7 Ways How to Make Your Guy Smile After a Bad Day

Is your guy having a bad day? Are you at a loss of ways to make him feel better? We’ve all been there, ladies. Men aren’t always the easiest to understand, however, no matter what happened at work, here are 7 sure ways to make your guy smile after a bad day.

I’m always at a loss when a guy is in a bad mood. I know what to get my girlfriends when they need a quick pick me up… some wine and chocolate. Men aren’t as simple.

The truth is, whenever men are having a bad day, they tend to keep it all bundled up inside them. We, as women, let it all out. I actually yell, throw something, then scrub the apartment with bleach until I feel better. It’s not the best method, but it works.

Men aren’t that easy. Don’t worry, though. I have exactly what you need to make him feel better (and put your mind at ease).

#1 Give Him the Remote

One of the best ways to make your man feel better is to let him control what’s on television. It might not seem like a lot, but the ability to flip mindlessly through the numerous cable stations, at record speed, really is a big stress relief.

It’s not that he’s being particularly picky about what he wants to watch, he just needs the distraction. Also, as my little brother pointed out to me, flipping through channels lets his mind think about things while not having to openly have a conversation about it.

You think he’s watching television, but in reality he’s reflecting on his day and dealing with it as men do.

#2 Turn on the Radio


Of course, television isn’t always the best answer when it comes to making a guy smile after a bad day. He’s likely to see the news and feel even more terrible about the goings on in the world.

Music, on the other hand, is an excellent way to make things alright again. It’s hard to deny the power of music. Catchy lyrics and a memorable tune are an easy and quick way to feel better about a bad day.

If handing him the remote isn’t a plan, turn on your man’s favorite sounds and watch as the bad slowly melts away.

#3 Make Him a Bath

couple bath

It might seem cliché or a little old fashioned, but even men like to sit in a hot bubble bath and relax once in a while.

If your man is having a particularly bad day, go ahead and draw him a nice warm bath. You can add some bubbles to the tub and place a folded towel behind his head for a nice, comfortable soak.

Also, if you can’t dim the lights in the bathroom, consider placing a few candles on the sink instead. Bright lights will make him feel rushed and unable to relax, whereas candle light will definitely have your man feeling softer and more comfortable in no time.

#4 Give Him a Massage

Is your guy having an especially bad day? Are you at your wits end trying to make him smile? Sit behind him on the sofa and rub his shoulders. I’m sure you will feel the tension hiding out between his shoulder blades.

Let your fingers work their magic and massage your man’s worries away. I can’t think of any man who doesn’t enjoy having his woman rub him.

#5 Cook His Favorite Meal

couple cooking

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I can’t tell you how right they are! If there’s one thing I know about men, it’s that they love food. Even the most picky of eaters has a passion for his favorite dishes.

This is an excellent tool you can use to your personal advantage. Not only will you be able to pick his mood up with a good meal, but you’ll definitely make his day better by fixing his favorite dish.

When I say fix his favorite, I don’t necessarily mean meat and potatoes. Does your man have a chosen comfort food? Does he run to the fridge for ice-cream whenever he feels like he needs to relax? Has he been begging you for breakfast for dinner (you know, eggs and waffles instead of spaghetti)?

Make him his favorite (or much longed for) meal. That’s a definite way to make your guy smile after a bad day.

#6 Candlelight Night


While it is quite often associated with women, candle light is very much an underrated stress relief for men.

Let me put it to you this way, if your guy has an office job, then chances are he’s been sitting in a stuffy office (or worse yet a stuffy cubicle) in an uncomfortable business outfit (dress pants and shirt with a tie) all day. Do you know what comes along with office work? That’s right, florescent lights.

Nothing is harder on a person’s eyes than florescent lights. It hurts the eyes, it hurts the head and there’s no way you can feel cheerful after a day under those.

Relieve your man of some of his headache and turn off the harsh overhead lights and turn on the candle light instead. He’ll relax, and your guy is guaranteed to smile at the romantic notion.

#7 Challenge Him to a Fun Game

Not all men are settle down to a quiet evening and relax kind of men. Some men you have to play hardball to get them to relax, and that means having a loud, distracting, laughter filled evening. Game night.

That’s right, if your guy is known as the life of the party, then you might want to dust off those old board games and give him a challenge. A little hint here: Let him win. I know, it’s not in your nature to just let him win, but give him a good run for his money first then make sure he gets more points. It’s a quick ego boost for him.

Men have bad days too, but it can be really easy to make your guy smile after a bad day. Do you have a favorite trick you like to use on your man?

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