Why Your Girlfriends Will Always Be More Important Than A Guy

Do you feel tired of the same old relationships that lead nowhere? At least your girl friends will always be there to pick you back up.

No matter what happens in life, you can always rely on that group of best friends to pick you up when you’re feeling low. Boyfriends will come and go, some may even stay, but the relationship cannot really compare to the bond you have built with your friends.

They are the ones who help you through everything and will sit and listen to all of your problems without criticism. When you’re going through a tough breakup, there will be no ‘I told you so’, instead they teach you how to have a great time being single.

And they definitely don’t judge you on your poor choices in life, because most likely, they’ve been there once or twice. The truth is that you can get by in life without a boyfriend, but you wouldn’t be able to make it without your girls by your side.

1. There’s no embarrassment

Group Of Female Friends Meeting In Cafe Restaurant

The number one rule with your best friends: never feel embarrassed to say what’s on your mind. You can tell them anything, and I mean anything, and they won’t care.

It’s probably because they can relate. You’re both women, so they know exactly how it feels when your emotions go haywire during that time of the month.

Explaining this to your boyfriend isn’t always easy, and for the most part they just don’t get it. There’s no shame telling your friends about your digestive problems or ingrown hairs – they totally understand and will never judge you for it.

2. They give great advice

The best advice usually comes from a close relative or your girlfriends. They know you very well, and because they have been through similar situations themselves, they are always there to help you out in your time of need.

You can hardly ask your boyfriend about boy problems – it just wouldn’t have the same outcome.

3. They remember the little details

A true best friend will never forget your birthday or other important dates that mean a lot to you. They make it their mission to remember the little things about you; how you two met, your favorite movie, how you like your coffee, and all of the other small details that shape you into the person you are.

Your boyfriend will probably have to be reminded of important dates and will most definitely forget your anniversary.

4. They like the same things

Portrait of three young female friends walking on the sea shore looking at camera laughing

One of the reasons you and your girls get along so well is because you have a lot in common. They are always down to binge watch Friends or Gossip Girl, which is really not your boyfriend’s kind of thing.

And you can swap clothes. Your girlfriends will tell you what looks good and what doesn’t work at all. Your boyfriend will probably just tell you what he thinks you want to hear, rather than the truth.

5. You can text them whenever you want

There’s always a risk when texting your boyfriend as you don’t want to come across as clingy or annoying. Should you double text or does that make you look too desperate?

When it comes to texting your girls, none of this crosses your mind. You know that there’s no reason to worry – they don’t care how many times you text them in one day.

And you can tell them about anything, no matter how crazy it sounds, and they will never be weirded out by it. That’s what happens when you know someone so well.

6. They forgive you

After all you have been through together, there’s nothing that can sever the bond. Even when you mess up and do something that upsets your friend, they will most likely be willing to forgive and forget.

Boyfriends like to make things more complicated than it needs to be and create issues that weren’t even there to begin with. Girlfriends know you better than that, and they won’t turn their back on you over one bad decision.

7. They talk about the future

Top view of three best friends tell secrets in bed

Boyfriends usually get uncomfortable talking about the future, even if you have been together for a long time. Talking about marriage and kids implies that you will stay together and a huge commitment like that can certainly give them cold feet.

Whereas it’s so much easier to talk about the future with your best friends. You can discuss your ideal wedding down to the color scheme and theme.

You can talk about how many kids you want and the names you have in mind. And you can tell them about your hopes and fears and career ambitions, completely at ease.

8. They contribute so much to your life

All in all, your girlfriends make your life a lot better. You never have to do anything alone; they’re always going to be there as a shoulder to cry on. When you’re having a bad day, they’re only a call or text message away.

Not to mention the inside jokes, gossiping over coffee, and the incredible memories you have shared together – nothing compares to the bond between you and your girls. They are and always will be the most cherished people in your life.

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