My Husband Ignores Me – How To Deal With Being Neglected

My husband ignores me. What to do? Do you feel neglected in your relationship? Here are tips to help you smartly deal with it. You may be in one of the most loving relationships in the world but ladies, the fact is even the strongest relationships get hit by fierce storms. You know yours got […]

My husband ignores me. What to do? Do you feel neglected in your relationship? Here are tips to help you smartly deal with it.

You may be in one of the most loving relationships in the world but ladies, the fact is even the strongest relationships get hit by fierce storms.

You know yours got hit when you start feeling neglected by your husband. It will hurt emotionally and there’s a huge possibility that you’ll get drained mentally, too.

The bottom line is, it can wreck your life and the relationship you’ve worked so hard to build with your other half. We know that’s the last thing you wanted to happen. We’ve created the following easy to follow guide.

This will surely help you manage yourself and your relationship with your spouse when you’re feeling neglected by him. Read on.

Look at yourself first

But, my husband ignores me! Yes, it sucks to feel neglected but before you start pointing fingers, turn to yourself first. Examine what you could have done that could have contributed to your current situation.

At no instance should you blame him entirely for how you feel because chances are, you didn’t get to that point only because of him.

Once you’ve figured out your part, try to put yourself in his shoes and look at the situation from his point of view. When you’ve found time to go through all these then you’re ready for the next step.

Communicate your feelings to him

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There’s nothing that can make him feel safe to open up than the moment you start being vulnerable to him. When you approach him in a non-threatening way, he’ll realize that you’re not sitting down with him to put blame but rather you’re willing to work with him so you can both get through the rough patch.

Remember to be honest about how you really feel and speak with kindness at all times. Never play the victim card. You don’t want to end up hurting him with words and actions that you can’t take back later no matter how hurt you feel because of being neglected.

Take it one day at a time

But, my husband still ignores me…

Just because you’ve had a heart-to-heart talk does it already mean that your relationship will be smooth sailing again? You’ll need to forgive each other and work together so you can be the couple you once were before.

Now, that’s not an easy task but for couples who are determined to be together no matter what, it’s possible. It’s up to you. The key here is to not rush by respecting each other’s timelines and being there to support each other as before.

Seek emotional support

my husband ignores me

If you’ve been feeling neglected by your husband for some time now, it may take some time too for you to recover. For this reason, it would be wise to seek outside help so you can remain sane while working with your husband in repairing the relationship.

Talk to trusted friends and family members about the situation and seek their support as you go through this trying time with your soul mate. If you think you’ll need the help of a professional, don’t think twice of seeking one.

Do whatever you need to do so you can heal, move on, and face the future together again.

Attempt to reconnect with him

But, my husband still ignores me. What else to do?

After you’ve had a talk and you’ve had the chance to know why he’s been distant and why he’s ignoring you in the past (making you feel neglected), you now have a pretty good idea on what you can do so you can start being close to each other again.

Plan activities together, be it date nights or out-of-town trips. Let him know what you have in mind and never be afraid to express how much you’d want to reconnect with him.

When he sees that you’re reaching out to him despite the pain you’ve experienced, he’ll realize how much you value him and the relationship. For a man, that’s saying something.

Spice up your marriage

If you are wandering how to spice up your marriage, don’t worry. There  is a solution.

Do not misunderstand me; routine is great. Being comfortable with our partners is one of the nicest parts of being in an intimate relationship. We cannot experience the same level of security and ease with anyone else.

We cannot experience the same level of security and ease with anyone else.

It’s also boring.

What happened to the hot sex you used to have? Why doesn’t your man take you off your feet and rip your clothes off any longer? Why do your daily conversations all seem the same—like a pre-written routine?

Here are 21 tempting, sinful ways to spice up your sex life.

Be independent

Yes, you’ve attempted to reconnect with him but that doesn’t mean that you’ll totally depend on him in your relationship. Doing so can be one of the reasons that he may fall back to the same pattern (that is, he may neglect you again).

Instead, make him see how you have a life outside of your union. Connect with friends and family members you haven’t seen in a while. Pursue the passions you didn’t have time pursuing before.

Be available for him but not too available that he’ll take you for granted gain. Let him remember the reasons he married you in the first place: you’re the grand prize!

When he does, you’ll be surprised as to how his attitude towards you will change (You’re welcome!).

Stay strong

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Strong is the new sexy so don’t over think the situation you are in. Don’t focus too much on how he’s neglected you. After discussing the matter with him, move on with your life as a person and as his better half.

Yes, it will definitely require much effort especially if you love him dearly but here’s the thing. All relationships go through trials and this is one of the trials yours has to face.

If you’ve already sat down to talk about the issue with him and you’re working together on getting it fixed, then you’re on the right track. It won’t be a smooth road but regardless of the bumps, you’ll be okay if you’re both determined to work things out. Don’t stress yourself out too much.

Don’t beat yourself up, too for things no longer within your control. Take a chill pill and remember that you can only do so much. You can only perform your part and he has to perform his so your relationship can get past this test, okay?

Don’t feel neglected ever again

Is his behavior because of who he is entirely or does it have anything to do with you? Have you been neglecting him, too?

When you take the time to consider what made you feel neglected, you’ll be able to respond to the situation smartly. You’ll avoid creating unnecessary harm to your partner and your relationship.

On the flip side, if you’re feel by your husband despite every effort you’ve put into making sure he’s satisfied in you and your relationship, consider walking away.

Just be sure to take all the steps listed and explained thoroughly on this guide (don’t you miss even one because every step is crucial) before calling it quits to a man who isn’t willing to make you the only Queen of his life.

Remember that you are worth loving regardless of your flaws and if he can’t love you at your worst then he doesn’t deserve you at your best.

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The best of luck to you, ladies!

My husband ignores me sounds familiar?

How did you deal with it? Share your words of wisdom for other queens in the comments!

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