Revamp Your Living Space With Turquoise Home Decor

Want to switch things up a bit with your interior style? Why not try a cool splash of turquoise for a bold statement!

When you think of turquoise and aqua colors in home decor, you may instantly think of either bathrooms or the year 1997. We all remember the bright blue and red rooms of the nineties, after all—every room of my childhood home was a different color, so I can see why you may flinch at the idea of welcoming turquoise back in!

However, cool blue shades are the best way to refresh your home’s look, and make you feel bold and adventurous this spring. Here are a few ways to mix turquoise and aqua into your home without going completely under-the-sea!

1. Use it as a finishing touch


You may already have a brilliant theme in your home at the moment, and are probably quite reluctant to see it change completely. So, instead of saying goodbye, simply welcome in some small pieces of aqua that can really spice up what you have already.

A great way of doing this is by adding decorative cushions and something that can be more of a statement, like a turquoise footstool. This way, you can keep your room’s original look, but brighten it up with some cool blue!

2. Find a statement wall

Sometimes, rooms can look rather plain and simple with just one block color on all four walls. Your eyes aren’t drawn to anything; you simply become blind to all the features that the room has to offer, and where’s the fun in that?


One brilliant way of not only incorporating aqua and turquoise into your room, but also make it stand out is by finding a statement wall in your room to splash on the paint. This is usually a chimney breast wall of some description, or the wall that your television is in front of, so your eyes are drawn to it at every possible moment. Try a block of aqua color to contrast with other white walls or perhaps some turquoise wallpaper with a funky pattern to really spice things up.

3. Pastel it up


As we said before, aqua and turquoise don’t have to be garish and loud; they don’t have to be bold and bashful either. You can tone down these colors however you prefer, depending on which room in your home you are focusing on.

For a bedroom or living room design, try a turquoise that verges on the ‘duck egg’ shade, so it’s tempered down ever so slightly not to be too loud and overwhelming. This pastel turquoise can be mixed with cream furniture and decorative pieces as well as a variety of themes.

4. Splash into your kitchen


Your initial thought with aqua and turquoise had to have been that it belongs in every bathroom the world has to offer. It’s true: these colors are associated with shinier and splash-filled rooms because blue is generally a very fresh color. It represents hygiene, water and everything that makes you feel all refreshed and squeaky clean. So, why not bring some turquoise into your kitchen instead?

Let your kitchen look sparkling with the help of turquoise-mixed glasses, plates and bowls. Or, make a statement with a set of blue glass countertops, with perhaps even a bit of glitter for the glamorous weekends in. This may be a pricey alternative, but the long-term benefits will be unbelievable. If you need a cheaper option, invest in some glass chopping mats with a blue faded effect mixed into them to really stand out on your kitchen counters.

5. Use it as part of a pattern


Turquoise and aqua shades can sometimes seem quite daunting and bold on their own, so why not make this color part of one large pattern? The best way to do this is by choosing three set colors, and incorporating them in with various parts of the room in question. A great pattern to choose that will give your room a very modern and clean feel has to be black, white and turquoise. One brilliant idea is to choose a variety of cushions with various designs on, usually block color blue ones and black and white striped ones, and intertwine them so your eyes are drawn to such a splash of color!

I told you it could be done, and you’re probably beginning to believe me! So, the next time you’re gasping for a splash of color in your home decor, don’t throw aqua and turquoise to the sidelines—they’re bound to transform your rooms for the better!

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