6 Reasons You Should Stop Dating Guys Who Are Your Type

Everyone has a type, but sometimes that type stops working for them. Read on to learn why you should date people who aren’t necessarily your type.

How many people have you dated? 3, 5, 8, 10, 16, more? Have your relationships been failing? Are they not what you are looking for, despite being what you think you are looking for? Are you getting bored? Are your relationships all the same?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions then chances are, it is time for you to reflect and think about your dating life. Chances are, you should date people who aren’t necessarily your type.

I know, that sounds scary, complicated, and like it goes against all the rules of dating. However, if your love life is failing, and your dating world is crumbling around you, then maybe you should give this a try.

Think about it this way, most people only date people who are their type. This can be the classic bad boy, the jock, or a smart athlete.

Essentially, your type is people that have the same physical features you deem to be attractive, and also the same mental and behavioral features.

Now think about all the people you have dated. Chances are, if they have all been the same, it is because you stick to your type. Despite you wanting to stick to your type, it might be time to branch out because your type is not working. No matter how hard this may sound, or even idiotic, it is worth a shot.

Read on to find out why you should date people who aren’t necessarily your type.

1) Try something new

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Your relationships have not been working out lately, meaning your type really is not working with what you want in life anymore. Whether your type is not meshing with your career, aspirations, personality, style, wants in life, or even family, you still have the same issue.

This being, you stick to the same type. Meaning the same issues continue to occur and will not stop until you stop dating that type. By dating other people who are not your type, you will be immersed in a culture that will come with the new type of people you are dating.

In fact, try to not have a new type, just try to date other people you are attracted to and think something can happen with. Who knows where it will go, but one thing that is for sure is that it will turn out differently than your previous relationships have, due to this one being something new.

2) Find yourself

Finding yourself is a big reason as to why you should date people who aren’t necessarily your type. When you date people who are not the exact same type as your usual dates, you will find that different things will be awoken within you.

You may find that you have other passions such as hiking, running, painting, art, different tastes in music, or just different plans in life that you all of a sudden need and want. However, I am not saying to change yourself, there is a fine line.

The point here is that, when you date people that are not your type, you will discover new things about them, about people, and about yourself. This might make you wake up and feel alive in a whole new way.

3) Get out of the rut

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By dating people who are not your usual type you will be out of your usual rut. You will know this feeling when it hits you, and I can guarantee you, that you will love it. Who knows, this special somebody you’re dating might be the one, despite them not being your type.

A person who can get you out of your rut is a person who will keep things fun, fresh, relaxed. They will not only help you find yourself, but they will also show you issues in your past relationships that you haven’t even noticed before.

They won’t even have to mention it verbally, you will just notice based on your feelings and experiences. This is the result of you being out of the rut that was part of you only dating people who are your type.

4) You don’t know other types

A big reason as to why you should date people who aren’t necessarily your type is that you have been so immersed in that one type, where you haven’t explored other types. Instead, you kept focusing on dating the same guy, who just has a different name, while you hoped it would all work out.

Now, if you found someone who you love, and they are your type, then don’t go and explore your options, you do not need to. However, if you aren’t having luck with your relationships, then maybe you should try this out as it will hopefully make your love life so much better.

5) Learn something new

When you date someone who is not your type, you are bound to learn new things about them, yourself, sports, news, movies, random trivia, travel, and essentially everything else.

By dating someone who is completely foreign to you, you will not only be broadening your dating pool, but you will also be broadening your mind and knowledge in a way that hopefully will not be boring.

6) Mr./Mrs. Right

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Have you ever heard the phrase, opposites attract, or by trying new things you may find something you like? Well, both of these apply perfectly to the world of dating. If your desired type is not working for you, then try something new, embrace it, be open minded, and welcome change into your life.

If you were to continue the endless cycle of dating the same type, despite it not working out for you. Then you would possibly miss out on that breath of fresh air, the person who is perfect for you, and the person who may rival you on various beliefs and lifestyle choices, but still meshes with you so perfectly.

By dating people who are not your type you will be able to find a partner who actually suits your life, makes you happy and will deliver on what you actually want. Despite them not being your usual type, they will be exactly what you want and are looking for.

7) No more types

A fair thing to say is that types can be related to generalizations and even stereotypes. They are reductive, but something that still is seen everywhere and is something that everyone has.

However, take caution in having types as they will limit you, and possibly won’t work out for you. On the other hand, people who have types have found someone to spend the rest of their life with who is their actual type.

It all varies, just be aware that types may be limiting you, or they may be working for you perfectly. Either way, there is no harm in dating people who aren’t your type just to try something. However, make sure you still date people who you are attracted to and do have some interest in!

When you date people who are not your type, you will not be limited, you will be immersed in new experiences and will gain perspective. You may also find that the differences in the person you are dating, is everything you are looking for, but were not able to find in people who are your usual type.

If you can think of any other reasons as to why you should date people who aren’t necessarily your type, then feel free to comment!

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