8 Signs You’re Dating a Mama’s Boy

Are you worried that your man loves his momma a little too much? Do you feel like you’re dating his mother instead of him? Does he spend an obscene amount of time comparing you to her? Here are 8 signs you’re dating a mama’s boy.

All men love their momma; it’s just the natural way of things. A man’s mom is the first woman he’ll ever look up to, the first woman he’ll ever cherish, the first woman he’ll ever show his emotions to, and she will always be the one who comforts him in times of need.

However, that being said, there’s a huge difference between a normal and healthy mother/son relationship and being a momma’s boy. In case you’re wondering which category your guy falls into, here are 8 signs he’s a momma’s boy.

#1 He Lets Her Control His Choices

Okay, if your guy let’s his mom control his life, then he’s a momma’s boy. That being said, there’s a difference between getting mom’s honest opinion and letting mom tell him how to live his life. Some men value their mom’s opinion. They will ask for her wisdom, but then ultimately do what they need to do for themselves. Other men, momma’s boys, will wait until mom tells them what their opinion should be and then do as she says.

#2 She Still Cuts Up His Food


Have you ever seen a grown man have his steak cut up by his mom at dinner? Have you ever seen him get his chin wiped off when he gets a little sauce on it? If not, then you’re lucky. It’s really disgusting. Grown men who allow their mother to baby them are definitely momma’s boys.

It’s one thing to let your mom fix you a meal (even my mom still says, “You don’t eat enough; let me make you a sandwich,” when I see her), but it’s another thing entirely to let your mom cut your meat into tiny little bite sized pieces so you don’t choke. Seriously, it’s gross.

#3 He Dumped The Last Girl Mamma Didn’t Approve Of

If he broke up with his last girlfriend because his mother didn’t approve of her, then you might be dating a momma’s boy. Most of the time, no matter how much a guy loves his mom, he’s going to figure out his love life on his own. Sex has a certain amount of power, doesn’t it? But occasionally you’ll meet the kind of man who will dump you if his mom says you’re no good. The thing about this is, until momma wants grandkids, no woman is ever going to be good enough for her boy.

#4 He Still Lives at Home

Does your guy has a steady job, good pay, and is a well-adjusted human being? If yes and yet has failed to leave the nest, then his mother is taking far too good a care of him. Now, there are some men who live at home because they really are trying to get on their feet. Economic hardship has taken its toll on them, which is okay.

Then there are the guys who know mom will do their laundry, clean their room, cook their meals and pamper them endlessly.

#5 He Brings Her On Your Dates

young woman with boyfriend meeting future mother in law in cafe

If your man takes his mom on a date with you, then he’s a momma’s boy. This little act shows you that he doesn’t want to have fun without his mom. Maybe it’s because he thinks she’s lonely, maybe it’s because he thinks she’s awesome, who knows? But if you’re always the third wheel, then he’s a momma’s boy.

#6 He Lets Her Control You

One of the most definite signs you’re dating a mama’s boy is if your man lets his mom tell you what to do. In other words, if she’s giving you “helpful advice” about everything. About your clothes, your hair, your job, your sex life…or anything else. In the meantime, our guy just nods and says, “Yeah, mom, that’s really good advice!” Then he’s definitely a momma’s boy.

Momma’s boys will never actually stand up to their mother. They will think their mom is perfect in every way, and her advice might as well be the Ten Commandments in his eyes.

#7 He Calls His Mom to Help Him When He Doesn’t Get His Way

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Did your guy have a bad day at the office? Did your man get bullied by his boss or another co-worker? Later on, did he go whining to mom expecting her to fix it…and more importantly, did she? If your man’s mom went storming into the boss’s office telling him to leave her baby alone, then you’re most definitely dating a momma’s boy.

#8 You Bear a Striking Resemblance to Her

There are some men who are only attracted to women who remind them of their mother. This is actually not an uncommon phenomenon.

Just like women are usually attracted to guys who remind them of their father, men are often attracted to women who remind them of their mother in some way. In my opinion, it’s really just a comfort thing (it’s hard to stray away from the kind of relationship you’ve known your entire life).

But, if you look exactly like his mom, dress like his mom, have the same mannerisms as his mom…and he’s accidentally called you mom…then you’re dealing with an Oedipus complex and he is most certainly a momma’s boy.

While he’s not always the worst type of man to date, and there are good sides to dating a mama’s boy (they’re usually very good to the women momma likes); the bad sides are: You will never come first in his life, she will always be there telling you what to do, telling him what to do, trying to get grandbabies out of you, and he’s likely going to be a whiney-ass because most momma’s boys are.

Nobody has time for that.

So, if you’re guy’s giving off the signs, then it might be time to tell him to man-up or move out.

Extra Tip

You can choose your boyfriend, but not his mother. Life would be so much easier if you could, but since that’s not the case, you should learn the art of dealing with his mom.

in case you need some help and guidance in dealing with his overprotective and overbearing mom, here are six tips to help you deal with his controlling mom.

Your boyfriend’s mom may or may not change her behavior even if you apply all of these tips. No matter what the outcome is, accept that you can’t make people change.

Tell us, are you dating a mama’s boy?

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  • As the mom of a mamma’s boy… I’m going to be honest no woman is good enough for your son! I thought I had an idea of the perfect girl for my son but when a girl with the “perfect” characteristics came along she still wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t help but not like her…

    • Well I hope you let your son make his own choices for his own happiness or you will just ruin your sons relationships and thats actually not very loving.

  • Yep…. he is all the above especially number 4…. he is 45 and his mom caters to his every whime.

  • I dated a momma’s boy for way too long. I the beginning things were good for the most part, He was going to college, he was smart, attractive and had some awesome tattoo’s. He hit the major “must haves” for a relationship. As time went on we grew closer in our relationship and the “Love” word came into the relationship. He began dropping hints of marriage that was somewhat soothing and stimulating because I did Love this man and wasn’t against our getting married. But there was one thing that bothered the hell out of me, the way he became so needy and a baby around his mother.
    With the hints of marriage I began to re-think our relationship by looking past the love and infatuations I had for him. Although he had a good job he still had to call his mother for money constantly. I watched as he’d call her and lie to her, and even turn on the tears to get what he wanted. After witch he would laugh and say “She Loves Me”! I didn’t think too much about it because I was going to reap the rewards of the money his mother gave along with him. I laughed along with him while thinking to myself she is so stupid “if she only knew”. But it became too regular.
    With the possibility of marriage looming in the background I had to face the reality of how we’d manage as a family when children came along. I didn’t want or need to rely on his mother to send money constantly for the necessities’ of daily living as a growing family. He isn’t an only child; he has a brother & sister, what if his mother couldn’t help because of the needs of his siblings? What type of living conditions would this create for us? Would he teach our children to manipulate to get what they want as he does? Would he be able to provide for our children or would he simply expect his mother to double or triple up to provide? I weighed the pros and the cons, to my regret the cons outweighed the pros and I had to send him back to his mother by leaving him. I was hurt for a while and visited him a few times afterwards wondering if I may have made the wrong decision, in the end my first decision seemed to be the best one. I still have feelings for him that I’m sure will fade over time. I wanted to call him a few times to see if things have changed and the pros outweigh the cons, but I feel my first decision was the best avenue to take.
    I’ve since began a relationship with someone that’s opposite in the needy department, leaving a better recipe for a relationship and growing family, validating the accuracy of my decision to leave my ex was the right one.