If He’s Not Doing These Things, He Doesn’t Love You Enough

Does he love me enough? This is the ultimate question women ask themselves. You’re boyfriend is supposed to add to your life by bringing you love and support in ways that others just can’t.

There are certain things that he should be doing for you or with you that prove his love and if he’s not doing these 10 things you should consider moving on to someone that will.

Calling you beautiful


In his eyes you should be the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen and he should be voicing that too. Whether he uses the words sexy, stunning, gorgeous or beautiful he should be letting you know how unbelievably attractive you are to him.

He may not do it everyday but the guy that finds you beautiful will make sure to point it out on a regular basis just so you know.

Opening the door for you

Your gentleman should be just that: a gentleman. This isn’t the 50’s or anything, but never underestimate the power of getting the car door opened for you. If he doesn’t do this, he really isn’t putting enough effort in.

He doesn’t have to do it every time you guys leave the house but once in a while, a lady likes her door opened for her and the man that loves you enough will want to do it.

Supporting your dreams


Whether your dream in life it to be the successful VP of a small start up or to become a famous actress, he should be supporting it front and centre. That doesn’t just mean leaving you to your own devices to accomplish it either.

He should want to help you achieve your goals in anyway he can, even if it’s just helping you read lines or being your own personal cheerleader.

Hanging out with your friends

He may not be a big fan or your friends, but hell you could not like his too much either. The point is though that he should be able to be amicable with them and go out for a night on the town without it being a huge ‘you owe me for this’ kind of deal.

He should want to get to know your friends because they are a direct reflection of you are.

Making an effort with your family


If he always skips out on family dinners and avoids contact with your family as if they were the plague in human form, he just doesn’t love you enough. A guy in love is invested in you to the point where he sees you as his forever and knows that with you comes your family.

He’ll want to attend holiday dinners and all your cousins birthday parties because he’ll want to get to know them just as well as you do. If he really loves you he wants your whole family to accept him as one of their own.

Taking you on dates of your choice

The guy who loves you will let you choose the date sometimes, even if it’s something he wouldn’t be interested in doing otherwise. This may be a compromise on his part but when he has true feelings for it he won’t see it that way.

He’ll see it as something he did that made you happy and that will be good enough for him.

Kissing you daily


This one should be pretty straightforward. If your boyfriend can go days without kissing you than he is far from in love. It’s as simple as that. Your boyfriend shouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you, let alone delay physical contact altogether for a period of time.

If he can do this his attraction just isn’t strong enough to be love.

Supporting you when your down for the count

If you happen to catch a brutal cold and can’t seem to get out of bed for the life of you the guy who truly loves you will help you out. He’ll bring you soup, tea and anything else you need without you having to bug him for it because he truly cares how you’re feeling and wouldn’t want anything more than to see you feel better.

Fighting with you


This may seem a bit odd but it’s true. If he’s not willing to push you to your limits and challenge you than he doesn’t care enough. If he’d rather not have an argument with you than participate in something that could potentially make your relationship stronger.

Fighting in a relationship can be healthy and it really shows that a person cares enough to have the tough conversations.

Respecting you

This one is self-explanatory. If he is disrespectful or abusive to you in any way this guy doesn’t love you. He probably won’t ever love you and you should just go on ahead and get out of the relationship now.

Love is a variation of respect so if there’s no respect there will never be love.

The man that loves you will do all of these things without evening questioning why. Have you ever had a boyfriend do anything else that proved his love? Share your stories below!


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