9 Date Night Ideas To Try When You Are Both Exhausted

Life can become tiring fast for various reasons, but it shouldn’t get in the way of your love life. Read on to learn date ideas for when you are both exhausted.

Life is fun, liberating, exciting, and has so many awesome experiences that are ripe for the picking. However, there are also parts to life which utterly suck.

It’s the reality we all face, whether you are sick, maintaining the house, staying home with the kids, studying, or working non-stop, you are bound to get tired, and when you get tired you stop doing things.

Plenty of people finds that when they are tired they don’t want to go on dates, or do anything for that matter. Sadly, this does get in the way of relationships as it becomes an ongoing occurrence.

Plans get canceled, date nights are once a month, and you become too busy and exhausted with the parts of life that are chores, where you forget to have fun dates.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Despite being exhausted, you can still go on dates, and you can still have fun with your significant other.

You can either embrace the exhaustion and have dates that allow you to relax and be exhausted together, or the two of you can wake up together and stimulate yourselves as part of your date so you can be more awake.

Either way, don’t let being tired stop you, of course, some days you just need to be alone and nap, but most of the times, you should meet up and enjoy each others company.

Read on to find out some date ideas for when you are both exhausted!


Couple in love dating in restaurant

This is possibly one of the best date ideas for when you are both exhausted. Cafés are your friend if you and your partner are drained of all energy in your body, or if the two of you are fried from work or school then this will feel like a massive escape.

There’s nothing better than getting out of the house, getting dressed in stylish but comfy clothes, and then ordering your favorite tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or any other beverage. You can also get a treat such as a scone, muffin, cookie, or even a piece of cake.

While you and your partner enjoy this luxury, which will feel amazing after your exhausting day, you will also feel more stimulated, alert, and will be able to just sit and talk to each other.

This will bond the two of you and add to your relationship greatly as you will be communicating and spending quality time together. It will also show your commitment and need to see each other.


Go for a nice walk on the beach or in a park nearby. Hold hands, talk, and breath in the fresh air. As you do this, you will start to wake up more due to the stimulation you will be getting from walking and from the fresh air you are feeling.

This is a great date idea for when you are both exhausted as it isn’t going to tire you out more, it will be a great date, and you will actually feel more rested and alert.

Movie night at home

Go for the sweetest date possible by making this your most romantic movie night ever. Lay lots of pillows and blankets on the floor, and even put some strung lights around the two of you. It will be your very own fort and will be perfect for cuddling as you watch your favorite movies together.

This is the perfect date idea for when you are both exhausted and don’t want to do anything except relax together as it will allow you to both be snuggling in your pajamas. You can eat, laugh, talk, make out, and watch the movie before you both inevitably fall asleep in each other’s arms.


puzzle game board

Pull out your favorite board games, or even card games and sit down together with some snacks and tea. You will both find these games to be fun while you also talk and make some memories.

As childish as this date may sound, it is surprisingly a great date idea for when you are both exhausted. Think about it, your sitting at the table relaxing and playing cards against humanity, poker, chess, monopoly, trivial pursuit, blackjack, or even go fish.

No matter the game, you’ll be able to have lots of fun and be able to just unwind and relax.

Disconnect to reconnect

Put away your phones, laptops, and do not turn on the t.v. Instead, sit together while cuddling and get lost in your won world. Just sit down, talk about anything and everything. Sometimes you just have to disconnect from everything, while you reconnect with your partner to gain some perspective.

This date idea is perfect even if you aren’t exhausted as it is just something that a lot of couples don’t seem to do anymore, despite it being very important for a strong and healthy relationship.

However, a great time to give it a shot is during those dates where you both are extremely tired and are just relaxing at home.


What screams relaxation better than massages? Almost nothing. This date idea is designed for either sexy nights, or for date nights when you are both tired and tense.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let your partner rub some body oils or lotion all over you, or just on your back, stomach, or feet. As you relax and unwind, your partner will be enjoying doing this to you as it is intimate, sexy, and will connect you two.

Once your partner is done massaging you, it is your turn to then treat them to the same royal treatment which will surely be a great end to a tiring and stressful day.


A happy young couple on their vacations with a glass of wine lying on the bed in an asian style hotel room

For this date idea, it is just you and your partner and you are either at home alone or in a hotel in your city. That’s right just sit back, relax, and unwind while you worry about nothing.

As much as this may seem expensive, it can be done in affordable ways if you look for discounts on the hotel, and instead of room service, just run to some place for takeout that is close to the hotel.

The point of this date idea is that if the two of you are so exhausted, you should have a day or two of complete luxury, relaxation, and where you do absolutely nothing but enjoy each others company.

Nap together

Naps are not only for toddlers. Instead, they become an unexpectedly awesome date idea for when you are both exhausted. All you have to do is hang out for a bit, get in your pajamas, and sleep.


Yes, you are both exhausted, but after you do some of these date ideas you may be in a very romantic and loving mood. Despite still being tired after these date ideas, you also may be in the mood to hop into bed and have sex.

Either way, if you are both feeling it, then why not? There’s no better time than now to enjoy each others company in any way. In fact, this will wake you up greatly and will connect you both deeply. Even if the sex is slow due to you both being tired, it will still be great!

There are plenty of other dates that you and your significant other can do when you are exhausted, it all depends on what the two of you are interested in.

Some other date ideas that couples who are exhausted love to do are taking bubble baths, reading, cooking or even just laying outside star gazing.

If you and your partner are exhausted, try out these date ideas to not only add to your relationship, but to also relax, wake up, and unwind together.

If you can think of any other date ideas for when you and your partner are exhausted, feel free to share!

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