8 Obvious Signs He Is Regretful Of Dumping You

Not every guy who dumps their girlfriend is happy with the decision they made. Is he regretful of dumping you? Find it out here! Just because your ex-boyfriend dumped you does it already mean that it’s truly over between the two of you. Sometimes, you may have move on already from your painful fallout but […]

Not every guy who dumps their girlfriend is happy with the decision they made. Is he regretful of dumping you? Find it out here!

Just because your ex-boyfriend dumped you does it already mean that it’s truly over between the two of you. Sometimes, you may have move on already from your painful fallout but he hasn’t.

Yes, you read that right. Even if he was the one who ended the relationship, there’s a huge chance that he feels regret over losing someone like you.

As we all know, most guys are prideful and won’t admit to feeling regretful over breakups they initiated. Yes! Sometimes they can be more complicated than us, ladies!

Has you’re ex-boyfriend been acting weird around you lately? If yes, know that he may be under the influence of an amazing thing called “breakup remorse”.

How to be 100% sure that he’s been hit by breakup remorse?

We’ve rounded up the most obvious signs that tell you he’s regretful of dumping you. Read on.

1) He’s Been Bugging Your BFFs About You

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Once upon a time, your girlfriends lived a peaceful life. But one day, your ex-boyfriend decided to wreak havoc by bugging them with endless private messages asking about the girl he dumped but obviously still cares about (read: you).

Your girlfriends, annoyed with the sudden and unwelcome disturbance, decided to tell you (because this is what girlfriends who got each other backs do).

This is one of the most common signs that he’s regretful of dumping you and if this rings true to you at this time, make sure you tell your girlfriends to not give him any updates about you.

If he truly wants to know how you’re doing, he should swallow his pride, grow some balls, and ask you directly. If he can’t do that, he’s not getting anything.

2) He’s Been In Touch With Your Family

If you’ve been together for quite some time, chances are he’s developed a close relationship with your family members. Now, if he’s truly done with you, he would be done with any of the people close to you as well.

But if he didn’t burn bridges with any of your family members, chances are it’s because he still has feelings for you. If he’s been in touch with them recently, asking about how you’ve been, it’s a surefire sign that he regrets dumping you and is hoping to make amends.

3) He Stalks You Through Your Social Media Accounts

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Yes, he rarely comments and he never sends you a PM. Nevertheless,  he doesn’t forget to give any of your status updates a like or love. This is him giving you a subtle hint that he’s sorry for dumping you. He wants for you and him to get back together.

You can either say “Yes” and give him a second chance or sing him Taylor Swifts song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Your call.

4) He Calls And Texts You When He’s Drunk

Sometimes, you can’t trust the behavior of a sober guy. It’s because he’s better at keeping his emotions in check when he isn’t under the influence of whiskey.

So when he’s blowing up your mobile phone with text messages and calls when he’s drunk, apologizing for being the asshole boyfriend he’s been to you, you don’t need another hint. He’s regretful for breaking up with you!

5) He’s Still Single

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And acting like all he wants to do every second of his life is mingle with women around but don’t be fooled. He may be flirting all day (even when you’re around) but that doesn’t mean that he’s truly interested with any of the women he’s flirting with.

It can just be a front so you’ll think that he has moved on from you. In reality, he’s regretful for dumping you. It’s also possible that he’s trying to make you jealous. A solid move that only guys who have not moved on yet do.

6) He Won’t Date Anyone Just Yet

It’s been months since your breakup (or make that, since the day he dumped you) but you haven’t heard about him dating anyone just yet. He may not be committing himself to a serious relationship with anyone for two reasons.

First, his regrets over dumping you may be swallowing him whole and is taking control of his life right now. His life may be so messed up since the day he dumped you that he can’t afford to date anyone and get all serious with them.

Secondly, he may be hoping to get back together with you but doesn’t know where he should start. Whichever it is, it only shows that he’s obviously regretful of his decision to dump you and until he’s gotten over the regret that’s eating him on the inside, none of his future relationships will be successful. Call it karma, baby.

7) He Shows Up With Surprises

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Do you often find him present around areas that you frequent, the gym, your office, your neighborhood park, etc.? If he strikes up a conversation with you and gives you little stuff here and there (i.e. flowers, bag of chips, chocolates, etc.), it’s his simple way of showing you that he regrets saying goodbye to you. He wants you back in his world.

He wants to show you how he misses you badly by turning up where you are. We know it can be tempting to give him the attention and time he may no longer deserve from you but don’t fall for it. And if ever what he’s doing changes your mind, be sure to think million times before you decide to accept him in your life again.

8) The Admission Came Directly From Him

Who are we to question him if he’s already brought down his pride and confessed to feeling regretful over dumping you? If he says so, so be it.

Take your time and heal your broken heart. Take your time in moving on. It’s what you deserve after break up.

Will You Accept Him After He’s Regretful Over Dumping You?

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There you have the telltale signs that tell you he’s sorry for losing you, regretful for what he did to you, and maybe wanting to get back with you.

Yes, you can definitely forgive him but here’s the thing: Do it at your own pace. Don’t allow him and what he’s been doing to influence you when it comes to making sound decisions.

Don’t give him the chance to pressure you, manipulate your feelings, and play with your fragile heart again. If you think he deserves another chance, go for it.

But if all that you feel is a pity because he’s obviously sorry for breaking up with you, do not get back to him. It will be unfair to both of you and this decision will surely backfire on you down the road.

More importantly, always keep in mind to love yourself no matter which path you choose to take. For if you give yourself the love you deserve, you can never go wrong.

Have you ever been dumped? Did he come back begging for you to accept him again? Share your experiences in the comments!

Remember, love can be sweeter the second time around, but you need to know what (not) to do when you give your relationship a second chance. If not, you could end up causing irreparable damage to a relationship that could’ve been your last.

You certainly don’t want to end up feeling heartbroken again or disappointed. Is he regretful of dumping you?  Here is what (not) to do when you give your relationship a second chance.

Is he really “the one”?

Have you decided to give him a second chance? Before you do, think carefully. Here are eight signs that prove that he truly is mister right!

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  • Hi
    My ex and I broke up 2 weeks ago, he is 60 years old, I’m giving him the space he needs but he knows I love him and want us to be together last night he posts a song on FB Josh Krajcik Let Me Hold You and an hour later he posts Madison Ryan Ward Mirror wording in this says its just not going to work out between us do you think he sending a message to me in that song? talking to himself? or just like the song for no reason he never posts sad songs on FB in the year that we were together.