10 Signs He Is Ready To Marry You

As a woman, chances are you pick up on the slightest changes in your relationship. Most of us, anyway. Identifying when your man is ready to take the big step is not easy though. The signals are hard to identify as in most cases they will appear gradually and not overnight. See below our 10 […]

As a woman, chances are you pick up on the slightest changes in your relationship. Most of us, anyway. Identifying when your man is ready to take the big step is not easy though. The signals are hard to identify as in most cases they will appear gradually and not overnight. See below our 10 signs he’s ready to marry you.

Many of us want to have the dream proposal, with that 5-carat diamond in the engagement ring and with a fairytale set up. Well, guess what? You need to level your expectations a little bit.

He may be dreaming of putting the wedding ring on your finger but most probably that’s the only thing he has no doubt about. The how and when is most of the times a mystery.

He will probably try to create a romantic setting and say the words that will come to his mind from the heart.

Don’t worry, this will make it as special as it ought to be. A big parade and a choreography of people and events are not how it happens for the most of us.

Years ago, you would have had to look out for his actions in general. Nowadays, you need to keep an eye as well for the online signs. For the last few years, there has been a growing trend for online shopping; diamonds and engagement rings are no exception to it.

This means that many of the signs will be related to his phone/laptop and the information he’s getting from those devices. So, here are our 10 signs he’s ready to marry you.

1) He looks at you differently

Literally! It seems strange, but when you see it, you know it. He will look at you with more love in his eyes, with a sort of glow and you will feel it. It may make you feel uncomfortable because his look will be very intense, or it may take you back to the first dates. In any case, this should trigger your diamond ring radar.

signs he is ready to marry you

2) He’s extra cautious with his phone

This is one of those signs from this list that you need to put into perspective.

My husband never cared about me going through his phone, even if it was just to browse something on the internet because my phone was further.

However, before he proposed he became extremely jumpy about it. He would almost yell at me for going through his phone asking me to respect his privacy.

Like any sound woman, the first thing that came to mind was that he was hiding something bad from me, like another woman flirting with him, or worse…

However, I could not believe that, when all the other signs below were also taking place more or less at the same time.

Later, when he proposed, he confessed and showed me that the reason for him not wanting me around his phone was that he was checking Millenium Diamonds to buy a diamond and a lot of information on how to make sure he was buying a quality diamond.

He knew that I am very careful when it comes to diamonds and was always skeptic following the story of blood diamonds, so he had researched and browsed tons of pages on conflict-free diamonds to make sure the one he was getting would make me happy.

To be honest, he’s not a techy, so he didn’t know how to erase the history of browsing on the phone, which made him very jumpy every time I would get his phone!

signs he is ready to marry you

3) He seems more in love than usual

He may be doing more chores in the house or being extra attentive with you, maybe even cheesy.

It’s the same as when you’re wondering how to tell if a guy likes you. The guy’s attitude slightly changes, suddenly he seems utterly under your spell, even more than before.

4) He doesn’t let you go through his pockets

This one like the previous sign must be put into context. It applies ONLY if he usually has no problem with you going over his pockets.

For example, if he sometimes asks you to grab something from his vest, or to get something from his pockets and suddenly when you are about to do it automatically he gets nervous or abruptly tells you not to (being almost rude), respect it and be suspicious!

If he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t like you to go through his clothes or pockets this may not mean anything.

That’s why it needs to be put into context. There are questions to ask a guy if this is the case in order to find out which way the wind is blowing.

5) You can’t find one of your rings

If one of your rings mysteriously disappears and reappears that’s your cue. Try to remember which one of your rings is gone, the fact that it is not one that you usually wear on the annular finger does not mean he’s not using it for measuring; it just means that he does not know which ones you wear on that finger and that any of them will do.

6) You feel he’s nervous

Not in a bad way, just excited, like before going on stage. He may not be shaking or sweating, but you feel that he’s fidgeting more than usual, or mind-absent suddenly (not like when he’s not interested in what you are telling him, just in a cute way). He may be impatient with everything BUT YOU.

7) He looks at jewelry

Either online or offline, if when you are together, he suddenly seems more knowledgeable in quality diamonds matters, like the 4Cs, or about the quality of the gold; then, my friend, you are in good hands.

Sometimes he will talk about the quality of diamonds, for example, he has read an awesome article that recommends diamonds as a product for long-term investment, and this will be his excuse to tip-toe around the subject with you and to have his phone with an entire history of searches for quality diamonds, the 4Cs, the diamond certificates, colored diamonds or even online certified diamond wholesalers.

If your man is born for business opportunities this will seem completely natural to you. He may have looked into coin collection before, or stamps, so diamonds will at first seem to you as a natural evolution of his business instincts given their undeniable value.

Don’t underestimate this sign! This is a clear sign – especially in combination with a few others – that he’s looking for the perfect stone.

8) When you are taking a walk he stops at a jewelry store and looks at engagement rings with you

This one could seem pretty obvious but it’s not, especially if sometimes he gives you jewelry as a gift.

Surely, he will not take you straight to the engagement rings section, he will check with you other pieces and suddenly the diamond rings will happen to be part of the “tour”.

This is one of the signs, but don’t take it into consideration by itself. Don’t disregard it either! It may be that he’s checking if you are into diamond rings or not, or what size of diamond you are expecting.

It could be that it’s only the beginning of his “research” to propose but it could be some time before he takes the big step.

Look for signs such as him asking if you like round diamonds or heart-shaped diamonds. If he’s asking you about the karat, the cut or the color of the diamond keep your eyes open; he’s definitely getting ready. You will need to be a bit patient but it’s on its way.

diamond rings

9) He will make sure he gets your taste in jewelry right

How many times in your life has happened that you get a piece of jewelry that you simply hate?

A strong word or not, I can not count all the ornaments that are collecting dust in the pretty little boxes, because I disliked them. Now, a diamond engagement ring is not just any piece of jewelry. It is the ultimate commitment jewel, an expression of feelings transferred in a stone. Solid rock

They don’t say diamonds are a girl’s best friend for no reason, but did you know that more and more modern couples decide to choose a loose diamond first and then fit it in an ideal desired setting instead of pre-set ring?

Trust me, he will want to get this one right. He will choose the diamond first, from a reputable source where he can get a good deal, such as Millenium Diamonds, or similar, and then ask your friends – without you noticing it – about what you like and dislike as design.

engagement rings

10) He’s spending less

Don’t take this one too literally. If you live together it may be easier for you to spot it, otherwise, keep an eye for signs that he’s trying to save some money.

Not necessarily cutting off in expenses but maybe thinking twice before buying something of a significant amount, or spending less when going out.

Sometimes you may start seeing these signs and have nothing happen for months. Be patient, make sure you don’t pressure him, you may put him off instead of encouraging him.

Let him go at his own pace as men will want to do this right. He knows there is no going back on this – most men do – so he will take it seriously and make sure of everything before proposing, and that’s a good thing!

Pressuring him will not make things happen faster, and if you do, there is something very wrong about it, as one of the two of you will not be comfortable, which may throw a shade of doubt over your new status. You don’t want that.

Are you experiencing any of these signs? Share with us in the comments if you have experienced any other signs that are not on this list.