rd holes were part cartilage so they were a 6/10.I got the thirds done with a gun though so they were worse than the others by far.The helix ones were a 2/10.With them it was just a quick pinch and the healing was a little worse simply because I couldn’t sleep on that side.The industrial was a 4/10.The actual piercing wasn’t very bad but when she threaded the bar through it stung pretty bad, but was more uncomfortable than painful.Even though I’ve only had it for a few days I’d say the healing is 5/10 because every time it is barely bumped it swells a little but again, but then it goes down after cleaning with a sea salt soak:)

      • I have a nape dermal, double navel, double lobe, tragus, vertical helix and forward helix and just got my rook done. The rook was by far the most painful. I can’t smile without moderate discomfort. I like the way it looks but will NOT get the matching piercing in the other ear. My forward helix wasn’t bad it just hurts when I clean it because it’s in such a tight space. I’m done with my ears gonna get a few more nape dermal though!

  • I have my tongue pierced and the pain of the actual piercing was like a 1 I didn’t even know he was done. The week after was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life!

  • I have my nose, triples, industrial, spider bites (two lip piercings right next to eachother) and my hip microdermals, with a big tattoo. But anyways the microdermals had to hurt the most seeming they are surgically in my skin, at the age of 15 having all these is a pain in the body, literally.(:

  • I have every piercing listed above..and the most painful piercing to me was my septum! that hurt so bad! my eyes filled up with tears instantly! it took alot of effort from the piercer to shove the needle through, then having to put the ring through was even worse! I defiently out of every other piercing I have….I give this one a 9/10 for pain level!!!*

    Monroe & lip: 3/10
    genital or Christina: 7/10
    cartlidge: 3/10

    • The first time I got my nostril done it hurt like hell. The second time was painless. I’ve had snakebites and a monroe, all three were near painless. My septum was near painless and my clit hood stung for like 3 seconds, then painless, and also was the fastest healing piercing I’ve ever had–only took 2 weeks and there was no pain during the healing. It hurts more to stretch your ears than get a peircing IMO.

  • i have had loads of piercings done. snakebites, nose, lobes (which are now gauges), cartilage (did myself) side of my ear on both sides (also did myself), industrial bar, doubles, and recently, my tragus. the worse on, getting done wise, was my tongue and the industrial hurt too. those are a tie. healing process wise was my industrial. sucked to sleep. lol.

  • I have had quite a few piercings done, tragus, ears, nose, lip, septum, belly, anti belly and my hip.
    The one that probably hurt the most was the septum, but it didn’t hurt whilst getting it pierced, I’d say it was a 5/10, saying that, I have a good pain tolerance.

  • I have my ears peirced and my nose which I did myself It didn’t hurt at all and my nose really didnt hurt either! My nose didn’t take that long to heal and I love it and don’t regret it at all!

  • My nipple piercing honestly didn’t hurt that much at all – and it’s the only piercing beside my earlobes that I have. It hurt a lot for half a second – but before I even had time to acknowledge it, it was over. It was tender for about 30 minutes. A day later, I didn’t feel a thing.

    • Where Did You Get It Pierced Sally? I Would LOVE To Get Mine Pierced But I’ve Heard The Pain Is Too Much To Bare. Please Help

  • Well I have gotten a lot piercings, I usually get around three every time I go in, so I have a pretty high tolerance, the first cartilidge piercing I got hurt pretty bad but that’s because I don’t know how to take care of it, of all my body art, tattoos are much worse than piercings, but I’d say my belly button was the most painful, getting it pierced was fine but since I’m a dancer, it got irritated a lot an that hurt

  • Hey everyone! Well I can give an honest opinion about this list because I have all but the lip done. Depending on what genital piercing you are looking to get, the pain can really vary. I currently have 4: vch, 2 self-done inner labia, and my triangle. The triangle was ROUGH just because of how deep it is, whereas the vch and lips were merely pinches. I could never ever convince myself to get a true clitoral piercing, i cant imagine the pain! A great thing about genital piercings is the fact that some serve a putpose and also that they usually heal extremely quickly due to the great blood flow in that region. My nipple hurt pretty badly because of the dense nerve-loaded tissue the needle needs to pass through, but driving on the way home and that night trying to sleep was when my poor little tit was really suffering. I’d have to consider my nipple my most painful piercing right along with my triangle. The nip was horrible afterwards, and I always seem to catch it on stuff (even with a plain curved barbell). Cartilage piercings are my very very least favorite piercings. I have 19 piercings in all and i can honestly say that my rook and helix have been the hugest pains in the ass!!! I dont thibk id ever get my rook done again if it came out. Tragus piercings arent as bad because they dont get bumped a lot like the helix does and it isnt in the ear fold like the rook. My nose wasn’t bad at all, had a little water in my eyes but it was just a natural reaction.

    So my final list:
    1.nose (not bad at all)
    2. Genital (just because they heal so quickly and never caused me any issues or pain after they healed)
    3. Cartilage (most obnoxious piercings. the healing time is long, they get pissed when you sleep on them, they hurt when you get them, they get irritated even after properly healed)
    1. Nipple (the initial pain was pretty bad, but afterward is what killed me. I couldnt sleep that night because of my poor throbbing fum bag. It hurts when it is played with too much/rough, and it takes a long time to heal.)

    Thanks for reading :)

  • To add: I also have a large tattoo right on my ribcage. I truly think that Tattoos do not hurt. Yes, a little uncomfortable and later on itchy, but not painful.

  • I currently have my 6g lobes, 16g left eyebrow,12g septum,16g vertical labret. The least painful was my septum, which shocked me because I was expecting horrible pain & have a low pain tolerance! My most painful, so far, was my vertical labret. It was a 6 out of 10, it takes a few seconds longer than other piercings as well but the results totally worth it!! My future piercings include both nostrils, philtrum, a couple cool ear projects planned plus I’m considering a Christina piercing & my nipples.

  • I have my nipples, belly button, tragus, tongue and hood done. The easiest were the tongue and hood. I think getting a clitoral piercing would hurt like hell since there are 8,000 nerve endings roughly on the clitorial tip, but the hood itself is just a very thin layer of skin that heals extremely fast.

  • My tongue hurt the least i advise to get the ears done first though my cartlidge also never hurt

  • Tongue, because it’s a muscle you’re going through. And that muscle is almost always moving. And cartilage. Both piercings were brutally painful during the healing process; often I’d be in tears I was so frustrated with the pain.
    Clit was the easy breeziest. Later the same day I got it done I forgot it was there.
    All the comments here now make me worried about the next one I have in mind – nipples…

    • I thought tongue belly button and my hood piercings weren’t painful at all my nose hurt the most out of all of them, nipple piercing to me didn’t hurt like at all except for when there was rubbing on them they just itch really bad when healing.

    • Honestly my nipples really hurt getting them pierced and for the rest of the day (excuse the pun) they were quite nippy, the pain. But today they are fine. I only got then yesterday and already they feel much better

  • This is totally inaccurate. I wonder if the author even had all 5 of these done? For one, your lip doesnt hurt at all. Unless you get an angel bite, or an “industrial” lip piercing. Second of all, genital piercings arent bad either, they apparently feel really good. (Thats the one one i dont have out of all the ones i plan on writing about). Third, nipple piercings hurt, but not like this article made it out to be. It differs depending on if you are male or female. Male nipple piercings are going to hurt alot worse than a females would because females nipples are made to take pain (breastfeeding). The most painful piercing i have ever gotten was my sternum. Not a little dermal implant either. Im talking fishhooked right through. In order of pain id say it goes like this:
    1. Sternum
    2. Inner Conch
    3. Nipples
    4. Tongue
    5. Tongue Web

    I imagine your septum would kill. I dont know. But the side of your nose doesnt hurt, and neither does your eyebrow. Gauging your ears can be uncomfortable, but not enough to even call it pain.

  • i’ve got my Cartilage, both my lobes, snakebites, my industrial, my tongue, and my eyebrow pierced.

    my Cartilage bothered me a lot. the pain was rather annoying than anything else.

    my lobes stung.

    my lip wasn’t bad at all. the healing process was just a b*tch.

    my eyebrow was like a 1/10 on the pain scale, literally.

    my tongue hurt me a little but the healing process was horrible for me.

    my industrial hurt me the most. i wanted to cry lol.

  • I haven’t got any of these piercings except for the nose, that didn’t hurt at all. I have also got my belly and neck pierced which also did not hurt. I’m looking forward getting my nipple pierced hopefully. Hope that doesn’t hurt as well

  • I have my nasallang, labret, septum and have had my Medusa and several cartilage piercings and my nasallang wAs by far the most painful and should be number 1 on this list

  • My industrial didn’t hurt AT ALL she was jabbering and my dad took a video. Lots of blood very little pain. Aftercare is a mf though.
    I’ve heard nipples hurt so much, but are worth it.
    Heard tongue is worse after. Particularly the swollen for days thing.
    Navels as far as I know suck bc they’re prone to get hit.

  • I have that little knob thing in my ear done, I did it myself with a sewing needle. It was quite painful, but not unbearable. the thing u need to be careful about is nerves, if done incorrectly the nerves in your face will be a little screwy for a while. That’s what happened when I did another knob piercing in my other ear, my nerves got all strange… I ended up having to take the piercing out because it swelled up like it wasn’t supposed to. However, my ear is fine now and theres the tiniest of a scar. The other knob I pierced when I was 15 , I am 18 now and i love it still. I can take out the jewelry for a month at a time and it doesn’t heal over.

  • I think getting the lobes of my ears pierced was the worst and I have had my nose done and my lip done three times.

  • I am thinking about getting my clit pierced but scared about the healing processes. I have my tongue, lip, septum,both nipples,ear lobes, nose and top of my ear. So I am quite used to the pain by now. Just curious about the private area.

  • i want to get my septum pierced but not sure if i’ll be able for the pain. i really want it, im usually good with pain but when it comes to my nose i dont know :T any ideas

    • well apparently theres a “sweet spot” above that piece of cartilage so u can pierce through that (thin layer of skin) instead of going through the thick hard cartilage. and based on videos ive seen it don’t hurt at all this way.

  • I have my ears done. And I pierced my nose by myself. Didn’t hurt much.. But I’m a sook and it took me 6 hours + to get the (sewing) needle through and a few attempts but the teachers make me take my piercing out at school and after school I have to stick the needle back though it but no harm :)
    I am getting my lip, belly or tongue done for my 14th birthday next month.. Which one hurts less?? I’m petrified!

    • Belly doesnt hurt at all, like a baby pinch. Healing isnt that bad either, I play soccer and I was playing with it about 3 months after I got it done

  • Well, I’m 15 and have a tattoo covering my hole forearm and have my 2 cartilage piercings and the 3 sets on both ears and have my eyebrow done and snake bites and my tongue twice. In my opinion the eyebrow was very sore and then the cartilage piercings then my tongue redone *first time didn’t hurt* Then my lip :)

  • I just got my nipples pierced today & the guy did it really quick. On a scale from 1-10, it was like a 9 but only for 2seconds. 5 hours laters & they dont hurt anymore unless I touch them, which you should NOT do. But they’re great. I love it!

  • I had my left nipple done this week. I was petrified because of all the reviews and YouTube videos about nipple piercings. It wasn’t as bad as I thought though.. Again depending on your pain threshold but to me, it was that much of a breeze that im going to do the right side. Afterwards, it was tender but nothing too bad to handle! :)

  • Uhm. I’m twelve and a girl. Does the industrial hurt like if I were getting a bar across?

  • I have 5 tattoos and both lobes pierced twice, my nose, and most recently my tongue. I still have the most trouble with my second ear piercings, even after six years. They consistently get irritated and infected, and even though my tongue has only been pierced for a week, it feels almost normal now (only thing I can’t do is roll my r’s LOL). I don’t know if I would call any of my piercings painful, though. Just strange. To be fair, though, I only consider the tattoo that goes across my collar bone to be the only really ‘painful’ experience I’ve had…

  • I have a mid-way cartilage piercing I did myself, then my second hole on both ears, I did myself once again. Then an industrial bar on my left ear. I didn’t think the pain initially hurt but the healing process was a b*tch. It was over with quick and I love it. I also had my daith pierced but had to take it out before surgery. It was the most pain I’ve been in as far as body mutilation goes. It’s a very awkward thing to pierce and putting the jewelry in was awful. There were tears in my eyes. I also got my navel pierced when I was 14 and it was not painful at all. There aren’t many nerves around your belly button. I’m 18 now and I pierced my nose myself and I can say that did not hurt either. The daith was the most painful thing by far, I would not get it repierced.

  • I got my nipple and my nose pierced the same day! I only had my ears pierced prior to this but I had them done when I was a baby so really, it was my first time. I had initially planned to get my nose, navel and both nipples done at the same time. However my piercer told me to do 2 max in order to lessen my chances of rejection. Anywho.. I did my nose first which honestly didn’t hurt at all! But my nipple????? worst 5 seconds of my life. Even afterwords then tenderness is horrible. My nipple still hurts when my period comes around. I’ve had it for 5 months now. My bestfriend got her nipple pierced with me and she said hers didn’t hurt at all. Everyone is different. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PIERCING THOUGH. Do not regret it at all.. Might grow a pair and get my second one done once my first one heals. Hmmmm

  • I’m 16 and I’ve got:
    My firsts, seconds, thirds, one forth (which I did myself) my helix, my nose, my belly and my tongue.
    None of my ear ones hurt that much. They did sting I’ll admit that but the only ear one that did hurt was my helix. The place I went to used a gun and my cartilage actually shattered. Luckily it wasn’t that bad and you can’t tell that it shattered so that was my most painful for my ear, mainly because you can’t sleep on that side for weeks.
    My belly didn’t hurt at all I could even sleep on it, I just couldn’t bend to much especially in contortion.
    My nose hurt like hell… By far my worst piercing my nose swelled a little and was very sore, and I flew to america the next day so I couldn’t unpop my ears on the plane. The rod it’s self hurts like hell to take out as it’s a thin rid with a sharp triangle on the end which is what is used to pierce it and that makes it not come out during sleep or whatever.
    My tongue was weird. The most uncomfortable part was when the guy had the needle through and rested it against my lips so he could get the tongue bar. My tongue swell to the size of my mouth and I wasn’t able to eat for 2 days besides frozen cokes. After a week the swelling had gone down but if I spoke to much then it would swell back up and would take a while to go back down. So tongue healing process is what hurts the most.
    Firsts. N/A seconds: 3/10 thirds: 3/10 fourth: (cause I did it myself) 4/10 helix: 6/10 (afterwards) belly: 4/10 nose: piercing 7/10 healing 6/10 tongue: piercing 3/10 healing 10/10.

    I really want my nipples done but I am worried about the pain.

  • tongue: piercing-6 healing-9 (but only for the first 48 hours if that) after that it was a 3
    lip: piercing-4 healing-6
    tragus:piercing-1 healing-1
    rook: piercing-7 healing-6 (for the first week) after that it was a 3, 4ish
    industrial: piercing-5 healing-5 (be careful during healing!)
    forward helix: piercing-9 (idk why but this is the only piercing I’ve ever made any kind of noise, like a small scream at) healing-2, 3ish
    nipples: piercing-4 healing-8 (for a good week or 2 after the piercing, even the smallest of tasks like washing your hair are the worst ever. But totally worth it!) afterwards it was probably a 3
    Daith: piercing-5 healing-5
    lobes and cartilage are like 1-2.5 on both during piercing and healing

  • Scar tissue hurts to pierce through and takes a minute. I recently had my belly redone because of infection. Although, I had my tongue pierced five days ago and I’m not going to lie, but I think it hurt more than all six of my tattoos. Tears streamed down my face and the healing process is the worst ever. It wakes me up in the middle of the night with swelling and I swear I’m going to lose twenty pounds since I can’t eat without spending an hour with just a sandwich. Ugg!!!

  • I have my first, second and third holes on my lobes done and my first are now gauged to 00. my ear piercings didn’t hurt at all.. my belly button was just a prick when I got it done but it does take some time to heal completely and is easy to bump against things like desks and carrying items. I had my cartilage pierced which initially getting it done wasn’t too bad but I took it out because I couldn’t sacrifice my sleep over a damn piercing. I got my nipples pierced almost 3 months ago and that hurt! the initial piercing was 9/10 and healing was a 4/10. they ooze and hurt at first but it gets better. well worth the pain, but I would NEVER do that again. wanting to get my septum done, but afraid of the pain.

  • Getting venom tongue piercings done a cm or so behind my centre tongue piercing. It is not like the centre tongue piercing which is pretty much painless; the tongue has to come out a fair way and there was a lot of twisting of clamps. Also the piercing itself was very slow, stopping halfway to make absolute sure to avoid the main artery and nerve. Once for each side :)

    I’ve had upper ear, nose, labret and pierced my navel and clitoral hood myself. None of those hurt all that much. The nose stung a bit.

  • I have 9 piercings, if you count my plugs and 2nd earlobe piercings separately. I have a 16g post in my lip, 12g barbells in my nipples (just done yesterday!), 3/4″ plugs in each ear, a 14g curved barbell in my navel, and a 14g barbell in my tongue. Out of all my piercings, my nipples hurt the most! I’ve only had them one day, they’re not too sore, but last night they were very tender and my left nipple was bloody and very painful. I don’t even notice the right nipple piercing, maybe because the left side hurts so much. But I’ve had snakebites 3 times, my industrial once, my septum and my navel twice. On a pain scale, including the healing, my piercings go:
    1. Nipples. They haven’t healed yet but this was definitely the most painful piercing, it was probably a 7/10 for me.
    2. Septum. I didn’t keep it long enough to let it heal, but when I did it, I already had somewhat of a hole in my septum from drugs (that sounds really bad). It started hurting too bad, so I took it out. It was about a 4/10 for me.
    3. My tongue. The piercing itself didn’t hurt, but the healing was terrible. About a 3/10.
    Everything else was between 0-1/10. Everything else was a breeze, healing and all. My industrial healed within a week, my lip and my navel all were pretty painless and healed rather well.

  • I would have to to say my medusa hurt the worst. During and after. It was the hardest to heal too. In order most painful to least…

    1. Medusa
    2. Nose
    3. Nipples
    4 Tongue
    5 Upper ear cartilage
    6 Ear Lobe
    7 Micro dermal lower anti eyebrow.

  • I have in my nose and 4 in my left ear and 3 in the other ear i have a bridge and eyebrow piercing and in my lip and my belly button the one that hurts the most was my belly and my bridge

  • This list was…a little off?
    I’ve had many piercings, belly, tongue, dermal, nipples, nose (done 6 times), septum, smiley, frowny, tragus, anti-tragus, snug, multiple helix, multiple ear lobes and rook, just to name a few.
    My tragus/anti-tragus and nipples were easily the most painful!
    My nose barely hurt, and i’ve had it done through scar tissue multiple times, my tongue was nothing to get pierced, but yes the healing was slightly painful, but more annoying due to struggling to talk and being unable to eat.

  • I’ve had my lips pierced in all four corners but pain did not leave a lasting impression, It was very smooth and tolerable… My ears I have had pierced 5 times each: First off, my industrial was the most painful facial piercing I have ever gotten! My lobes weren’t any pain. I had 2 conchs in each ear and they were a bit of pain but nothing compared to my industrial. The others were 2 rooks in my right and 1 in my left which only stung as much as a monroe…

  • I have 8mm left ear, tragus, 4mm cartilage, industrial right ear, lobe, nose, septum,eyebrow,tongue,snakebites, both nipples, (1 vertical, 1 horizontal) navel & christina, getting VCH done next week, can’t wait, I really dont think piercings hurt!!!

  • I have an industrial, septum, nose and navel piercing..

    The least painful was my navel
    The most painful was by far the industrial!

  • My friend is gonna pierce my lip for me shes done it b4 and it looked great but im kind of nervious to do it. 1my parents will kill me 2 how am i suppose to clean it i dont have money to get it professionally done 3 does it hurt a lot if it a 16g?

  • nose dosen’t hurt, it just depends which one. a normal nose piercing doesn’t hurt one bit! I guess the septum would but not the normal nose piercing

  • Okay. I have both a lip piercing (side labret) and a genital piercing (vertical clitoral hood) and from my experience, they shouldn’t have been included on this list. My lip didn’t hurt much at all when u got it. Maybe a 3/10 and I don’t have a high tolerance for pain. The healing was annoying (6/10 for pain), but I drank heavily that night after getting it which probably didn’t help.
    My VCH. Hurt a LOT when being pierced. Maybe an 8/10. But, that pain lasted all if five seconds. And once the jewelry was in, it was fine. I literally had intercourse two hours later (they suggest waiting two weeks, by my husband and I were curious) without any irritation/infection of any sort. Literally no painful healing time!
    My belly button, however, hurt like hell when getting it because my skin is thicker than the piercer anticipated (8.5-9/10), and hurt every day during the SIX MONTHS it took to heal completely.

  • I have my nose, cartilages, lobes, tongue web, nipple, and want to get my lip done soon. I’d say my nipple was 100% the most painful, but as soon as the needle was through it didn’t hurt unless i bumped it or something. The others were completely fine, except I got my nose done with a gun which apparently isn’t wise, and I did my web myself.

  • I have my nose, my eyebrow, my Monroe, and my snakebites done and they all were really nothing…. I’d personally never venture for my nipples or genitals but that’s me! My eyebrow and nose were probably the least painful. My eyebrow and nose I honestly felt nothin. My nose it was more of a shock since it was my first piercing but definitely didn’t hurt. I felt the needles going through on my Monroe and snakebites but that was pretty much it. It hurt more when she used the swab to take off the pen marks. Lol!!!

  • Iv my belly pierced twice, a tattoo on my side,under my Boob and my ribs and I’m afraid to get my tongue done???? Any support on weather I should just get it done?

  • I am a piercing professional, and as such I recently did my inner labia (genital area, for those who aren’t familiar) and it did not hurt AT ALL. I only have 7 piercings total; one on my helix (upper cartilage of the ear), one on my lower lip, 4 total on both my earlobes, and one on my inner labia. The one that hurt most awfully had to be the cartilage. The man who did my lip did it incorrectly, so the aftercare process was horrific, but if he’d done it correctly I would definitely say the cartilage (helix) was overall the most painful. About 10 minutes ago I finished a piercing on my older sister, and it was on her cartilage. She agrees that it was the most painful, out of her 4 total piercings.

    • hey u know about genital área in men? i have an ampallang there and i have some questions for u, plz if u can help can u give ur email for give more explanation to u

  • Also, in response to Aoife…
    I think that it varies depending on the person when it comes to a tongue piercing.
    I believe that the process of healing is much more difficult to manage, as your mouth is full of bacteria and food daily, and could be easily irritated by speech and eating. I suggest looking into finding a sanitary and high quality piercing shop to find a place you really feel comfortable with before following through with it.
    Overall, there is NOTHING wrong with tongue piercings except for more risk of infection if it isn’t properly executed or cleaned. The pain is not bad, or so I have heard from my clients, but definitely look into a clean professional place to have it done before anything. :) Don’t be scared! x

  • i got an ampallang piercing and it was so painful but now around 4 months since i pierced no have any pain

  • First of all I have to say that pain associated with piercings has to do with two factors.
    1) Your pain threshold
    2) The experience and technique used by the piercing artist

    To start this off I’ll note that I am a professional tattoo artist/body piercer covered in tattoos (which by the way do not hurt unless your artist is a digger, again it’s all abut skill and technique), however my husband who is also a retired professional body has done most of mine and his technique is both gentle and efficient. I have had all of the following down, I’ve also notated the pain level’s alongside them.

    Lobes – 1st 3 holes pierced with a gun when I was a kid, not painful, just really loud. I pierced holes 4 and 5 myself with a needle. My 1st hole is now stretched it 1/2″.
    Nose – pierced with a gun the first 2 times (bad idea), needle the 3rd time and it was excrutiating (THE MOST PAINFUL PIERCING I HAVE GOTTEN), the piercer was a novice and/or had poor technique because it took her a good 10-15 to get the jewelry in.
    Tongue – quick, no pain at all and my tongue didn’t even swell up at all
    Navel – over within seconds, painfree
    Industrial – The first hole hurt like a b*tch and the second one was a breeze, no pain when the jewelry was being put in
    Eyebrow – slight pinch, not bad at all
    Conch – a slight pinch and it was over with
    Tragus – no pain at all, just little crackling sounds while the needle was going through
    Monroe – hard pinch for all of 2 seconds
    Vertical Labret – It was a quick piercing, it only hurt a bit when the needle came through the top of my lip
    Septum – it wasn’t painful but I literally felt like I was going to vomit after the needle went through. It was definitely a very strange feeling, and it took about 10 minutes for the nausea to subside.

    That’s all I have for piercings at the moment, I plan on getting some more soon.

  • im a piercer myself.
    I got 26mm ear lobes, a dermal inplanted on my neck, 2 double tragus on the right side of my ear. A snake bite ( 2 piercing on my lips ) , a snake eye piercing ( horizontal piercing on your tongue ) and a medusa ( on the centre of your lip, right below your nose )
    Honesty speaking. both snake eye and medusa had been the most painful i ever tried.
    Like what the autor mention, the most annoying part is when the needle push thru its way to the end of the piercing. Medusa is very sentitive, i couldnt help and my tears just fall. its worst than tattoos ( i had quite alot of tatts on me ) But after the piercing, i dont feel anything.
    As for snake eye, the needle had to push thru both side of the muscles on your tongue and a nerve in the middle. and its had to be done slowly. As mine are done free handed. No need me to say, you can imagine the pain.
    I hope it help.

  • i did my own cartalidge and it did not hurt at all. i did it with a sharp tipped earring and I had no problem with healing or pain. i also did my seconds and thirds and they were perfectly fine

  • I’ve only had my nose, septum and belly pierced.
    The septum wasn’t painful, but the experience of having it done wasn’t good nor bad just… Weird xD my eyes cried uncontrollably but that was to be expected, the healing process was so easy, i had no problem with it whatsoever. The only thing id recommend is not to change it too soon, i changed mine about a week after having it done and i almost puked xD it was just not nice. However, after 2 weeks i changed it again and it was fine.
    I’m looking to have my nipple (just the one), medusa and rook pierced soon – not at the same time – I’m freaking out about the nipple cause everywhere I read says its terrible. I guess I’ll find out soon enough :P

  • Iv had my belly button my nose and industrial, my belly button fine, nose didn’t bother me at all. My god the industrial is a b*tch, had it pierced a week ago and feel like taking it out, so painful!! I don’t know wether it’s a coincidence or it’s effecting it but my ear lobe has swelled and gone scaly, iv been cleaning it 5 times a day like he told me too, can anyone help

  • My lobes were done when I was 13, no biggie, almost 2 years ago got my left nostril pierced. It hurt some and then got to where I couldn’t get the stud to stay in, went to a tattoo place and had to get it redone because they didn’t go all through on thbe first time. So I’m getting this done again with a hollowed needle, they got it in and gave me a screw in stud. Had to get it done again at another place do to not being able to remove it to clean it and that took 30 minutes then I had my traguses done. Had fun going that and then got my industrials j Friday j got my snug, anti tragus and

    • Conch. The Conch is the worst pain. Both ears are swollen. I’ve got 4 Mir sets to go and I’m finally done. Thank you for allowing. Me to share more. God bless you.

  • Cartilage and lip piercing hurts?? I have tonguex2, snug, cartilage, conch, naval, nipples, lip, smiley (self done), septum (self done) and vch. vch is by far the worst when getting done but the pain went away after a few minutes. Nipples are definitely the worst for healing, 4 years on and they still play up from time to time! I got my cartilage piercing when I was 9 years old, it hurt but not much, it was nothing more than a sharp pain for a few seconds and I personally think that lobes hurt worse. Again my lip and septum piercing were fine, no worse than a small pinch. I’m not entirely the person who wrote this article has even had these piercings done..

  • Im 13 and im going to get my cheeks pierced next year.. can anybody tell me if it hurts? 1-10

    • DON’T DO IT!!!!
      You will be in so much pain!!!!
      for Ur own sake…. don’t do it!
      i’m 14 and i just got my lip pierced. i did really want to get my cheeks pierced too. but the permanent damage will not be good. i have a friend that just got them. her face is now permanently damaged!!!! she cant even talk!!!!
      my advice is to do some research and then get it if you really want to. but start of with something small. but good luck!!! # deadly

  • I just had my left nostril pierced a week ago with an 18 gauge needle. Piercing did not hurt at all-a 1 out of 10, but the healing is a 10++. My left cheek hurts so bad.

  • I have an insanely high pain tolerance. 1-4 in both lobes, and 5th cartilage in my right. None of these hurt at all, and 3-5 were self-pierced. I also self-pierced my navel 19 years ago when I was 14. It didn’t hurt at all, piercing or healing. I had my nipples done 7 years ago at my tat parlor (I have 7 tats-3 at home-which still didn’t hurt). The nips did NOT hurt! I anticipated the pain so much it just didn’t happen. I had nursed 3 children by that time, so my girls were pretty much used to it anyway. I literally left the same way I went in, pain-free and happy. They never botherd me. My left was crooked, so I had it repierced 3 weeks later by the same girl. Still no pain or healing. I ended up taking them out when my 4th child was born. Rings in and out 8 times a day was a hassle, and actually getting painful. I left them out and they closed up. I’m repiercing them next week, at the same time time I do my VCH. I can’t wait!!

  • I really want my vertical lip doing but the thought makes me cringe, iv had my toungue done and 2 cartilage in the ear, I also have a tattoo at the bottom of my neck, they all hurt like holy hell but the tongue was by far the worst piercing, anyone like to compare the lounge to the vertical lip?

  • I’ve had three lobes on one ear and one on the other, tragus and a double forward helix the latter I had today. The double forward helix was by far the most painful. The second of the two hurt a lot more than the first, I’m glad I didn’t go for the triple lol.

  • I just got home from getting my industrial done. Holy buckets of water does it hurt. I have tattoos and my belly and the top of my ear pierced plus my tragus and this industrial is awful.
    I sure hope it gets better soon.

  • I have had my belly button done twice, my lip, double lobes, rook, and conch, and honestly it only hurts as much as you let yourself believe. Mind over matter. Go in with a full stomach, layers so you don’t get nervous chills, and take a deep breath while they puncture the hole(s). I went in with an empty stomach, hadn’t slept in 34 hours, and had a long sleeve shirt on, and I still did fine, just knew I could have made it easier on myself. The lip piercing and conch were relatively painless to me. Also I have gone with for a nipple piercing…not worth it. Good luck to you all!

  • I’m 16 and only had my piercings since January, I’ve got my lobe done, which literally felt less than an injection. My cartilage which was like a pop as the needle went though but then stringed a bit when they were putting the jewelry in, however a month later and it’s still abit tender and i have my eyebrow done, which was like a hard pinch but it did bring a slight tear to my eye. However now i’m wanting a second cartilage piercing and a standard lip piercing done later this month :D

  • I’ve gotten a total of fourteen piercings including; nose, two lip, navel, cartilage, I stretched out my ears (only to a 0), and genital. I have gotten nine ear piercings. The most painful piercing I have ever gotten was my genital piercing. Never have I been so covered in sweat in seconds. I actually kind of even yelped getting it done and I don’t make noise when getting piercings.

  • I’ve had several piercings done, and I came to this forum for some answers on pain levels according to previous piercings. I’ve had my ears pierced, my cartilage, lip, and septum, which is now at a 12g. In order of pain, I would say that my cartilage was the absolute worst because it was a dull, aches pain which I really hate. Pinches don’t bother me at all, so that’s why my septum comes in at second. Third would be having my earlobes done. The absolute least painful was my lip which I was totally not expecting. I’m not exaggerating this at all, I literally did not feel any pain whatsoever. Maybe that’s just me but I was wondering if anybody had a vertical labret piercing and a septum piercing and could tell me which was more painful? I’m really considering getting a vertical labret done, and I just wanted a good idea of how much it would hurt compared to my other past piercings.

  • I’ve had my nose pierced for about 3 years now , that piercing did not hurt one bit!!! My eyes watered up that’s it, my ear lobes hurt more to be honest . I have 2 cartilage piercings and the pain level was a slight pinch. I’ve had my industrial bar done and that hurt sooo badly!!! The first hole hurt like a 6/10 then my second hole hurt like a 10+/10 the healing process sucked so badly! I just got my rook pierced today and I absolutely love it , everyone I asked said it hurt really bad , but honestly all I felt was a very very small pinch and a little bit of pressure , it was more uncomfortable feeling then anything, it’s so cute and I love it!!

    Pain scale:
    Ear lobes: 3/10
    Cartilage: 4/10
    Industrial: 10/10
    Nose 1/10
    Rook: 3-4/10

  • I have had 29 piercings and this is how I would rate each of them
    1) Septum — 3
    2) Tongue web — 1
    3) Smiley — 0
    4) Industrials — 2
    5) Ear lobe (3) — 1
    6) Ear cartilage (2) —- 1
    7) Nipples — 3
    8) Navel (self done) — 2
    9) Navel (professional) — 0
    10) VCH — 2
    11) Wrist (self done) — 2
    12) Upper back surface bars (5 in a star) — 1,000,000,000,000
    13) Lower back microdermals (4) – 8
    a. Removal of microdermals when healed — 7

  • I am an absolute baby with needles! Even though I’ve got tattoos and piercings.

    My first piercing was when I was a few months old and I had my ear lobes pierced, when I was about 15, I started to stretch them but took them out shortly after. As soon as I turned 18, I decided to go out in a whim and have both nipples done and I can genuinely say, they didn’t hurt as bad as I thought ( I have a terrible pain threshold ), they only hurt about a 4-5 but the pain after was excruciating!!! Because I’m quite heavy chested, the piercer said they’d take about 8-10 months to heal fully and there still healing now. Then about 2 months ago, I had my medusa pierced, I worked myself up so bad and almost didn’t have it. The piercer ( same woman who did my nipples ) was lovely and patient with me, she told me to take a deep breath and she put the needle through mad that hurt about a 3, it was hardly anything, a quick sharp sting but that’s all. Since then, I’m stretching my ears again and their currently on a 00g (about 10mm). And they hurt a lot more second time round! It’s more of a burning sensation with stretching, they ache in a way, I’d say about a 5. I’m thinking about getting my venoms done but I’m just nervous about the pain, anyone who’s had it done, I’d be grateful to know what it feels like.

  • I had my conch done recently 12g dermal punch… the most painful thing in the world ever… It hurt so much and afterward when I went out in the cool wind I was almost crying with the feeling of the wind around my ear, it hurt a lot. Pain for my conch punch 9/10

  • i had got my lip pierced a couple of weeks ago… and it hurt like hell… it was my first piercing other than my ears so… and thanks for the tips!!!!

  • my nipple piercing hurt more than my PA. I did not like waking up to a pool of blood in my bed, but thinking about going back to finish the apadravya

  • This article is totally not true. Lips don’t hurt that much, they’re the easiest. Nipple piercings and genital piercings hurt the most (I don’t have these but someone who had every piercing told me it hurts the most). Your eyes starts watering when you’re getting a nose piercing but it’s not that bad. The easiest are eyebrows and ears, but if you can’t take care of your ears, it gets pretty bad and aches and you can’t sleep on that side

  • I had my septum done today, and out of all my piercings it hurt the most. My eyes watered so bad I was essentially crying, and when the piercer put the jewelry in, I COUGHED in agony, probably spitting all over him. Which sucks because he’s my now-permanent piercer.

    Surface bars, like hips, don’t hurt in my opinion, but they leave some nasty scars, that look like bullet scars. O_O My lip hurt more than my hip, though.

    And can I say, cheek piercings hurt a lot. That’s because wiyh cheek piercings you cause nerve damage on both cheeks. But I don’t regret any of them. ^_^ Septums kill, so think before you get them done. I have a boyfriend who pays for my piercings, so I’m not financially invested, but I do love it despite the wicked pain. Haa

  • Although I have an extremely high pain tolerance when it comes to getting a needle shoved in my skin, I would say that of my four piercings and two tattoos, getting my industrial pierced was by far the most painful thing I have had to endure, both during the piercing and healing process. I have my earlobes done (like most girls), my left cartilage done (one hole), my bellybutton done, and of course, the industrial. If you are planning on getting one, choose wisely. Seriously. This piercing is not meant for everyone.

  • In my opinion hand web piercing hurts most! When I had it done [between my thumb and index finger] the pain was so excruciating my cheeks tingled and eyes teared up automatically. Felt really shaky afterwards and had to sit down for a while. It never healed, too, and got rejected after few months. About tragus, rook and cartilage piercings – people always say it hurts so much, yet for me those were allright, nothing dramatic, pleasant even [guess I like certain kinds of pain]. As for nose piercing I only remember eyes tearing up uncontrollably and the urge to sneeze ;). And, last but not least, navel – relatively painless while done, but gave me pain afterwards. It required loads of caring, antibiotics, got infected for a while and [when freshly heeled] flared up occasionally if I wasn’t careful with changing jewellery. Now I’ve had it for more than 10 years and it never causes any troubles. The truth is all them procedures are a bit painful: hey, it’s a thick needle going through your skin, you HAVE to feel it, it’s biology. But for me the moment I close my eyes and “dip” myself in the pain, concentrate on it, breathe deep and turn off other senses – priceless.

  • I have both my earlobes at an 8g, my bridge, septum, one nostril, smiley, spider- bites, both nipples done and one forearm tattoo. I’d have to say that my septum was the most painful, since it actually made my eyes water up a lot. The healing period was pretty painful for me, only because I was sick at the time. (Get your septum done, then try to blow your nose :p. Not fun).
    So, my pain level for them is as follows:
    1. My bridge (The least, didn’t hurt at all.)
    2. My spider-bites (Didn’t hurt much either)
    3. My smiley (Just a slight tug)
    4. My tattoo on my arm was alright. Just some tugging and numbness up near my wrist as the tattoo went closer. But that’s about it. Highly bearable!
    5. My ears (They’re not that bad. Just a bit of a sting for a few hours, then you’re good.)
    6. My nipples. (These ones were a tad painful, especially when walking, changing, or showering.)
    7. My nostril (This one actually made my eye water, and it refused to open for a few minutes afterward.)
    8. The most painful of all was my septum. (My eyes couldn’t stop watering, aaannnnddd my nose kept scrunching up as the needle made its way further in. Bad thing. You’re supposed to keep as still as possible :/)

    I hope this helped somebody! And if not, I’m sorry :(.

  • I’ve had my septum pierced twice. The first time the placement was off (WAY below the sweet spot) and the pain was horrific (not to mention I bled all over the place because I’m just a bleeder like that.) but the second time around, the piercing was properly placed and virtually painless and not a drop of blood was lost! I had the second piercing done 2 weeks ago and other than some minor soreness, this has been the most pain-free piercing I’ve gotten.

  • Honestly.
    -my ears where fine. bled a bit stung alot. age 4/22.
    -lip – labret was ok except it was swollen for 1-2 months however no infection and barely any bleeding, I did this myself with a safety pin, probably not safest move. age 17
    -ear cartilage hurt a lot and was infected for months. got done professionally. age 15
    -bellybutton, hurt like hell, felt like I had been punched for a few days also took ages to stop bleeding, over a week.took a couple of months to fully heal as in stop getting infected, and I did have to repierce it after I left it out for a few hours about a month after having it done. age 21

    next on the list is a Christina piercing. however the pain factor is not something I am looking forward too. I expect it will be similar to my belly button piercing pain wise.

  • I’ve had my lobes, nose, lip, navel, and one nipple pierced, and I’d have to rate, from least painful to most – lip, nostril, navel, nipple, lobes. I already have a very low pain tolerance, but, despite being a type 1 diabetic, my body heals incredibly well, so the healing process of all of these didn’t really hurt much.

    My lobes hurt the most upon needle hit, all three times I got them pierced, but didn’t really hurt right after, maybe for a few minutes.

    My nipple hurt like hell upon hit, but not nearly as much as my lobes, and was sore like crazy for the first few hours (I couldn’t let anything hit it or it would hurt so much I would tear up).

    My navel hurt the second worst upon hit, and was a little sore for the first hour, but was fine after that.

    My nostril hurt upon hit, and a little for about the first half hour, but was generally very easy to handle.

    And last, my lip hurt just a sting for a second before the adrenaline hit (this was my first piercing after all of my lobe piercings, and it was about a 6 year span between the two), and didn’t hurt at all after; it was just hard to speak and eat for the first two days.

    And even after all of that, I still want to get a genital and industrial piercing. I’d love to have a tongue piercing, too, but I don’t like the idea of piercing pure muscle, y’know?

    And then, of course, there’s my fiancee’s little sister who didn’t feel a thing when she got her lobes and nostril pierced. Lucky girl.

  • I have four lobe piercings (two on each side), a rook piercing, and a VCH. The VCH was the least painful and the lobe piercings were the most painful. Maybe it depends on the type of pain people are more willing to deal with–I hate constant burning aches/soreness, but can deal with sharp pinches (VCH). Seriously, my VCH hurt for about two seconds and then it literally never hurt ever again. Easiest piercing by far.

  • I’ve had my nose Cartilage lip belly button and clitoris pierced . I must say that my private hurt the most . But is the quickest to heal . It closed and I recently had it redone … let’s see how long it takes this time .

  • I went get my nipples done but chickened out and got my clit done instead. I know sounds weird. Anyways the piercing itself did not hurt one bit. I was grabbing the table ready to jump off from the pain. I felt him put the clamp on and that was it. It did sting from time to time while healing and occasionally someone would press down a little too hard but it was def worth getting it done. I’ve seriously considered getting it redone. I took it out to have my son. I had an allergic reaction to the catheter and by the time the swelling had gone down the hole was healed.

  • I have had 6 piercings in total: eyebrow, regular nose piercing, septum, tongue, & both nipples. Of all these I would have to say my most recent piercing was the worst: MY SEPTUM! But to be perfectly fair I was moving quite a bit & was pierced through cartilage, my tongue did not hurt getting pierced but the healing was a b*tch! My nipples didn’t hurt at ALL but I have to have those repierced seeing as I lost both on a drunk night about 7 months after having them pierced (can you say scar tissue? ) LOL but in order from most painful to least I’d say:
    1. Septum 7/10
    2. Nostril 6/10
    3. Eyebrow 5/10
    4. Tongue 2/10….healing 4/10
    5&6. Nipples 1/10 , easy healing .

  • My most painful piercing was my Cartilage. I made the mistake of having it done with piercing a gun at the mall (I don’t recommend using piercing gun.)

    To me my nose piercing hurt a lot less, and had faster heal time.

  • Just done pierced at the mouth,nose,cartilage,and even got two kinds of tattoo,at neck and back.. it’s quite cool but, i regret it.

  • I got my Daith and tragus done at the same session. My tragus was way worse than my daith. I have a nose piercing and that was nothing. The only other thing I have is gradual ear piercings on the left and 3 lobe. 1 helix on the right. Helix was my worst pain, but I love them all.

  • My septum piercing for me personally, was not really that painful. Looking back on it, it was probably about a 5 1/2, maybe 6. It may have also been the fact that the piercer had to pierce me twice. Yeah, jumped the first time. And I know how absolutely horrible that may sound to some people, but it honestly just prepared me for the actual piercing if that makes sense.

  • I am 24 and a college graduate, I have been getting piercings since I was 16! I’m addicted and I plan on accumulating more soon. Hopefully dermal are my next venture. Here’s my opinions of the piercings I have on the pain I experienced in order of top 5 most “painful”:
    1. Cartlidge- age 18, initial pain was extremely uncomfortable and mine never healed eventually forming a keloid and I gave up and took it out since I was never able to sleep on that side of my head. Definitely the most painful piercing I have ever had.
    2. Nose- age 20 and 21, initial piercing hurt like a bitch caused my eye on that side to water and then it was over. I had the same side pierced twice because I took it out for a job. The second time it hurt more and bled more due to scar tissue. The healing process was not too bad unless you got a Kleenex caught on it. I no longer have this one.
    3. Belly button- age 16, initial piercing was not even felt but shortly after was extremely painful clothes hurt moving hurt sleeping on my stomach hurt. I was in high school so running during athletics and lifting weights hurt.
    4. Monroe- age 22, initial was a little painful my eyes did tear up and then I laughed. It felt like a tingling sensation for several days after more than anything. Not much pain unless the piercing would get caught on my tooth because it was long to account for swelling. As soon as I was able to change it I never had any problems.
    5. Nipples- age 23, initial was not as bad as expected I used a few curse words when the needle went through but other than that I had a pretty quick recovery. I would say I was uncomfortable for about a week or two but it wasn’t painful unless it got caught on something such as a bra or my arm hit it. This is definitely my favorite piercing I have so don’t let the fear of the pain keep you from getting it if you really want it!

  • I have my belly button, nipples, septum and two lobe piercings. Easily the most painful was my septum but that was done by a non professional and I do suffer some minor nerve damage. Belly button hurt but not too bad. Second most painful was both my nipples. The needle going through hurts like hell. But afterwards, they stung for about an hour, didn’t really hurt, and I’ve had no pain since! The most pleasant healing time I’ve ever experienced. Even my ear lobes hurt more healing than my nipples.

  • Lip wasn’t that bad for me (and i’ve got 7 of them). Septum clamp hurt more than the piercing itself. Nipple was quite bad as was tongue (especially tongue swelling the day after). Worst for me for some reason was belly button. had 2 rings done at the same time and it was pure agony.

  • I just got the snake eyes piercing (tip of the tongue) yesterday and that did not hurt, all I felt was a lil pinch…today i have no pain at all it’s still a lil difficult for me to chew certain food but other then that I’m fine just follow the directions on how to take care of it and u will be good

  • everything in this article is correct in my opinion. I think that the order of pain was correct and the genital piercing would be by far the worst piercing. thanks t the writer, really interesting!! Xx

  • I just had my nose done and it honestly, didn’t hurt for me at all. On a scale 1-10 it was probably a 3/10. It hurt slightly and then after that it just felt a little uncomfortable, but it did not hurt as bad as everyone says it does.

  • Septum or bull is the most painful thing ever cause it take a god 8 seconds to get the needle in cause the skin is so thick if you dont have a good pain tolerence this piercing is definetly not for you

  • I disagree with the genital part, because it was quick and not that painful to me. The healing process wasn’t that long and I didn’t have any pain issues afterwards. I loved everything about my piercing that I tried to get another one 5 years later.

  • Well, I’ve gotten both of my nipples pierced, and it hurts for like 2 seconds. Afterwards it was itchy for half an hour, then it was gone and I’ve had no troubles with it at all. Getting my tongue pierced however, was way more painfull and I wasn’t able to eat for a couple of days.. I find it weird, that that peircing is nowhere in the list, since it hurts way more than the ear. Luckily, it heals a lot faster than the cartilage

  • I’ve gotten my nipples both pierced and I truly felt like it didn’t hurt that bad, now I’ve streched my ears to a 00 gauge and they’re not suppose to hurt when you strech or your doing something wrong. But with my nipples the only part that truely hurts is changing the jewlery sometimes, when it comes to changing them out alot it can really start to hurt. Bit other than that the piercings itself didn’t hurt much.

  • I got my cartilage pierced and it hurt like HELL!!! I could see the piercer’s hand shaking as he forced the needle into my ear. I got em both done the same visit. It aas excruciating for a couple of moments and that was it. He said that I had very thick cartilage which probably helped contribute to the pain. Would I do it again? Definitely…only 1 at a time the next time.

  • I had my industrial and belly done, surprisingly I felt nothing from my industrial, but my belly kinda hurt, not as bad. I have a extremely high pain tolerance though so lol. The healing process is kinda annoying but in the end it’s really worth it! Planning to get my spectum and more lobe piercings!!

  • I’ve had both nostrils pierced (on the same day), my septum, my tongue, a naval piercing, both nipples, my lobes (which are now gauged to 5/8ths), my second holes in my lobes, and my daith. My pain scale is as follows:
    Lobes: 1/10
    Nostrils: 3/10
    Septum: 4/10 the piercing didn’t hurt much but it took ages for the swelling to go down.
    Tongue: 3/10 the initial piercing was painless but I’ll never do the healing process again. My tongue was so swollen for two weeks I could barely eat.
    Daith: 2/10 didn’t really feel it but the healing process has proven to be a tad irritating.
    Naval: 2/10 the healing process is.. meh. Kinda annoying but not painful. Just uncomfortable.
    Nipples: 9/10 ok. So the nipples being pierced is easily the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve fractured a rib. It’s like they are on fire for the first 3 days. Accompanied by intense throbbing. Then a dull aching takes over for awhile. Maybe two weeks. I’ve had them for a couple years now. I absolutely love them. But never again. Well, there you have it.

  • Just got my two nipples pierced. (I’m a guy.) Practically slept through it. But I’ve had LOTS of serious medical surgeries in my lifetime, so a needle poke isn’t all that frightening.

  • So I have my cartilage, nostril, belly button, and both nipples done. my nipples hurt the least . that was a breeze. my nostril hurt the most. made my eyes tear up. I’m going for my septum next. :)

  • My nose! In order of my most to least painful: nose, cartilage, nipple, tragus, lobes.. I had to get my nose pierced twice, though, because the first time it fell out. Both times I got my nose pierced I got green and almost fainted. And with my nipples, I just muttered, “sh*t!” and it was done. Bodies are weird.

  • I have goten a lebray piercing. Left side.of.lip both ears are gauged my cartilage on tops ears… Eyebrow I got a pearl .. And my most recen piercng just a week ago less maybe was frenum or something its right under the tip of my penis lol I love my piercings only 23 I got.tons to go.!!!!

  • I have 13 piercings in all for right now. I have 7 up the whole length of my left ear. I have 3 up the right ear, plus an industrial and orbital in my right ear. My most recent one is my septum. Pain scale:
    Cartilage: 2/10
    Industrial: 4/10
    Orbital: 8/10
    Septum: 3/10
    I love piercings and my next ones are going to be my daith in my right ear. Then I’m planning on getting my clit hood pierced. To each their own.

  • I have 5 piercings right now; I had a few more but here’s a list of the ones i got
    Eyebrow got it done twice; Doesn’t hurt at all
    Nose got that done 3 times; Doesn’t hurt that bad you do feel it but it feels like a pinch and your eye(s) will water automatically.
    Lip (just the bottom) Hurt a little bit bot to much just a little bit of a sting.
    Belly Button (top); Doesn’t hurt just another stinging feeling.
    Tongue; I never felt any pain when it was being pierced but after i got it done it was hard to eat and the piercer will explain that you cant eat a lot of solids after getting it done, It only hurt for a day or two after getting it done.
    Nipples (both); hurts a bit since i had a child and he cracked my left nipple at birth, my left nipple didn’t hurt as much as my right nipple.
    But it all depends on your pain tolerance; some have a higher one and some have a lower one but those are my experiences from all the piercings I got.

  • I got my nose and daith pierced. My nose was so easy. I didn’t even know the needle went in until I asked my friend if I was done, with the needle still hanging in my nose. My daith on the other hand was one of the most painful things I experienced. I kept holding my breath because of the pain and ended up losing a lot of blood. Sleeping on the daith piercing was super uncomfortable for months but now I love it! My nose gave me issues when I first changed from a stud to a ring but it’s fine to change back and forth now. Next stop, nipples.

  • I’ve done eyebrow, nose, lip, a vertical hood, and i friend of mine pierced my ears with a gun the piercings called helix and tragus (a stupid thing to do but i didn’t know better at that time) The worst was the vertical hood but they used a numbing cream that helped a little bit. I said it was the worst, but i don’t think it was that bad. The lip didn’t hurt at all, and the eyebrow was a piece of cake. Now i want to get my ears stretched, and i want to do a helix and a daith or a industrial. I’m not sure how painful this?

  • i really want to get my carltage and my nose dont but my uncle wont let me because he said that it looked goth and i told him that it wasnt goth

  • My cartilage is the most painful, i could feel thumping pains like a heart beat for days when i got it done

  • I’ve had my ear lobes pierced 4 times now. Sadly 4 times for 2 holes. The pain was like a -1/10 for me. The last time I got them pierced (6 weeks ago) I didn’t feel the right one. The left one stung, but eh not that bad. I plan on getting my cartilage, belly button, another lobe and possibly another piercing in my ear when I’m 18. The belly button for sure. I’m not scared of the pain. I’ve had laser hair removal on my stomach so yeah.