17 Affordable Date Ideas For College Students

Dating in college may seem difficult due to low funds and all the school work. Don't worry! Read on for great date ideas for college students and enjoy.

Being a college student usually entails a few things, you are being educated on a subject for your future and you are also going broke, or are low on cash. That is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, most students have financial struggles due to the mass amount of money that is required for a post-secondary education.

However, that doesn't mean that you stop living and enjoying life, you can't put your life on hold while you are in school. Meaning, you should also not forgo dating, just because you don't think you can afford it because you can.

Unlike in the movies, dating isn't something that is a big production where you must spend 100's of dollars. Dating can be simple, fun, money smart, and still very romantic.

How? Simply, because you and your significant other should be just happy enjoying each other's company, while enjoying dates. They can be classy, fun, sophisticated, romantic, and everything else you want it to be for a cheap price. Read on to learn about affordable dates for college students.

#1 Cook Together

Beautiful young couple is feeding each other and smiling while cooking in kitchen at home
While you and your special someone are cooking up something spicy in the kitchen, other things may be heating up as well. This date idea is one that allows you to both enjoy each others company in the comforts of your own home while you cook for each other, together.

Not only will you save money, you will also make memories and yummy food together. After the two of you are done cooking, you can either sit down and eat while watching sports with your wings, fries, and burgers. Or, depending on what you made you may want to sit down to a candle lit dinner, while you both dress up while you eat your chicken, steak, or pasta.

#2 Star Gazing

Not only is this pretty much free, it is also an extremely romantic date idea, especially if you are in college. For this date idea, all you have to do is find a nice spot, bring some blankets, and stair at the beautiful sky and all of the stars.

#3 Hiking

Finding a nice trail in a beautiful forest is very easy to do. Due to the use of social media and lots of websites which specify great trails you will easily be able to find great hiking spots for your date.

If you and your significant other likes the outdoors, wants some exercise, or just wants to explore, then this is the date idea for you. Not only is it cheap, but it is also a great date idea for college students as it will be a breath of fresh air compared to constantly hitting the books.

#4 A Walk In The Park

As cheesy as this may seem, it is really a great date idea if the two of you just want to do something last minute. Due to there being parks everywhere, try to find one with a pond, fountains, or even a botanical garden/greenhouse to walk through.

#5 Movie Theater

Some movie theaters near campuses give discounts to students, so if you and your date want to go out and see a movie, not only go on a day where it is their discount day for regular people, but also look into what discounts your student card can get the two of you as well.

#6 School Events

group of happy friends at hip-hop concert in night club
Going to your school’s sport games, pep rallies, parties, bake sales, concerts, talent shows, or any other event, is not only free or very cheap, but it is also a great date idea for college students as it is where you go to school. Meaning, you can not only enjoy a great date night, but you can also see friends and show some school spirit without having to travel far.

#7 Study/Homework Dates

As lame, un fun, and boring as this type of date sounds, it can actually be quite fun. As a university student, I can honestly say that the work piles up even, when you stay up to date with all of it.

As well, doing the work tends to be mind-numbing and time consuming. However, your love life doesn't have to suffer, make it a date where you guys sit together and study or do assignments.

That way you can not only take breaks together, but you can also help each other out and keep each other company while you study. Plus, you can also may be even hold hands while you work if it won't interfere with what you are doing.

#8 Coffee/Tea Dates

This is another great date idea for college students as there are so many cafes on campus for you to chose from, and it will also be a great break from studying and doing assignments.

This type of date works really well with busy schedules and tiring assignments as it can easily be done last minute, which really does come in handy for those moments where you want a last minute date because you can't even consider doing work any more.

#9 Carve A Pumpkin

When it comes to that magical, spooky night of the year, a cute date idea would be to carve a pumpkin together. Not only will you bond, but you will also show your Halloween spirit, may be even go out and buy some costumes for a party.

#10 Movie Marathon

This one is a classic, and a must do. Either use Netflix, or stock up on movies from the library or your own personal collection and binge watch.

Spend the day eating junk food, under a blanket, and watching a whole bunch of movies together. This type of date is perfect for college students, especially after mid terms or finals because when those are done all you want to do is cuddle and relax.

#11 The Zoo

young couple feeding flamingo birds with hands on pond
Who doesn't love animals, this is a perfect date for college students because it is very cute, a great bonding experience, and it's also lots of fun. This date also has potential to be cheap as some zoos offer discounts to students if you show your student ID.

#12 Museums

Like the zoo, this date can also be affordable as museums offer certain times where admission is free, or at least at a discounted price. As well, many museums offer discounts to students who show their student ID.

Going to museums for a date is also very fun because you can explore different cultures and eras from the past, or you can look at absolutely gorgeous art together.

#13 Skating

Lace up your skates and hit the ice rink. This is the perfect Christmas time, date idea to get you in the holiday mood, and to also have a fun, exciting night out with your special someone.

#14 Explore The City

Wake up, and plan a day of just being out on an adventure. Explore various parts of the city and downtown areas around you and then see what you want to do after that.

#15 Picnics

top view of a couple in love lying on a picnic plaid
This is a perfect date idea for college students, all you have to do is pack a basket full of your favourite foods and bring a blanket. You can even do this on campus in between your classes in a nice spot, or you can go to an even more romantic spot with better scenery.

#16 Build A Fort

That's right, a very old school idea, but it definitely is a classic worth doing. This date idea is perfect for days where you just want to curl up together and cuddle, fall asleep, or watch movies while you relax and not stress over all of your assignments.

#17 Mini Golf/Bowling/Batting Cages

This is a perfect date for college students who want to have fun, but also want to save up on cash. Not only is this a very cute date, it is also lots of fun and will be memories you two will cherish for a long time.

There are many other date ideas for college students to do that are also affordable and won't leave you stressed about money. You could always go on a bike ride, go for a beach walk, do a game night, bake together, celebrate holidays with the traditions that are associated with them, have a water fight, paint, go to a club, or go to a bon fire.

Of course your date ideas will vary and only some may suit you and your partner. If you don't know which date to chose from, write them all out, put them in a jar, and then pull one out whenever you can't think of any date ideas, then you can add more and more date ideas to your date jar as you go.

If you can think of anymore date ideas for college students that are affordable, feel free to share!

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