What Does it Mean When You Dream about Being Pregnant

Interpreting dreams isn't an exact science, so if your dreams of pregnancy are recurring, take a look at what's going on in your life to try to figure out why you're having them. Here's a couple of the usual meanings.

Pregnancy is a fairly often symbol in dreams, and like many others, it can be interpreted in many ways, often triggered by conflicting emotions. The dreams can vary, too. Are you just finding out that you are pregnant, or are you “ready to pop?” Are you happy, or anxious? Funnily enough, guys have these dreams, too. All in all, with all the variations, what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant?

Stress And Anticipation

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Sometimes a dream of being pregnant will occur as a symbol that you are stressed, and the last thing you would need is another big commitment – such as a new baby in your life. Doing way too much on your job, getting too involved in somebody’s hard times, or going through a rough patch in your relationship?

Your mind is trying to tell you that maybe you have too much on your hands, by putting you in a dream situation in which you know that soon there will be even more to worry about.

If you dream that you will be giving birth soon, maybe you are also fearing some change in your life that you know is bound to happen. In these dreams, you’re usually not happy about being pregnant.

Wanting A Baby

Whether you’re in a steady relationship, married or single, depending on your age, sometimes this is your mind’s unconscious, or conscious, desire to actually have a baby. If the dream is blissful and you can’t stop smiling looking at your growing belly, maybe you secretly want to take it to the next level and get pregnant.

Wanting a Change

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Maybe your personal or professional life needs to change. Are you bored of your partner, or have a secret desire to switch careers? The symbolism of soon-to-be motherhood in a dream can also mean that you are ready for a life-changing decision, one that only you, or you and your partner, can make.

Again, interpret this according to your mood in the dream. Being happy usually means that the thing you are dreaming is what you truly desire, in this case, a radical change.

Are You Being Put to the Test?

Dreaming that you think that you’re pregnant, but you are not sure and you’re taking a pregnancy test, can easily be “translated”. You feel that something in your life is going to be put to the test – your position in your professional or personal life, and you fear the results of that test.

Maybe you are feeling insecure about your abilities and success? Has anyone around you made you feel inadequate, or like you got something that you didn’t deserve?

Wanting to Express Yourself

Is there an emotion that you have been secretly nurturing, or have you been wanting to express yourself more abstractly (as in taking up some art)? The belly’s symbolism in a dream is processing some sort of information, like in the digestive system. Seeing a pregnant or growing belly means that the emotion will soon be “digested”, and expressed. Don’t hide it.

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  • How cant many ladies get pregnet and if their older sister cant get prego does it effect her other sister too or just her also what does it mean when u dream your self gettin prego does it mean that its really gonna happen??????

    • Speaking from experience, my aunt is infertile but my mother – her sister had me without any intervention, it’s not a transgenerational thing .. Just because a sister or brother is infertile does not immediately suggest you are too – good luck!

  • I dreamt that I took a pregency test and it was positive and I told my bf and he was so happy he was crying and I was happy too. I been wanting another baby but no success yet what could this mean about my dream?

    • Well, I think this could be just a sign from your subconscious that you DO want another baby, a “wish-fulfilling” dream if you may. Your mind might be getting impatient and worried, so your subconscious has tried to soothe you. Hope this helped!

    • I had this exact dream and still haven’t found out what it meant. If you got the answer please could you email me as I looked all over the internet for it. Thank you

  • I had this dream just today, this morning and every time I try to fall back asleep, I dream of it again. I dreamt that I already had my baby with me, he looked like he was about 3-6 days old. I have never dreamt of giving birth or just being pregnant. This the second time I have a dream like this. Except this time my boyfriend and I are worried, we used unprotected sex and we are unsure if I’m pregnant. In opinion, I’m pretty sure I’m not but… I don’t know why I dreamt of my baby boy being 3 months old first and then a new born… Help me please.

  • I dream that i had to do some sort of pregnancy test for high school. I dont know why a pregnancy test was required in my school. I was worried and a little scare of the results. My mom was with me and when i look, i saw the sign that meant positive, i was pregnant. And my mom looked a little disappointed but said we will deal with it. Then i remember my boyfriend, i thought we made this babytogether, this way we can finally stay together since he live in a different state. I was happy in my dream but then reality strucked me in a dream, it’s as if i realize my true present, i said to my mom but i cant be pregnant. Im a virgin i never had sex with any guy… then i remember in my dream wait… my bf hes my ex now.. we broken up a year ago and i dont talk to him anymore.. in my dream i looked sad because i wish i was still with him and then confuse as of why i was pregnant.. then i woke up… when i woke up i realize it was only just a dream and none of it was real but for a strange reason i wanted it to be real. Oh and i already graduated from high school and thank goodness because i woukdnt wanted to be pregnant in highschool.

  • i’ve had dreams where i’ve been pregnant but i’m only 17. in total, i’ve had 3 dreams. first i was pregnant then i totally skipped out of the 9 months & delivery & i had a baby boy with my ex best friend. the second one i had sex (not in detail) blanked out & it was with this guy i suppose was my boyfriend during a vacation. except he had the appearence of my best guy friend. the most recent dream i had was today where i was pregnant yet again but with another guy that looked like my best friend & skipped out 7 months & i was engaged to another guy & apparently it was my wedding day but wazn’t sure

  • ^if i wanted to marry my fiance cause i was in love with the baby’s dad. then i end up giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. what in the world could my dreams mean?

  • Okay so weird dream for me ive had dreams in the past that I was pregnant with a bump and that but this time I dreamt I had a step mum (which I don’t) She thought she was pregnant but also thought I might be which I was completely like ‘no chance’ she made me take a test hers was negative and mine positive. I was so shocked, we went in town got two more tests both came back with the same results as before. This dream just freaked me out completely Im only 17 and have had a dream before which came true ( I dreamt of a funeral had no idea whos funeral it was and about a month later my mum died) Freaky lol. Any idea on what my dream could mean?!?! Thankyou!

  • Ok the past two weeks I have had this dream about being pregnant and it goes fast but step by step. In this dream my obgyn is there with me in this house. The dreams started when I went to see him about two weeks ago and he told me that my left side ovulated. He tied my tubes three years ago. So back to the dream, I went to see him Monday and I didn’t ask or say anything to him about this occurrence. So what can my dream be meaning? My husband and I want another child but I’m not sure we can get pregnant. This dream just started two weeks ago and it is an every night all night dream.

    • I keep having dreams almost every night that im pregnant and it shows me getting bigger and having a girl and me and my b/f are so happy but Ive always wanted a boy and so has my b/f and then my b/f told me 2 days ago that he gets the feeling that im prego with a girl and he dnt really want kids and never has got the feeling before that I was prego so its kinda freaky but I want a baby so bad so im kinda hopeing it comes true and so does my b/f

  • Last night I had a dream I was pregnant.. 3-5 months.. Relatively small belly.. But I was very happy and oddly so was my partner… Then it switched over to bed and laid on my side.. Then started to roll on my stomach a little as I slept but I woke up immediately and rubbed my belly and apologized to “my son” and it was fine when the next seen showed a healthy baby boy being handed over….

  • I had a dream last night that I was pregnant but I wasn’t sure. I was pregnant by my guy friend, and my mom gave me the pregnancy test. What does my dream mean?

  • my husband had a dream that we was at our wedding and I gave birth right after we said I do,we been married for a mth now, what does his dream mean?

  • My fiance and I had an argument and split up. After being separated for 2 weeks we saw each other at work and ended up having make up sex right there. Before we split up we had talked about kids and wanting them, but waiting till after the wedding. Now, a couple months after the breakup we are back together, and have had unprotected sex several times. Since a week after we split up I have been having dreams about being pregnant with our baby girl. And every night I dream of my little angel. Usually I am pregnant, but there have been a couple after she was born. And we are both overjoyed. She is what we both want more than anything. But we are not ready for her yet. In the dreams we are calling her by her name and everything. And when I wake up I can still “feel” her. Like I am actually pregnant. I have never been pregnant in my life so I don’t really know what it feels like. Just what I imagine it would feel like. And then reality sets in and I just feel really empty. Every test intake is negative. Anybody have any idea what this means?

  • I’m a older woman and a couple of nights ago I dreamed I was pregnant and my mom who i couldn’t see her face or didn’t feel like it was my mom got a pregnancy test I felt scared then I woke up from the dream not sure what this all means?

  • I had a dream where i took a pregnancy test and it came positive and i was hiding this from my bf, because he would freak out…my period had just ended on sept 3, we had unprotected sex on sept 6 i took the plan b pill, a week later i started spotting and my boobs hurt, my period is due this week and so far nothing, i took a pregnancy test and it came negative they told me i had to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks to find out if i am, its been 3 weeks and I’m scared of being pregnant because just last yr i had a miscarriage and my bf and I felt w a lot, lately I’ve been having pregnancy dreams can you help could i be pregnant?

  • we dealt w a lot and now feel happy I’ve overcome my fears and moved on but now I’m just scared of it happening all over again =(

  • I had a dream just last night about randomly being pregnant I had a bump, and I was so upset with myself, but my boyfriend was happy. I went into the bathroom and took the baby out of myself an held it and looked at it. Then I went out to the kitchen and asked how to out it back and somehow I for it back in and it kept growing. I was still disappointed in myself because I didn’t want to be young and pregnant and still in school.

    My boyfriend wants a baby when I get older, but I’m afraid to and I’m always worried about miscarriage and I think that’s what this dream was representing.

  • I had a dream that I took three pregnancy test, two said positive, the other negative. I then drove to my boyfriends work and told him. we both started crying. the rest of my dream were just pictures of my boyfriend and I, totally happy, and my pregnant belly. what does this mean?

  • I dream I giveing birt to n boy and in the dream there was n lot of familie all was happy and the looks like his father my husband I have this dream nou for 2wekes.what does this dream mean???? I’m worryde

  • I keep having dreams if being pregnant. At first it was dreams of just that, recently they became dreams of giving birth. Then last night It was a dream of holding my baby and breast feeding. In all of these I feel happy never sad or worried. Especially the latest one it was so vivid and I was so ridiculously happy. My boyfriend and I aren’t together it has been a tough time. I miss him and he was the man I was going to marry and have kids with. What does this mean!!?? Is it just because I lost the future we had planned together? Or what does it mean? I kept wondering if I was pregnant because we were together even after the break up? Some help and insight please?!

  • My Boyfriend Had A Dream That I Was Pregnant. I’ve Been Very Tied And Not Wanting To Eat The Foods I Did Like. And Sensitive To Smells. We Have Been Very Active. But Haven’t Took A Test. I Don’t Know If His Dreams Mean Anything What Could They Mean?

  • I had a dream I was pregnant. I had ALL my family around and was irritated at them (as I usually am) but I was happy. In reality I live across the country away from all of them but still have a VERY strong relationship. I kept rubbing my big pregnant belly. I had felt the baby move for the first time and was rubbing his head, which was pushing out of the side of my stomach.. What does my dream mean???

  • I am 17, and don’t want kids at all. But I keep having dreams that I’m pregnant. I’m single and in my dreams there is never I father and I have no idea how I’m pregnant but I am so happy I’m always about 7 months and I can’t wait to have my baby… I have no idea what this means haha in the last dream I had I was having twins. Do you think you can tell me what all of this means??

  • Hi I’ve been having dreams of me being 9months pregnant but sometimes its dreams of me just finding out that I’m pregnant. I’m only 18 just finished school but I don’t what my dream could mean and I have a boyfriend of 3years now we never had sex but what could my dream mean?

  • I’ve been trying for a baby now with my partner for nearly a year. We both have children from previous relationships but finding us getting pregnant together very disapointing and stressful. I had a dream that I done a pregnancy test and it was positive….what does this mean for us?

  • I dream of being pregnant n posing in a long mirror. I suffed a misscarage in nov 13 n more than anything would love to be pregnant again I think it is my consions telling me that it’s time to try again.
    Could anyone help me please
    As im very anxious about it

  • Last night i had a dream that i gaved birth to a baby girl and it felt so real because i saw how she looked. She was light skin and had my husbands eyes and my noise. What does my dream mean

  • Hi i am 19 and I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby boy and they cut the cord and then everyone spent time with but not me. I was out with friends in my dream and crazy stuff was happening and I could never find a name for him either. But later on I tried to hold him but he cried.

  • I’m 18 and a lot of my friends are pregnant or have a child. My boyfriend and I already have names picked out when we do have kids but its not anytime soon. A few days ago I had a dream that I was giving birth. It was very detailed I could see every face that was there in the hospital and my baby. Then my boyfriend told me that he had a dream a couple days ago that we were moved in together, and I was holding our baby. Does that mean something? Having a very similar dream so close to each other?

  • Im 19 and I’m still not ready for a baby but I keep dreaming about being pregnant and In my last dream I looked 2 months pregnant and I couldn’t be any happier having a baby growing in me.

  • I dreamt that I was pregnant. I was just sitting there with nothing, no emotions at all. And it was vague, I could barely make up what I saw. And I guess I could be fearing something, but I don’t know

  • I keep having dreams im having a girl im not pregnant my period almost due but today I have been bleeding light . My mom (r.I.p) knows how bad I want a girl what does my dream mean? !

  • I’m in 7th grade going to high school next year and I had a dream of finding out I’m pregnant I got kicked out of school and I had to tell my family i went to the Doctor and she said it was positive I don’t remember the daddy I think it was my best guy friend or my bf josh it was in high school what does my dream mean?

  • I been dreaming that im getting pregnant by my ex but im only 15 ,for the past week like night after night I been dreaming different thngs about getting prego, since me and my ex broke up . and idk what it means then I wake feeling sick then it goes away what does it mean idk how to make them stop someone please someone respond back

  • I had a dream my friend asked me was I pregnant I said no .when I woke up he asked me the same question as we were leaving weird right…. what does this mean

  • In my dream I was already at the hospital waiting to have my baby and the father unexpectedly someone I have seen before but never met. I am single and would love to have a baby but that was really a surprising dream. What could it really mean?

  • What does it mean if you have a dream that you are pregnant and you felt sick in the dream and when waking up out of the dream you was feeling that same sick feeling on your stomach?

  • Ive been having the same recurring dream im pregenet and im at a ultrasound and I find out im having a boy now im not with child but I do have three kids b4 I knew I pg with I would have dreams about them. Idk if I am im scared help me what does this dream mean

  • this might sound strange but I am single my bf just dumped me 6 moths ago but im 19 and graduating highschool in 3 months and for the past 2 weeks ive had similar dreams always the same concept im at graduation walking the stage happy as can be and I take off my robe and im pregnant but hold my belly and still happy. or its after graduation but not long and im happy and always theres never a guy in the dream but im pregnant and I love kids and someday want kids in the near future. my mom and I were just talking about it the other day she asked me if I wanted kids and stuff. my last relationship was the only one I was ever intimate with. I think what my dreams are saying that I want to start a family soon after graduation I don’t want to hold back I want it cause all my dreams im happy and wake up smiling and happy till I realize im awake. my cousin just had a baby and she let me hold her I felt so comfortable holding her in my arms putting her asleep.

  • Every night I have a dream about me being pregnant what is my dream telling me and I need help with this question and find what my dream means

  • I dreamt last night that I gave birth to a tiny baby girl, but no one was around me to support me, my family or my boyfriend. I’m not actually pregnant and I don’t want to be, but in the dream I asked my mother for help changing her nappy and she wouldn’t help. I felt very much alone and scared. What does this mean?

  • I’ve been dreaming a lot about being pregnant, being in labour and being mom to a adorable baby girl. Last night once again I had a dream that I toke several pregnancy tests and even went to the doctors and got it confirmed. I somehow know that it’s a girl I’m carrying because on my way home I look at baby clothes and then think to myself no these are for boys, I’m having a girl. Then suddenly it’s like we jump months ahead and I already have a baby bump and I am very sensitive to some smells, because of the pregnancy when I suddenly can’t remember when the baby is conceived. I try to count how far along I am, but realize I can be pregnant because I’m still a virgin. Me and my sister is talking about this when I say that in these pass couple of months I’ve have 2 incidents where I can’t remember where or with whom I’ve been all night. Suddenly the focus goes of me and my pregnancy and me and my sis starts to talk about school and the exams we are having.. This is one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had but I remember being so happy thinking of my baby girl..

    What could this dream mean?? Btw I’m a 21year old girl :)

  • Well I dreamed that I was 8 months pregnant and that I delivered a healthy boy but no sign of delivery just putting him in the car seat what does this mean

  • I just had a dream that my husband was getting ready for work and I was still in bed and he came out of the bathroom and told me I was pregnant, what would that mean?

  • Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant and In the dream I was kind of minding my own business at my dads eating food and next thing I know my waters brake and I’m screaming at my dad but he doesn’t take me to hospital my step mother helps me conceive the baby at home, I finally have my baby and it’s a boy I instantly fall in love with him and feel so close somehow in my dream it skips to where my baby is about 2 years old and we go in my dads car and I’m holding my baby’s hand, the weird thing is he had some facial features that resemble my boyfriend and me! So I take him to see his dad (my boyfriend) and I for some reason hadn’t named him yet so we both agreed on the name Calvin I’ve never thought about calling anyone Calvin I don’t know where that name came from but I was quite upset when I realised this was just a dream because Calvin meant the world to me what could this mean?….

  • i recently dreamt that i a having a baby boy but i am not married and i am virgin too.
    the dream was simple i was the mother of the baby boy but was unable to takecare of him so i asked my mother to help me n i was very happy because the baby was very cute and healthy even my fiance who was my husband in the dream was quit happy:-)
    pls help me what does this mean??

  • I’ve had these dreams several times now where I dream of giving birth of a baby I hold the baby and name the baby (each time its different sex and name) well after I wake up I started my period. I really can’t find anything online on what the meaning of this is because I wasn’t thinking I was pregnant or anything I wasn’t even thinking of wanting a child. In the dream I felt everything the pain and the overwhelming love for the child just thought it was weird any ideas on what it could mean?

  • hi
    i m 31 yrs old lady .i m 1 month pregnant. i have seen yesterday night dream cracked milk .what does that mean pls tell me.
    i have already 7 yrs boy child.
    pls tell me about my dreams meaning.

  • I dreamed that i was sexually active with this guy I used to talk to and then found out that I was pregnant but what does it mean

  • I keep having dreams that I am pregnant with twin boys. I am not currently trying to get pregnant but everytime this has happened before i have been pregnant kind of concerned.

  • i often dream that I’m pregnant a lot. but i usually don’t carry to term., like something always happens but i never know who the fater is. but recently i had this dream where i knew who the father was and i was pregnant and i lost him but i didn’t know i was pregnant. what does it mean.??

  • Ihave been wanting to be pregnant. An last night I had a dream that I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep an when I went to put my hands on my stomach, hands an feet pushed up from my stomach meeting my hands. It kind of startled me for a moment. What could this mean?

  • I’ve been sleeping with a man who is in a relationship for eight months I have fell in love with him I am on birth control but have felt as if it may be malfunctioning last night I had a dream that I was pregnant and my head was injured we were doing a DNA test an me and his girlfriend were fighting please what does this mean?

  • I had a dream a few days ago of me n my dad 5alking n right before I woke up he told me he knew I was pregnant and it’s been stressing me out because I don’t know what to think of it

  • I dreamt tht I was preg n was happy. My mum(late mum) was caring for me in everyway tho she was running out of the money n dint want to tel me(yet I had enaf money of my own). The only tym I felt some sort of shame is wen I met wth my colleague (the most hard working person I kno) who was studying n someone shouted to him tht I was expectant .what’s the meaning of tht ?

  • I had a dream not that long ago that i went to the doctors n found out i was 2 months pregnant but i was still getting my period n everytime i think bout having another baby i say her as in a baby girl i keep dreaming it will be a girl if i get pregnant again what does this mean??

  • I dreamt of going to a doctor check up and finding out I was pregnant; I had the pregnancy results and was trying to find my boyfriend and tell him, but in the dream when I found him I had lost the results, and then I had the results again but couldnt find him.
    I dont know what it means all together, him and the pregnancy.

  • This is the second time i dreamt of being pregnant, they are different dreams but some things are the same like both dreams im pregnant but never gave birth….what does that mean??

  • Last night I had a dream that I woke up to use the bathroom and realized I was pregnant, because my breast were sore, tingling, & changing colors.. my feet were becoming swollen, & my stomach had a pudge.. and the weird thing about was just almost 2 weeks ago, I had unprotected sex & he actually did ejaculated in me. What should I do?

  • I was dreaming this morning(09-03-17) about being pregnant.. In my dream I have a pregnancy test that I was holding and it was positive until I woke up and back to sleep again but still my dream was all about pregnant.. What should I do?Should iI buy a pregnancy test kit ? I got confused today..

  • Please I had a dream that my mum told me that j was pregnant and after some days she called me and ask me same thing I don’t now am really confuse now pls I need some one to explain some thing about it for me