What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Teeth Falling Out

Insecurities about your appearance or achievements can bring on this weird dream.

When you dream that your teeth are suddenly falling out, you will probably wake up shocked, touching your lips in the dark and making sure everything’s still there. This dream can be pretty disturbing, but the meaning is usually simple.

This is a fairly common dream, and the main meanings are insecurity, fear of change or loss, and other anxieties.

Physical appearance is important to all of us, and we all know what a nice smile means in everyday life.

So if you dream that there are suddenly gaps where your pearly whites were when you went to sleep, there could be something bothering you about the way you look. Sudden weight loss or gain, a new hairdo, a change in style? Do you suddenly have to look or behave in a certain way which is making you uncomfortable?


If you go deeper than just physical looks, this dream can also mean that you think that the image you project to others is false, or falling apart. Again, analyze any changes that you have made recently to see what the change in your image, not only as a woman, but maybe as a friend or lover, was.

The simpler meaning of this dream can be found if you think about what would happen if your teeth did start to fall out. Yes, it would or would not hurt, but you would suddenly have to be very self-conscious and you would definitely need help from a dentist. So what is this situation that you are currently in, that would make you feel scared, insecure and in need of help?

Also, you wouldn’t be able to talk properly. Maybe something in your life is making you feel like you won’t be expressing yourself in the right way. Maybe it’s a situation you were recently in, which made you feel like you didn’t speak your mind, or held your tongue until it was too late?


In the old days, teeth were also weapons, as they still are in animals. Dreaming of losing them can also mean that you feel like you can’t fend for yourself or others, and you are filled with a sense of losing your power in some way.

Losing teeth can also be interpreted as losing a part of yourself.

Was there a sudden loss in your life, did something make you feel like you were powerless to stop something or someone from walking away?

It’s also a fear of change, and one of the changes we all inevitably fear is getting old. Your mind may be telling you that you are afraid of some imminent change, after which you won’t be able to defend yourself or speak your mind.

Losing teeth is not only a sign of old age, but also of malnutrition and poor health. If you look deeper, maybe you feel like you are not taking good care of yourself, for one reason or another. Maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep or nourishment, or you feel like you are not nurturing your feelings and thoughts.

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