What Your Big Sister Really Wants You To Know

Sometimes it’s really hard for a big sister, like me, to divulge her deepest feelings to her little sisters. If you’re a big sister, you can relate to these.

I’m the first to admit that I could have been a better big sister to my three little sisters. I could have been nicer, more supportive and helped them out more with their problems.

To be completely honest with you, I think I can still do better now even though we’re all a little older.

Many women grow up unable to tell their little sisters how they really feel about them. Of course, they know that we love them, but I don’t think they know how we truly feel about being able to watch them grow up and being fortunate enough to be their role model for years.

There are a TON of things I wish I could tell my little sisters all the time. The problem? I don’t think we’re close enough, and there really aren’t many opportunities to bring up certain points.

But, if I ever did have the chance, or a certain outlet (uh hem – YouQueen) that would allow me to get the message across to them, this is what I would say to my little sisters. Maybe you’ll want to give you’re a little sister a call and say the same things.

1. I am ALWAYS here for you

what my big sister thinks of me

And by always, I mean literally any time of any day. If you need me to drive two hours to come get your bad-decision-making self out of jail at 3 in the morning, I will be out the door before we even get off the phone.

If you need someone to sit and listen when a guy has broken your heart, I’ll plug my phone in, hunker down and listen all night if that’s what you want.

2. I’m proud of your accomplishments

Overly proud. More proud than you can even imagine. When you do something that is awesome, get great grades, get into a wonderful college, land a good job, get your life together or even if you’re just a good person, I am proud. I am proud of every one of you for your own special reasons.

3. I brag about you

Yes, I did share the college you got into with all my friends because you’re so smart, and I like to brag about the fact that we come from the same gene pool.

Same goes for how gorgeous you all are. That’s right. I take partial credit for your cuteness because I was there to show you how to put on makeup, wash your face the right way and do your hair all pretty the way you do. I brag about the fact that you’re all amazing.

4. I am overjoyed whenever you ask me to do your hair/makeup

Closeup of a makeup artist applying makeup

I might sit there and pretend that it’s frustrating and inconvenient for me to take a few hours to do hair and makeup for two of you for prom—back-to-back, I might add.

But, the truth is that whenever you ask me to do that for you, I feel ridiculously happy. Out of everyone you know who can do hair and makeup, you came to me. Granted, it is cheaper that way, but still, you asked me and not your friend.

5. Being able to help with your homework was so special

I credit you three little sisters with making me a better student. I would come home and skip my own homework just to make sure you guys had the help you needed to succeed in school as well.

You’ll never know how happy it made me to sit down and go over fractions with you.

6. I wish I had built you up more

Being a typical big sister, I was mean. I called you ugly, fat, annoying, mistakes, nerds and probably worse. Also, I wish I had told you all how great you are, how funny you are and how beautiful you all are.

I wish I had spent more time making you more confident in yourselves instead of highlighting your insecurities.

7. Waking you up for school when we were little was secretly my favorite

Child girl wakes up from sleep

My alarm was set for 6 in the morning and I would wake up, shower, get dressed, wake you all up and go down to breakfast. That was my life for about eight years from the age of 10.

You may not think that it was much, but being responsible for you girls waking up and being ready for the day was something I took great pride in.

8. I can’t wait to give a speech at your weddings

The slew of embarrassing information I have on each of you is going to make for the BEST speeches at your weddings. I don’t care if I’m not the maid of honor.

I WILL grab a microphone at some point and tell your new husband and family all of the things that you used to do when you were little *cough* going to the bathroom at the same time…on the same toilet *cough*.

9. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you

Literally nothing. And for reasons related to keeping me out of jail, I won’t divulge just how far I would go for you, but just know that there is no limit.

If you need me to do something for you, it’s done. No questions asked. Okay…maybe a few—but that’s because I’m just a nosey sister.

10. I wish we were closer

Even though this is something that can change at any time I want, I really wish we were closer. I wish we had grown up closer. I wish we told each other all of the things in our lives: boyfriends, work, school, family. All of it. I wish we had grown up that way.

11. Sisters are a blessing

Your sister will probably comprehend you better while dealing with parents as well.

You may even get her on your side to be able to handle your parents when you tell them you are moving to the other side of the world, or are dating a man you know they won’t be thrilled about.

Sisters tend to stick around and know you a little bit better than you believe, despite the fact that you may occasionally despise them. While friends may come and go, there is something about having a sister,  that makes her remain around.

Here are some funny quotes about sisters which will make you hug yours.

Being the big sister is tough at times, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Would you?

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