Is Getting Too Comfortable In A Relationship A Bad Thing?

Being comfortable in a relationship gets a bad name. However, is being open and truly yourself bad for your relationship? Read on to find out.

Both men and women have fears in life, some are the same and others are very different. A big fear for everyone is to become committed to their partner. Another one is getting too comfortable with their significant other.

In fact, lots of people argue that getting too comfortable in a relationship is a bad thing, but is it really?

Think about it, being comfortable in a relationship means there is an openness in the relationship along with acceptance, trust, loyalty, commitment, and that indescribable special connection.

However, many people find that some things should just remain hidden and unknown to their partner. That their partner shouldn’t see what is behind the curtain for the sake of simplicity and for their own peace of mind, but that isn’t really the case.

There is a stigma, and image in the minds of people due to media portraying that couples who are getting too comfortable in a relationship, leads to issues. Thus creating the illusion of it being a bad thing.

Arguably so, being comfortable in a relationship is a great thing, read on to find out why!

What does getting comfortable in a relationship look like?

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To start, it is important to actually look at what getting comfortable in a relationship looks like.

Although some of these traits and characteristics may sound gross, embarrassing, or like you don’t care about what your partner thinks of you, that is not the case. Instead, they display many good features of your relationship, so read these traits with an open mind.

Farts and burps

Yes, we all do this and it is a big part of life despite the common need for people to act like this doesn’t happen. If you fart and burp in front of your partner, it means you are definitely comfortable with them, this is a good thing. It means that you and your partner are both exhibiting signs of being down to earth and showing your human selves with each other.

However, don’t throw your manors out the window by doing this rudely.

No filter

You say what you feel, what you think, and all of your ideas in front of your partner. Gone are the days where you used to hold back some thoughts and refrain from being your opinionated and honest self.

Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. It is actually a very good thing to be comfortable enough in your relationship to express yourself and to be your complete self with your partner.

Stop playing dress up

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Instead of you always looking sharp, sexy, sleek, perfect, and always having the perfect outfit on, you can now relax and feel free to dress down some days. There is nothing wrong with always wearing your sexy set of matching bras and panties, your magazine worthy outfit, sultry pajamas, or always having red carpet-worthy makeup on.

However, when you get comfortable in your relationship, you realize you can relax and not always have to feel so pressured to look 100% perfect at all times. Instead, you can look like yourself, and still be very happy with your partner. Of course, that doesn’t mean you stop dressing to impress, you still do that, just not 24/7.

No shame or embarrassment

Whatever you used to be embarrassed by, you now aren’t due to you getting comfortable with your partner. This isn’t a bad thing, instead, it is a great thing. You can now feel safe, secure, relaxed, loved, and cared for enough to the point where you don’t need to feel embarrassed about anything anymore.

Your true personality comes out

Gone are the days of you hiding your personality from your partner. Similarly, to you having no filter, you now feel like you are both comfortable enough and ready to show each other your true personality with certain things.

This is a sign of commitment and closeness as you both feel comfortable doing this with each other as you are allowing your partner to see this side of you.

This even includes those moody moments you used to hide. Emotions and moods are normal and natural. In fact, it is good to express them so they don’t boil up, and you both will also know how to help each other by knowing what to do and what not to do.

Why getting comfortable in a relationship is a good thing?

Despite people thinking being comfortable in a relationship is a bad thing, it is actually a very good thing for an array of reasons, read on to find out what some of those reasons are!


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By being comfortable in a relationship, you feel secure with yourself, your partner, and your relationship. To elaborate, you are not self-conscious with yourself, and you see how you are a great person in every way.

You also have plenty of trust in your partner. Enough to know they will love you for you, want to see the real you, and that they will embrace you.

Lastly, by being comfortable with yourself and your partner, it means you can be the real you in your relationship. It also means you have faith, trust, and a great deal of commitment and comfort in your relationship, along with what it stands for.


Being comfortable in a relationship means you become open with each other. By being open with each other you will strengthen your relationship by being yourselves, and by being so down to earth, honest, realistic, and communicative.

Couples who are comfortable in a relationship, allow for all of that and encourage it too. You will find that by being so open, your relationship will flourish as this too will show commitment, respect, honesty, and affection.

The difference between getting comfortable and not trying

As mentioned above, getting comfortable in a relationship involves expressing who you are, what you feel, and being down to earth and open with your significant other.

However, many people seem to also think that being comfortable with your partner is the same as when people stop trying. That is not the case.

The two are extremely different. You should never stop trying in your relationship, and just because you don’t always dress up, or hide things about yourself, it doesn’t mean you also don’t put the effort into showing your partner how much you love them.

The more comfortable the better

Being comfortable in a relationship shows that you aren’t afraid to be who you are with your partner, and you aren’t afraid to embrace them for who they are either. It shows love, trust, care, interest, excitement, and importantly dedication to each other.

I can not express how important it is to actually be comfortable with your partner as the feeling it provides, along with the connection the two of you will have together is something absolutely amazing.

Ignore the bad reputation being comfortable in a relationship gets from the media. Being comfortable in a relationship only brings good to the relationship as it will help you and your partner become so much closer, on various levels.

However, if your partner doesn’t like who you truly are, and doesn’t like it when you get comfortable with them. Then that person doesn’t deserve the awesome person you are, and you will find someone who is by far better and will love you, for you!

So give being comfortable in your relationship a chance, and feel free to share your thoughts and viewpoints about being comfortable in a relationship below!

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