It Isn’t Just You: 28 Weird Things All Of Us Secretly Do

You are guilty as charged, and you know it. Those little things you thought no one knew you did, but everyone knows, because they do them too!

There are things that are human nature and are pretty interesting…and hilarious. And no one would ever catch you doing them because you would never do them, would you? Well, no one believes you, because those are just weird things people do all the time, they just don’t talk about it.

1. Shouting at someone in your mind

retro cartoon shouting brain

Your boss really got on your last nerve. You are fuming. Steam is coming out of your ears. So you walk away thinking about all the things you would say when you see them next time. Then you walk up to them and smile without saying a single thing.

Maybe next time you should say what you actually think. But try to do it in a nice way.

Having conversations with your friends in your mind

Just as you can shout or argue with someone in your mind, you can have conversations with them. Your best friend isn’t around? That’s a shame. At least you can still talk to them when trying to figure out if you really should date that guy.

2. Trying out the surname and picturing the wedding

You just got a drink from a gorgeous man at Starbucks and as you have gone there a few times and chatted, you finally add each other on Facebook. So you find out his surname and, in your mind’s eye, you try it out next to your own name. Does it sound good?

Maybe you also imagine what the wedding and kids would be like? Of course, you don’t really have any intention of marrying him. Not just yet, anyway. You just think about it to be on the safe side should the topic ever come up, three years from now.

3. Picking your nose

No, you’re not going to do it in public, but when no one can see and there is something stuck in there? Of course you try to get it out. Just don’t tell anyone I said so.

4. Their sex life must be…

You stare at a couple with a baby and suddenly you wonder how on Earth this baby could come to be, because the parents look like they would never ever have sex. So, you’re kind of shocked. Only of course you would never think about that, not at all.

On someone else’s wedding day you suddenly realize they will have sex that night. Will it be good?

5. When someone’s mean to you, you want them to feel bad

Hand painted fashion illustration of a woman eye

Someone’s been mean to you and you imagine just how much they will regret it, either when you die and their conscience hits them full force, or when you, say, win an Oscar, or the Nobel Peace Prize, or the Pulitzer Prize. Or at least when you marry Leo DiCaprio.

Just imagine that. Oh, you already did? If you’re an actor you probably already wrote the speech, too.

6. Black heads and zits

They are gross. So naturally, you squeeze them to get rid of them.

7. When you meet someone hot

You happen to end up having a cup of coffee with someone, being interviewed by them for a new job, interviewing them yourself, they are the new neighbor next door or you just started working with them. Only, they happen to be hot, smoking hot.

And immediately you start asking yourself questions about them, like would they be the kind of guy you could date? What kind of underwear do they sport? Do they shave their armpits? What would they be like in bed? And when you think they aren’t watching you are checking out everything from their ass to their fingernails.

8. You just can’t stop

You hire an entire series (or just open Netflix) and then you can’t stop watching for days. You’re addicted like it was crack.

Likewise, you start a book at night to read three pages. You finish the book at 5 am and arrive to work with a book hangover the size of the caffeine mountain you are about to climb.

9. You go into a trance

The last time you paid attention to traffic was five blocks away. You have no idea how you got to where you are.

You pick up a book and start reading, only to realize some time later you have no clue what you just read. You have, on the other hand, decided what to wear on your next date.

10. You hit refresh

illustration of a pretty business woman using laptop

Seriously, that email should have arrived. There should be more likes on your Facebook update. And that guy most certainly should have sent you a message by now. So why isn’t it coming through? Refresh!

11. You see your life unfold

You book a vacation and before you know it, in your mind’s eye, you see the vacation unfold. Your neighbor on the tropical island turns out to be Chris Hemsworth (who is now magically single) and every night he toasts with you, and you drink, until one day, he invites you over. The rest is history (very hot history).

Ah, the things you’ve done in your mind. From being Cat Woman and saving the world to having an excellent shout down with Sarah Pallin.

12. You stop the microwave

Whether it is to avoid the annoying beeping in the end, or you are trying to detonate a bomb, you don’t let the thing go off.

13. You do let the thing go off

No, not the microwave, but the alarm clock. You set it early so that you will have time to snooze, many times. Hit snooze. Snore. Hit snooze. Snore. Hit snooze. Snore. Hit stop. And you are finally sufficiently ready to be awake. Congratulations. You made it to another day.

14. You post something on social media just to boost your confidence

Some things always get likes, like new profile pictures. So when you are feeling really down one day, you decide to get by with a little help from your friends.

15. You don’t post something on social media because you fear a war or confidence breakdown

You know you really support a cause, or you want to express something really badly, but you think it might lead to a Facebook war, or some people would simply stop liking you if you post it. So you don’t. But you know deep down inside what the people are thinking about the true you anyway.

16. You would never become one of THOSE people

woman eye peeking

You will never sacrifice a night on the town for a night at home with your boyfriend. You are not one of those lazy types. You love a happening social life.

You will definitively not become one of those moms that post pictures of their baby fifty times a month and only attend child friendly events. So boring, come on!

And most certainly, you will never do anything your parents did that annoyed you, absolutely not.

Yeah, right.

17. Over and over again

You tell yourself over and over again that you will not date a certain type of guy. You are through with playboys, cheaters, bosses (very impractical, leads to a lot of job changes), shop-o-holics, alcoholics, couch potatoes…

Nor will you ever again do something stupid like spending $200 on a pair of shoes just because they used to be $400. It will never happen again that you eat a whole pint of ice cream all by yourself whilst watching Netflix. This will never ever happen again, until next time.

18. You reread your own writing

You just wrote an email to someone important, and after you hit send, you immediately reread it. Same with the blogs you write. Maybe even the Facebook updates.

19. You ask for advice you don’t want

You know your best friend will tell you the guy you are dating is an ass, but you ask her anyway about what she thinks, and then spend thirty minutes trying to convince her that she is wrong, whilst listening to none of what she has to say.

20. You ask for advice because you know the answer

You know people will praise you for your choice of man, job, decision, etc. You just want affirmation and time to sit and oh and ah about how great you are and how exciting this thing is.

21. If you have a cold you blow your nose in the shower

Beautiful brunette during bath time

Guys do this all the time. What about us, women? We never do, unless we are desperate, of course, and look like Rudolph after the latest onslaught of the winter cold.

22. Delete posts

You posted this hilarious post on Facebook (Really, it was hilarious). But you only got one like. You probably posted it at the wrong time, or people are just stupid and don’t get it. To be on the safe side, you decide to delete it anyway.

23. You don’t trust anyone until you’ve seen their social media accounts (and googled them)

Of course you can rely on your super aware, mind blowing ability to decipher people at first sight. You just know the good from the bad. Only, it’s best you check Facebook before you are absolutely certain the guy is divorced and not still, secretly, with his wife and five other women. Just in case.

24. You panic when a guy doesn’t reply to a text straight away and freak out when he does

He doesn’t reply. You must have said the wrong thing. Or he just isn’t interested? Maybe you are like number three of three women right now?

He replies straight away. Clearly he has no life. He must be a stalker. You’re not sure he’s worth it. Maybe you should just not date him?

You pick up your laundry with your feet

You know just how to pick up your laundry with your toes, toss it in the air and throw it in the laundry bin. In fact, you should have won a gold medal for your skills in this department.

25. The best answers are your own

You talk to yourself. You debate problems, you tell yourself you rocked when you nailed a job assignment, you ask yourself what to have for dinner… These conversations are very enlightening as you always get the answer you thought you would, the one coming from your own intelligent self.

26. The laughter/giggle attack

Minimalistic outline art of young happy beautiful woman smiling with open mouth

You are on the subway, or in the middle of the street, and suddenly you remember something hilarious and burst into laughter. Much to everyone else’s stunned confusion.

Sometimes you just happen to overhear someone else’s conversation and you find the conversation or something they said hysterically funny. Embarrassed, you try to suppress the insuppressible giggle rising from within you, and fail.

You end up having a conversation with a hot guy. Maybe you are selling him something, maybe he’s selling you something, or maybe he’s your doctor, dentist, or barista. Either way he is hot, smoldering. And suddenly you have this urge to giggle and can’t remember anything at all that you are supposed to be saying. Your mind is a blank giggle.

27. Accidentally liking an old picture

You just met someone, and obviously, you want to find out who they are. So you research their social media. A certain photo had you in total awe or crying with laughter, and without thinking, you hit the like button. Only the photo was three years old, oops.

28. You don’t want to ask

Someone’s reading a magazine and you are looking over their shoulder, hoping they won’t notice, because you don’t want to ask them what they are reading and go buy it yourself.

You are at the airport, stuck in the security line, and too lazy to pick up your phone, so you are trying to check out what time it is by looking at other people’s watches. Those watches are set on time zones from all over the world, making it very helpful.

You have a habit of ending up with a certain kind of job situations, friends, or boyfriends. So you are dying to ask your hot date if he is a notorious cheater, if he has a habit of doing nothing but smoking pot all day, comes with a crazy ex attached, or has a tendency to embarrass himself when he gets drunk.

You may also want to know if he is capable of doing his own laundry, or still sends it to his mom. Of course, you can’t ask him that on a first date though, so you just wait, and wait. And potentially snoop.

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