Anniversary Date Ideas: Romantic, Fun, And Naughty Ideas You Should Try

There’s more to anniversary date ideas than roses and chocolate. Here’s how to celebrate your anniversary using a bit of imagination to create something special!

Sometimes we fall into habits in life, which can be good when it comes to getting up at six in the morning every day for a workout, but less exciting when it comes to dating. No one wants to do the same old time and time again. Some things we come back to because we like them, but we also need excitement in our dating life. So here are a few ideas that will, hopefully, make you long for your next anniversary.

Afternoon Tea in a Rowing Boat

Did you ever watch Bridget Jones’s Diary? Well, there is this scene where Hugh Grant is rowing around in a boat on a small lake with Renée Zellweger while citing a poem. It’s an excellent way to celebrate an anniversary, don’t you think? Especially if you bring champagne. Of course, in the movie Hugh Grant ends up completely soaked; you might want to avoid that bit. The bit about the poetry, however, you might want to keep. Also, pack some afternoon tea – scones, jam, cream, tea, and the afore-mentioned champagne. Share the tea while reading out loud from romantic poetry collections or a Jane Austen book. Your very own Mr. Darcy should, after all, be sitting next to you.

If it’s too uncomfortable to have your little champagne tea party in the boat, stop somewhere for a picnic. Just remember to bring some nice blankets and pillows in that case.

A Romantic Walk Down Memory Lane

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Take your partner for a trip down memory lane by taking them back to places that were important in your relationship. Take them to where you first met, where you shared your first kiss, where you first knew you loved them, where you had a really good laugh about something, where you had a great date, where you first lived together, and so on. You can plan this together or surprise them. Maybe write little poems about the different locations, or bring a polaroid camera and snap photos of yourself back in the various places.

Exchanging Gifts of Love

This is all about showing how much you care about your partner and why, so it requires a bit of thought and preparation.

Before the actual date (anniversary celebration), prepare small parcels with tiny, but meaningful, gifts that are related to your relationship. Start by writing down a list with everything you love about your partner. Then write a list with your favorite memories created with them. Pick 10 items from each list. Buy little trinkets you associate with each one of the items on the lists and attach a card where you write about it.

For example, buy an incense stick to signify your first meeting at a yoga place where they were burning incense. Attach a card to the gift and write what made your meeting so special, funny, quirky, etc.

Another example would be to give them a rose because one of the things you love the most about them is their romantic side. Of course, also attach a card and write down why you appreciate this.

When it comes to the actual date, you need some privacy to enjoy unwrapping the gifts, so a crowded restaurant is not the best place. Rather go for a walk in nature and give each other the gifts at scenic stops along the way, or rent a cottage for the weekend and exchange gifts at various times during your stay. The important thing is that you get to spend time alone where you can truly show your appreciation for each other.

A Night to Remember

All anniversaries should be nights to remember, and not because there is an epic storm or your bathroom gets flooded, but this one particular date is memorable because it’s… well… naughty. And naughty is nice, isn’t it?

This date is about celebrating what you love about your partner sexually – what turns you on about them. After all, anniversaries are all about celebrating your love for each other and that includes the naked kind of love you have for one another.

A few nights before the actual anniversary, ask your partner what kind of clothes he finds the sexiest on you as well as what lingerie he would most love to see you in. Likewise, tell him what clothes he wears that turn you on. Maybe you prefer him in jeans with no boxers or a suit and tie. The challenge is then to find and wear the kind of clothes your partner finds the sexiest on the actual date night.

You can both choose to get new clothes based on what the other would prefer, or dig something out of your wardrobe. If you decide to go shopping, you can do this together – especially the lingerie shopping, but you might not want to give him the satisfaction of seeing you in the lingerie yet…let him wait! Or just send a photo from your phone when you are inside the fitting room trying it on, revealing a tiny bit of the look… You can also surprise each other on the day. It’s up to you.

There is one more thing you both have to do before the date (the most important part) – you have to think of the things that most turn you on about each other, as well as what you’d most like to do with each other in the bedroom. Don’t reveal your thoughts to one another just yet though.

Then, on the date night, go to a restaurant you both feel has a sexy vibe. During dinner, send each other texts or write each other little notes (the kind you sent your friends back in high school when the teacher wasn’t looking) about what most turns you on about each other; shower each other in sexy compliments in other words. Also, write notes about what you would love to do with each other in the bedroom.

When you get home, well, you know what to do as the notes you sent each other in the restaurant will have given you plenty of ideas. Just make sure to have some champagne and strawberries in the house as well – they just always seem to come in handy when it comes to seduction.

The Double Date

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Nope, not a date where you get to bring your friends along (unless you really want to), but rather two dates in a row.

For you anniversary, set aside a weekend where you get to spend one day each taking the other on an all-day date.

To come up with what kind of dates you want to bring each other on, you each need to write down a list of what you love doing in general, what you find truly romantic to do, what you love and appreciate about your partner and what turns you on, or what you’d like to experience sexually (you can omit this if you want to – depends if you want some naughtiness thrown in there). Then exchange lists. Using the list your partner gave you, come up with a date where they get to experience what they love in general, find romantic, love in you, and find sexually exciting.

If you are feeling a bit stuck when reading their lists, or you simply can’t come up with a day-long date you think they would appreciate, ask friends to help you out and do some googling about interesting/creative date ideas.

Just be sure that you will also enjoy whatever kind of date you decide to take your partner on. Your partner may find skydiving romantic, but if the idea of throwing yourself out of an airplane doesn’t appeal to you, it’s not going to be a romantic date. Especially not when you turn green from fear and end up fainting. You will always be the main attraction when you are on a date with your partner – remember that. That means if you don’t enjoy yourself, neither will your partner.

You can do this kind of “double date” in the town where you live, or go away for the weekend to somewhere else. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you show your love for your partner by providing them with a 24-hour date you know they will love.

These are just some ideas for anniversary dates, but we’d love to hear your ideas, too! Feel free to share your anniversary date ideas in the comments section below.

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