What to Watch and Read This Summer

So, it’s summer and have you decided on how much time will you spend resting and just simply doing nothing? Or do you still want to do a little something, maybe read a book, or see a new show, and a movie or two? If you do, then just read on.

TV Shows

New Girl TV Show

Girls. The young American film-maker Lena Dunham, who also plays Hanna in the show, portraits the life of 4 girls, in their mid-twenties. One had already figured out what she wants. One struggles to make her dream come true. One is still unsure of who she is, and just wants to have fun. And one is still young and inexperienced.

The show is realistic, a bit satiric, and a complete opposite of Sex and the City. The characters both look, and feel imperfect. At lot of the scenes you’ll be appalled, and at most of the scenes you’ll laugh. In the end, as a bonus, you will enjoy 4 completely different fashion styles of the main characters.

New Girl. Who doesn’t like Zooey Deschanel? And what can Zooey Deschanel do to 3 poor, unsuspecting guys when she moves in as their roommate? Just wait and see. She looks like a girl, she is beautiful, she has adorable hair, funny hats and captivating outfits.

But actually, she is a little Tasmanian devil, mixed with Casper the friendly ghost, trapped in a body of a forest nymph. Prepare for the laugh of your life. This show is even good for your abs.


letters to juliet movie

Letters to Juliet. Sophie travels to Verona where she meets the Secretaries of Juliet and finds a mystery love letter that leads her on a beautiful journey. This movie has everything it takes to make a perfect summer movie. Italy, its beautiful Verona, then the beautiful Toscan scenery, wonderful Amanda Seyfried, as the main character Sophie, a new romance and a life-long love story, and travel. What else do you need in a movie? Hopefully, you will be inspired to an unforgettable adventure this summer.

Fried Green Tomatoes. If you are the fan of the American Roaring Twenties, the Depression Era or the Jazz Age, than this is the movie for you. A beautiful story of friendship, love and loss, but also prejudice and injustice, is told by an old woman in a nursing home. And you must fall in love with the costumes, the drop waist dresses and little tomboys in their overalls.

For over an hour you’ll be transported to the American South in the twenties, you will smell the food, and hear the music, and you will cry with the characters and be happy when they are happy.


howl s moving castle

To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee, who wrote this book, was best friends with Truman Capote, who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so you have a promise of a good read right there. This is the story told by a little girl that will wrap around your heart and keep you warm until next summer.

You will run with the children, climb trees, share secrets and at the same time you’ll witness a tragic story of how prejudice can keep people apart, and how appearance will tell you little about a person’s heart.

Howl’s Moving Castle. Do you want to fall in love with the super handsome guy, who has a house that flies, and is also a wizard, and is able to fly? Then meet Howl and step into his moving castle.

Diana Wynne Jones paired a young girl, turned into an old lady by the evil witch, with a handsome and extremely vane wizard. If you want to know who will save who, then you must read this book. And when you finish the book, trust me, it won’t be enough, find the movie by none other than magical Hayao Miyazaki!

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